Best sealed 6355 motors compatible with Focbox Unity for Evolve Carbon GT rebuild?

Hey everybody! I’ve got a Focbox Unity arriving within a week or 2 for my Carbon GT rebuild but the Evolve motors aren’t compatible with it. I want to get 6355 motors for the rebuild and was wondering what people would recommend. Based in Australia so everything I’ve seen so far is pretty expensive so ideally nothing too pricey and easy to get shipped here, thanks!

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Unfortunately you’re in one of the worst places to be in terms of shipping from the states, as well as being secluded from most manufacturers.

If you’re really looking for quality motors and don’t want to buy twice, Maytech is the route for you(/anyone)

@mynamesmatt would be able to provide alot more information that’s based on actual experience. He’s down unda like you :stuck_out_tongue:


Hmm okay, I have been looking at them. Would be about $350AUD for a pair of them. Just comes down to finding new motor mounts also with the size bump up.

Any local builders you know who would sell you something secondhand? Otherwise I would argue one of the best dual mounts out right now are @marcmt88 mounts, and @Boardnamics if you’re looking to cushion the financial blow :slight_smile:

E: there’s probably a manufacturer or someone like Marc selling them in the EU, I just don’t know. It would be best to wait and let your fellow Aussies chime in

Do they need to be fully sealed from water and dust? If so getting normal motors and adding mesh to the holes can work. Another option is the hobbyking sk8 series. I’m pretty sure they are sealed

Sealed is definitely ideal. Plan to do some offroad riding but the extra protection for things like getting caught in the rain would be good (working on a solution to waterproof the internals of the board also.) Mostly just finding the motor mounts now though, think I’ll go for the Maytech motors.

On there are sealed motors for less I think, not sure of their quality as I haven’t bought anything from them I think they’re legit but quadruple check regardless. They look good, otherwise secondhand sealed maytechs. What @pat.speed said as well those are sealed too just don’t look as good if that matters to you.

I believe @Idea has mounts for Evolve trucks as well.

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Btw you can run evolve motors on a Unity. It’s Vesc based and Vesc controllers can run almost any electric motor.

But 5055 motors evolve has are okay but not as good as a 63mm motor.


Really? I thought the connectors were no good as the unity has those bullet connectors? If that’s the case there’s no rush for the new motors I guess but figure it’s definitely worth doing at some point regardless.

Change the connectors or make an adapter :wink:


They use mt-60 I think, eBay should have some


Mt60 connectors and some 14awg wire and your good.

The Unity comes with some extra bullet connectors motors are Maytech. The same goes for Unik.

If it’s mt60 The actual bullets inside are 3.5mm which is what unity comes with. A match made in heaven?

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hey broski, whereabouts in aus are ya? I’m in Sydney.

HobbyKing has some very decent motors, the sk8’s. They’re not sealed or waterproof but their can is one piece so it somewhat prevents shit from getting in there. And like the others said, you need different motor mounts. You’ll probs find that the motor mounts are just as expensive as the motors you buy bc of the damn shipping and exchange rate.


Do I need to replace the sensor plugs too? I’ve just noticed they’re not compatible with the Unity either.

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Hit up @Andy87, he might have a few sensor adapter cables left

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Just in case you need the sensor cable adapter, 20cm still available

In case you order the motors from they sell the adapter cables there as well.

So these will just work as plug and play between the Evolve motors’ 5 pin connection to the 6 pin that the Unity requires?