Best solution to a On/Off switch

Hi i am a bit confused. I am looking for a way to turn on and off my board. I know of these options,

  • XT90 Loop key
  • Vedder anti spark
  • BMS E switch

I would like to avoid the XT 90 switch since i think its very unpracticable. I have a 10S 60A bms from batterysupport system but without the switch, so im unsure if i can modifie it my self. and then i heard somewhere that the vedder switch can fry my electronics because the fuse is on the positive line. Which i dont quite understand.

Help is greatly appreciated

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I would recommend getting a BMS with an eswitch or xt90

Vedders fail with big batteries


I have a 10s4p pack

by big i mean how many amps it can deliver, when you are connecting electronics there’s always a big spike in power and that’s what fucks up the vedders switches especially if they are high C lipos

I’m not an expert on this, this is just what i remember from what i have read on here

I just found LHBs switch and he says it doesnt fail, so if your getting a switch, get his

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Do you attach the negative or positive to the as150?

I second @Deckoz on AS150 Got that on my carver but not as innovative as his Mine is an old school pull plug


and how did you make the 90 degree angle connector


I will use this

This will work, but inside there will be a spark like when you plug 2 gold connectors together. The spark, everytime it occurs, will eat away a small bit of the contacts. After given number of switches it will be gone.

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That will probably work just fine for a while.

How many amps are you planning to run typically? For 60 amps or less mine work fine, I use them in conjunction with a 60 amp BMS.

One scenario that made them fail was when a 250 pound dude was regualrly doing 40mph on it, but 99% of the time they last a while.

We’re in the process of testing the 300 amp Flyer eswitches and they seem to be holding up really well under decent loads at 13S. We need something for much bigger dudes, and that seems to fit the bill.

The BMSs that are worth a shit that have built in temp sensor switches that can be used as on-off triggers don’t come in a form factor that I like, so that’s why i have both.

I’m in the process of building a board with that new open source BMS that’s been produced by members of this forum as well, that should reveal enough for us to know if we’re going to go in that direction this year. I’m hoping we are. It will solve a lot of issues if it works out.


What is the difference in your eswitch compared to vedder design? I see one extra resistor there.

Technically it doesn’t matter, but to stay with the BMS pattern, the negative lead

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i heard something about the positive one. thats what @esk8 said to me, so i did the positive.

That should work fine

Do anyone know of how to rewire a BMS to have eswitch

Just add an antispark eswitch, don’t rewire the BMS

How would you “just add” an eswitch?

If you propose a circuit diagram, myself or someone else can tell you if it has any problems. Other than that, searching this forum is a good start