Bestech HCX-D596 - The new 80A BMS - wiring

*** solved - see here for wiring diagram and connection procedure ***

I’ve had some of the new HCX-D596 BMS modules arrive but there are no wiring diagrams

This is how I think they are likely to be wired:

What does everyone else think?

My biggest worry is the balance leads as the pin order could be the reverse to what I have in the diagram


Sorry, can’t help with wiring but wondering if you’ll be selling these on street wing?

@HighMasterGogo yes I will be adding them to the site in the coming days .

drop me a PM if you need one quickly

Are these 10s or 12s? Edit- I see it’s 10s. B1 is usually far left, then 1-10


thanks @psychotiller :slight_smile:

80A packs and “usually” are not my favourite combination :grin:


I’ve done some more digging, thinking and tracing the PCBs

There is a place for another balance connector to the left of the balance connector, this has a silkscreen label of 11 - 1. It is impossible to check the silkscreen of the balance connector (without desoldering) in use as it is under the connector

Stuff in Green is confirmed by the PCB silkscreen Stuff in Red is up for debate

The balance connector is 11 PIN just to really fuck with my head, as all of the other Bestech 10S BMS I have seen use 10 PIN connectors…

That looks correct, first pin would be B0 I assume

Also possible it has P+ and P-

I would grab a drained low discharge cell if you have one and hook it up to b-, b0,1 and test the pads, though I’m not sure it would function properly without the full series…so maybe a test 10s1p pack Put a 1a fuse on it or something if you have

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I think I am going to have to wait for the wiring diagram.

I am not one to shy away from a good session of hunt the trace, but when it comes to high amp packs there is no room for error and I am already short of BMSes to fill backs orders that have come in so I really don’t want to bork the BMS

Did you check for writing on the backside of the top PCB?

no, it would require desoldering a 7 pin sil which is connecting the two PCBs. I really, really hate desoldering those things

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B0-B10 right to left. Grab your multimeter and set it to check continuity. Check between pins b0 and b-

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it should be easy to check if the first and last balance pins are connected to positive and negative using continuity check on a multi-meter. if so the other 9 pins will be the intermediate balance points and it will also tell you which direction they go in.

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@ducktaperules - nice thinking there mister! I deserve a slap for not thinking of that myself

we have continuity between B- and the far right pin, which must therefore be Battery 0 / -

and of course, having worked it out independently I just got an email from BesTech.

Lucy all is forgiven :slight_smile:

Steps for how to connect the PCM with cells in order.

  1. Connect Pack’s negative with B-;
  2. Connect cell 1 with B1;
  3. Connect cell 2 with B2;
  4. … 11.Connect cell 10 with B10; Then measure the cell’s voltage in order to see if the voltage is progressive increase.If yes,you can plug the connector to the PCM in order. Also if the connector and wires is not matched,please don’t plug,or the PCM will be damaged. 12.Connect Pack’s positive with B10; 13.Connect Load’s negative with P-; Connect Charger’s negative with C-; 14.Connect Load’s positive with B10; Connect Charger’s positivewith B10;


Sorry for digging up an old thread, but I just wired this BMS together and thankfully no magic smoke…

But I have 2 questions I wanted to ask:

  1. When the E-switch is disconnected, the voltage across the load output is an odd 27 volts as opposed to what I thought would be 0.
  2. Do I need to turn on the E-switch to charge the BMS?

Thanks! Erv.

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  1. is normal
  2. yes
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Thanks but wont this mean there would be 27V going into my VESC even though the E-switch is turned off?

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no, it wont do it under load.

it’s something to do with caps, blue smoke and voodoo :wink: there more technical descriptions of why to be found using the search

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Great… thanks a lot for the assurance! Was getting a bit worried I messed up!!

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can somebody point me to where to buy this BMS?