(Better than Freeboard) Bindings! finished 3d printable design in post#209!

Variety is the spice of life

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Nice work! I was thinking maybe releasing several versions of the top 3d printed piece, with the same interface to the vertical profile. That way everyone could have their favorite flavour.



Thanks mate, amazing work too :wink:
Your’s looks and are rock solid !!!

Sounds super good!! More diversity! :smiley:
If you can integrate it, I would like to share you this one! Do you want the fusion file or step ?


Fusion will work for me.

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How hard would it to have a 3D gear interface between 2 pieces of 2525 profile or even between the watercut base index the profile?

Looking down on the gear it would have 15deg segments and I guess locked down together from a bolt running through the top with a 3D printed knob on top to make it easy to loosen/tighten?

The teeth mesh and the bolt runs through the top of the first bit of profile, both gear pieces, then the base

When bolt loosened you can twist profile that the foot hook clamps to, when tightened the gears mesh and static

Thinking aloud on how to get a rotation given height adjustment is already done

Sounds like adding a mechanism to where it isn’t now. I see how it will make adjusting the piece to your liking angle super easy. But at what cost? My understanding is you adjust it once (maybe twice) and then ride without touching it. Is this the case?

For this purpose you have the circular slots on the base, like in the original FB thing.


That’s very true!

Thumb wheels make it even easier

I’ll have to check the S2 base to see if this is a direct replacement

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So, I didn’t have a board suitable for using these bindings since all my builds we’re drop thru style. I was planning on building something, but a member was selling a nice little single drive jet potato board and at only $500 I had to pull the trigger. I plan on eventually using my elofty drives and unity on this board :slight_smile:

Haven’t had a chance to ride much with these bindings, but they look nice :grin:




Are you by chance selling some of these? If so how could i purchase a set of complete bidnings?

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I have a couple of completes, DM me, see what we can do.


Hey Guys, i’m new here,read all 291 posts on this thread beacause this is such a cool idea :exploding_head: @danile i’m keen to buy from you but i can’t work out how to ‘‘DM’’ on eSK8. how is such i simple thing done lol :rofl: ?

kind regards louis

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Those plates tho. I would like to buy 2 of them. Can source the rest. Please tell me how @danile!

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The plates are available here

Thank you,


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You guys are amazing. Seeing the speed at which an idea goes from theory to working prototypes these days always boggles my mind.

Maybe ive missed the boat on throwing ideas in the hat, but coming from a mountainbiking background, one possibility has occured to me.

Rather than using the T-slot extrusion for the upright, i imagined a cylindrical post, and a quck release seatpost-clamp type mechanism integrated into the “foot hooker” This would offer tool free infinite adjustment of both the angle and height, on the fly, without having to loosen any deck hardware. For most people i suppose the fit and position of the foot hooker would be a one time thing, but for others the flexibility to tweak the fit, or adjust it for another rider, would be beneficial, I’m sure.

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Has anyone bought these for a trampa deck? I have a top mounted battery with limited space.

If you can mount freebords, you can mount those


Sorry to resume this thread, i would like to buy a couple of these for a trampa deck… i’m based in Italy. Any chances? Thanks, and awesome work btw!