BIG TORQUE - Reliable board for the larger rider + DIY CNC Tab Welder

Just been thinking how awesome some trampa cable risers would be.



Surprised it hasn’t been done yet


Gorgeous !!!


Almost did this, but I won’t be routing my motor cables that way so opted against. Of course I only later realised that I still need to run the power button / battery display into the middle of the truck base plate.

You’ll need longer bolts to mount the trucks, but that’s hardly an issue.

If you made those risers with wire channels I would buy them👍

Those truck risers look awesome! Is the Trampa outer layer carbon fibre? Be careful!

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No it looks like it but its more like fibreglass. Its not conductive (i checked a lot before mounting my batteries)

Currently borrowing a small desktop cnc :slight_smile:

While i finish designs for my enclosure i decided to make some random shit. This is first time i have used CAM before so im learning a lot about milling techniques and just trying to get a feel for what the machine is capable of. Im hoping to try and cut some aluminium eventually but in the mean time im using scraps of acrylic.

Dual Focbox Heatsync @Kug3lis style ?

After cutting this i realised that i should always check the cutting bits are in the correct box (this cutter was larger than i thought so all my dimensions are slightly wrong).

The CAD is based off the original heat sync and i just duplicated it. After cutting i realised that @Kug3lis design ( is very clever and has a few small changes that would make it far easier/quicker to machine. i guess i have changes to make before trying again :grinning:


can you mill aluminum?

oh wait, just read it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: hit me up if you want a quick project :love_you_gesture:

Well i think aluminium is on the edge of my machines capabilities but if im feeling brave i may give it a go. I dont want to push things to hard cause its not mine and i dont want to break it :worried: Also i only have it for a limited time and i already have a butload of things i want to make.

That said, if it goes well and proves to be useful i may buy one the same or similar. If this happens i will let you know :slight_smile:

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May you share the name of the CNC? :grinning:

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Extraordinarily helpful, thank you!

Its a “3020T”, don’t know the company but its some cheep chinese machine. They can be acquired for around £300.


That stepper looks so freakin big wtf, haha

Just had some more time on the CNC. no aluminium yet but i did have some time to redesign and cut my Trampa Cable Riser :grin:

Not the best finish ever but i guess you wont see the faces . . . right?

These have been cut from poly-carbonate which im hoping will make them robust and able to withstand the shock and vibration at the trucks.


Also while im here, a quick update on how the enclosure is holding up . . .

The only problem i have been having is that as the seal compresses around the screw holes it has created pressure points, causing the case to split around the screws.

And here is my temporary solution (so i can keep riding) :

This is just some 4mm acrylic strips to distribute the pressure along the length better. The wiggly bits allow for a slight amount of compression and expansion as the board flexes. seems to be holding up well so far.

I guess in the long term i will have to mold another enclosure and make some kind of metal strips or something.



A months or so ago I managed to get water inside my temporary electronics enclosure :frowning:

managed to blow a DRV on a focbox. After replacing it I decided I probably shouldn’t ride again until I had sorted out my enclosure situation to a more permanent solution.

The plan here was too CNC a base plate which I could mount focbox’s and bms on securely.

Then CNC an outer housing and EPDM seal to keep everything dry inside.

Then when I had time I finished the Tampa riser wires.

Got these mounted on my trucks.

Mounted the enclosure and plugged everything in.

So far I’m happy with the way it’s working out.

The best bit is defenatley the cable risers, the cables look so good coming out the end of the board.

There are defenatley some things I would change next time around but I’m interested to see how well this is going to hold up to some abuse. Also it’s awesome to finally have the bms on-board and not have to wire up lots of cables ever time I want to charge.


After a few great weeks of riding it seems that water has once again returned to my electronics :cry: After a very wet ride to work today one of my motors is no longer spinning.

I have not had a chance to open it yet but it seems odd. It is the master focbox thats not driving the motor, but its still connecting to bluetooth, receiving commands from my remote, and passing them over CAN to the slave which seems to be running.

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Might be worth thinking about using a waterproofing spray on the electronics. Think CorrosionX is one option, seen someone spray it on a quadcopter esc then run it under water with the motor.

those trampa decks… are they solid carbon fiber or is there wood in there?