Bioboards Thorium X4 - 4WD Geared Drive | Custom made Evo style board | Caliber 2 baseplate | Fatboy 230 Hanger | 12s6p 30Q | 4x Vesc 6.6 | 4xFatboy Gear Drive | 4x 6374 special ordered motors | Metro Pro | Abec 11 107mm

So after riding both Evolve and raptor 2 i decided i want the fastest and best board i could find and the best world from both hub and belt drives and IMO the closest is geared drive. And i would like really long range! So i have tried and ordered a lot of different parts to find out what works. I felt I don´t want to just assemble the board so i decided to create the deck by my self. Will post more pictures of how I did make the decks later, maybe i offer them for sale to just the decks.

The parts is:

  • Self made deck that is almost a copy of the Evo Deck
  • 4 x 6374 sealed motors from Maytech but i special ordered them with a few change and winding for 215 kv
  • 4 x Flipsky 6.6 Vesc
  • 2 x Fatboy 230 Hanger @Kug3lis
  • 4 x Fatboy Gear drive @Kug3lis
  • 1x 12S6P Battery with charge only made by @Acido (have been really helpful can recommend him a lot!)
  • Metro Pro bluetooth module @rpasichnyk
  • Vibration damping mat
  • 2 x Caliber 2 baseplate
  • Riptide bushings and pivot
  • 2 x Riptide tunnel riser
  • Eboosted Enclosure for evo board DS @Eboosted
  • Abec 11 107 mm wheels

Well that is basically the main parts, a few more items will be added later. I don’t have so many pictures atm but will post more videos and pictures later. Here is after the board have been painted: IMG_20180922_134152 IMG_20180922_134141 IMG_20180922_134200 IMG_20180923_002557_206 IMG_20180923_002557_208

Tested how it look with the eboosted enclosure done by @Eboosted IMG_20180922_152705

The board upper side will be black stained to the you can se the wood but still black and have a gripe tape sprayed on.

Here is some pictures of the assemble of the gear drive and motor: Testing how the drive is mounted before i start the work: IMG_20180915_163202_1 Changing the angle to work with my board: IMG_20180922_144605 Cutting the motor axle to work with the gear drive: IMG_20180922_143601 The pulley test mounted: IMG_20180922_160241 Putting grease on: IMG_20180923_122310

After that and putting the case on i found out the motor pulley was to long out, the problem was a retaining ring close to the motor on the motor axle that was needed to be removed so i needed to redo all the work with again (was not that happy at that moment hehe ) Here are the finished with only the case left to mount:

IMG_20180923_122107 IMG_20180923_122135

Mounting the Vibration damping mat and put some silicone for extra waterprotection: IMG_20180926_185643

The battery on the board:


Preparing the Vesc for the motors: IMG_20180922_194209

Button wired for 4 Vesc: IMG_20180921_154459

Making of the battery by @Acido:

IMG-20180810-WA0002 IMG-20180816-WA0010 IMG-20180819-WA0002 IMG-20180816-WA0009

More pictures and video will come later! All i can say this is insane and the sound is amazing :smiley: !!

Want one to? Soon(winter 2018/19) you can order the same on if you live in EU or the nordic site (sites not online atm but will soon be) . Their will also be a smaller 30" board that is lighter with same parts but 12s3p battery. The final version for sale will use Focbox Unity instead. They will be sold with almost no or very little profit just because i think its so fun to build! I might also add a cheaper version with same parts but hub motors and 90mm abec 11 front wheels for those who like the design of the decks and still want the best parts available under the enclosure.


I cannot wait to hear how this sounds!!! :slight_smile:

build looks really good!


Omg the awd gear drive. Madman videos! :drooling_face:

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This is going to be sick, you might need some additional risers to have a good ground clearance

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holy christ, mother of god…do you need to climb out of hell? :slight_smile:

Looks awesome, Im eagerly waiting to see some video of this beast in action.


Ty! :smiley: I have a 5mm khalani riser and a riptide cable riser I think they work but I might increase it a little

I was looking for the website…didn’t find it… Can you send me information if you start to sell your amazing board.


Haha nae, i just wanted high speed(45mph+) (1:2.4 and 215kv) but still have good hillclimb and torque, and ofc the cool factor :smile:

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The website is password protected atm before its done, the eu url is not working atm but will in a few days. I think i’l take pre-orders in like 1-2 mouth whene I got more time to test it and feel confident all is working perfect. And it will probely take 2-3 mouth for delivery after pre ordered for me to order all parts and assembly it so maby delivery around Christmas or January.

Ty I might try that with sorbothane!

Is there a thread about how to set up 4vesc?

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Don’t now if their is, but you use can bus cable that you daisy chain connect and set 1 as master 3 as slave

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Can you take a picture of your when you do it ?

Yes maby next week, but just searth on Google for daisy chain wired and you will find how to. I think their is another way called y split for ppm or something but that I havnt tried, try searth for that to and you will find some answers :slight_smile: edit here is some info :

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Nice work, beautiful paint job. Is that a satin sheen with the black paint you used? I went through just about every sheen before choosing satin. I then repainted the eboosted enclosure to match, making the connection to the enclosure blend nicely. How thick is the foam your laying down between the battery and the deck? I have the same enclosure and started with much thicker foam (on both sides of enclosure) but had to thin way down to fit a stacked staggered 12s6p.

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Hi, ty! It’s a black clear coat 40 but I will probely use satin for the coming boards since it’s abit more enduring(atleast what I heard) . I actually have thinked about that to! Can you share me a picture how the enclosure looks painted? I used 1/4in Neoprene on both sides to, it’s very tight but that’s good thene the enclosure help hold the weight from battery. I mount all on the deck so it’s easy to work with and easy to remove the enclosure almost like the raptor 2 are.

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I only have this picture on me at the moment. I’m actually repainting/sanding the enclosure to remove a few scratches now that I know little clearance I have. I’ll post a better one soon.

image image

The enclosure looks great when painted to match the deck.


Here is some more pictures of the powertrain fully assembled with wheels. This is how 14400w power with 107 wheels look like: 123 1234

Here is the painting on the upper side of the board, first stain thene coat and a picture of it waiting to dry 5466 45 678

You can also follow my Instagram acount for more pictures :smile:


First look at it assembled: IMG_20181002_165601 IMG_20181002_165610 Here with the enclosure just put on (not screwed) : IMG_20181002_172320 IMG_20181002_172203



10 char.

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