Bldc tool setup help

Hey guys i have a sk3 245kv motor and a 2 3s battery to make 6s battery how do i set up my bldc tool for the vesc. When i go up mabe 5% hill i slow down alot I’m about 270 pounds plz help

You’ll probably need to upgrade to dual motor, and consider going 10s. Current will be high at 6s single, 10s will help with that and so will dual motors. The cheapest thing to do is to just lose weight. 270 pounds at 6s single motor slowing down during hills sounds pretty normal.

It’d be helpful to know your current amp limits as well.

You didnt mention your gear/pulley ratio. Id suggest using the app rc calc and like Jinra said 10s. I’m 250 and tall lol so no weight loss possible bu I’m using 13/36 83mm wheels at 230 kv 10s …ratio is 2.77 motor turns before wheel makes one complete rotation. I bet you need less teeth on your motor pulley. Although that presents belt slipping under hard brake/acceleration.

I have the enertion kit mono Drive

I have 2 yuneec E-GO skateboard and i go fast on them full power no problem can i use the battery off of there for my application or i sould just use lipo batterys im a beginner Builder so any information is good information

what are your amp limits on the VESC?

Where do i find amp limits

In bldc tool. Have you not configured it yet? You’re supposed to configure the VESC depending on your setup and motor before you ride with it. Just hook up the mini usb to your computer and connect your battery. Open BLDC tool on your computer and configure.

raise your battery max to 40-50a if it’s within spec of your battery. 80a motor max seems a bit high, you can probably lower that to 60. Change max input voltage back to default (57v).

I have 2 3s turnigy 5000 mah 25-35 discharge

I’m going to assume you mean 25-35C, in which case yea raise your battery max to 40-50 and see how it goes.

You have 15/36 that’s 2.4 turns . Drop your motor pulley to 13 or 12 teeth. 5 amps times 25c rate is 125 amp discharge. In which case you can make your batt max match your motor max. Although I have heard you should make sure you have good cooling around your vesc

Where can i buy motor pulley from

Either from enertion or from . make sure it matches the width of your belt

I just did a 9s battery it pulled me up a hill like 10 % not at full power not pushing the trigger all the way. Ill do more testing and get back to you

Did you raise your batt max vesc setting

I have it set to 50a is that ok or i need to pick it up more

I did some testing last night it go’s full power up a hill for a little bit and slows down alot like the motor was going to stop the motor was warm not to hot vesc was warm to. The batteries where at 12 volts for the 3 3s batteries mabe i need to change some settings in the bldc tool.

50 is a safe bet with vesc. You can experiment with higher just be careful. You said your batteries were at 12 volts total? Did you parrallel them or run them in series? You had mentioned 9s before, that would be around 36 volts…I would really suggest reading everything you can about batteries, motor kv in correlation to gear ratios and wheel size. Either way for your weight and motor kv regardless of what batteries you use, which is still important, your gear ratio is too much for your weight. Like I said I have 230 kv and 13 teeth on motor pulley and 36 teeth on drive wheel. I weigh 250. On 10s (series) setup. You need to have more than enough power and torque so when you do go at regular speed you can have head room to go up hills and such…