Bliss rapture | caliber 2 trucks | 97mm flywheel clones | bones reds bearings | custom 10s8p battery| sk3 6374 192kv motors dual diagonal | maytech vescs | benchwheel remote

after a couple of months of bothering you guys with my benchwheel problems. I decided to give up on it and just build something for myself. The main problem is, I have problems getting a battery pack where I live, and don’t have easy access to a spot welder to make one myself. the only option I have seen for me so far is 36v 10ah li-ion battery pack 36v 10ah electric scooter lithium ion battery for electronic skateboard mobility scooter charger

I don't know how I feel about it tbh. What do you guys think? I can get motors/motor mounts/pulleys and stuff from a guy locally, and I guess that leaves the ESC. Decided to buy from chaka coz it seems his are the best out there.

I would Recommend getting trusted parts. The battery looks -eehhh ok.

I’m having problems getting parts basically. Does anyone have experience with this motor? The only other option I have locally is the sk3 6375 192kv, and I plan to run a dual motor setup. I’ve read that that’s overkill. And it costs nearly double the price of the keda 6364 190kv. I guess the wheels will be 90mm or 97mm flywheel clones. The roads aren’t awfully smooth where I live. The only option for ESC locally is the fvt 120a. But I do want more range and power out of my board. And it seems from what I’ve read so far that the ESC is usually one of the first things to go on the board.

I totally recommend the chaka vesc, I heard amazing revews, I would use SK3 and a battery from enertion or torqueboards, they ship worldwide. www. has everything you need.

The price of the battery on torqueboards kinda exceeds my budget if I go dual motors, and I’m kinda afraid to buy from enertion at this point. I’m hoping to keep it under 800usd max for everything except deck/trucks/wheels and maybe bearings. I’m looking to go about 40kph and around a 30-40km range. I need to climb hills of about 20-30% on my daily commute to work. And I’d like to take my board out on long trips on my days off. Hence that particular range and dual motors. I would totally save up for chaka’s board, but he doesn’t ship internationally.

30-40km range? you need a very BIG and expensive battery

10s4p like he linked would get about 35~ km

kind off, until you work in those 20%-30% inclines and 40km/h speeds.

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The 30% inclines are on my daily commute to work which is barely 5 minutes away by board. The range is for when I go out in the middle of the night to take my mind off things. Speed is an added bonus I guess? It’s not something I’m going to be doing constantly. I value my life. =D

I don’t understand how they’re fitting 10S4P into this very small form factor, with a BMS no less. That price seems too low to be legit.

try this?

I saw that, but it’s like 7 cm high. I was considering an ebike battery because they’re really easy to get here, cheaper too. But I’m not sure if I will have the clearance under the board.

It’s the one part so far I’m having the most problems trying to get. Price and availability are the main issues. I kinda doubt that battery too to be perfectly honest. But it fits the budget. I want to leave some spare budget for when stuff goes wrong, considering it’s my first build and all. I’m pretty sure things will go wrong somewhere. two in parallel and ur good

I know practically nuts about electronics so noob question here. Will I be able to connect them as they are? Or will I need to disassemble them and remove both BMS to connect them?

since the bms has already been wired into both you wouldnt have to worry about protection so you would wire them in series with on of the red and black wires then use the other two connectors and outfit them with a connector that goes with your charger

you can´t use this one. Just read through the stats: Discharge 10Amps max 15Amps.

Where do you live?

You can´t get both things: really good performance and at the same time really cheap. You have to find your sweat spot with both things.

Also some people could help with parts, depending on where you are from.

I live in Singapore, Asia. Basically you mean my budget is too small for that kind of speed and performance? I figured so. :frowning: how much of a budget should I set aside for it then? I’m afraid to use lipos because there will be times I have to charge while I sleep. I work shifts.

alright… but Asia should be a good source of esk8 parts too. perhaps someone on here can help you out with a few adresses.

if you don´t feel safe you have to go liion or lifepo4 and take care that you choose something with at least 50amp discharge current at 10s

It’s more escooter and air wheel parts here now. Ebike parts used to be readily available, but they got heavily restricted. Very few skaters here. I have never seen anyone riding an eskate, but plenty of people on scooters. I think my choices are limited to China mostly. We don’t even have very many hobby stores, and those few have very limited stocks. It’s not a very exciting country…