Blitzu for Trampa stl file request

On the original design the deck holds it in place, with this design (the 30deg drop) I will need to figure something else out. Probably a plug or something.

@Eboosted Can you get me the measurements of the 2 black lines in this pic?

@h0ttz Is this what you are looking for? I would suggest using the V3 mount, its a lot stronger and there’s a velcro slot to strap your remote to it if you wanna. Yell if you need anything else.

blitzu mount v3 w/o GoPro

blitzu mount v2 w/o GoPro

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@mmaner thank you so much!!! These are exactly what I was looking for!!!

I really appreciate it!

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@h0ttz No worries. Post a pic of the finished print mounted on the deck please, I like to see my designs in the wild :).

@Eboosted Assuming the truck mount slots are 41mm from center to center this is what I cam up with. I think it will need some reinforcement on the back of the blitzu slot, like the V3 mount above maybe. If you have any ideas on something other than the velcro slot, let me know. If this is what you want I’ll upload the STL.

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Mike could you send the STL file to me?

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is this fit trampa MTB baseplate? can i have a file also?

thank you

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Here ya go, I made a couple of changes (added .5 filet on outside edges, decrease filets on inside edges from 3mm to 2mm and added reinforcement).

You will need 2mmx8mm pan head sheet metal screws, or something similar to fasten the plug on the bottom of the mount.

Sure, the link is above.

@mmaner I confirmed it’s 41mm between centers, I’ll print it today and report back with the results.

Thanks a lot for your time :grinning:

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No worries brother, post a pic so I can see it in the wild :).

o, this dimension only work on street carver/urban carver deck. anywhere, thanks for the file~~ great job~~

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Sure!!! I uploaded the pictures for the version 4.1.

Thank you one more time!!!

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Hi, you have to consider two more facts:

The truck can be mounted using either:

  • 4 x M5 non Holy Pro, narrow, skate tuck pattern
  • 2xM6 + 2xM5 for Holy Pro

We have a drill patern online. Just browse to the trucks, desktop website.


Your welcome to re-draw it and make it fit any deck you want…I was just doing a favor for a friend, not developing for a platform.

Alan’s board uses the 4x M5 holes, but the 3D I sent him show the M6 holes. If it fits both hole options and bit more deck length is assumed, it will also fit the Holy Pro.


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Yea. I am using holy pro deck. Cant fit. And i jus found that i cant mount the light due to the vesc casing is placed at same location. Need find another solution to mount the light.

So, I got my 3D print one hour ago, it was printed in XT:

Here is the holder installed:


look nice man~~ good to have a smaller motor mount and did not block the light.