Bluetooth HM-10 not discoverable on Android 8.0/8.1 Oreo

Okay I managed to pair with the board BUT only with my old Samsung S4 running Android 7.1.2 and using Jacob’s VESC app ‘VESC Connect’. Scanning for the module inside the app instead of the phones bluetooth settings

Not desirable but it works. The battery on my S4 is terrible :joy:

@fottaz Looking forward to your findings! :slight_smile:
Flashing ackmaniac’s firmware requires a bootloader and thus some wire thingy to accomplish, right? My phone is discoverable, but that shouldn’t make a difference since the search happens from my phone not the other way around

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noo[quote=“GunnarK, post:14, topic:36713”] Flashing ackmaniac’s firmware requires a bootloader and thus some wire thingy to accomplish, right [/quote]

nope. pretty sure theres a guide on here on getting a bootloader through VESC-Tool ill put it up here if I can find it

EDIT: found it -


try connecting it to the ackmaniac bldc tool, if bootloader is installed (90% of maytech have it installed), the software will tell you if it’s possible and will suggest to upgrade it.

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Cool will try immediately!


remember Buad Rate to 9600 for that

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So far so good, but the firmware is a little bit tricky. I went to the firmware tab and browsed to my downloads folder where the ‘’ and unpacked folder are located. What file do I have to select? I can not select the complete zipfile

I assume one of the following? VESC is version 4.12, installed firmware is 2.18

EDIT: read on this thread that I need one file from ackmaniac’s dropbox: VESC_Ackmaniac_Mod_2_54.bin. Will have a look at this firmware later

Did you buy a module?

If I’m not mistaken the developer has programmed the Bluetooth Mac addresses into his app. So you’ll need to purchase a module from him

If you purchased from him, modules before a couple months ago ran 115200 baud, the new ones are 9600 baud I believe.

@rpasichnyk Hey Roman maybe you can help if he did purchase from you…

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Hi I did not buy the module from Roman.

I’ve read that Roman programmed his modules or something so they work with his Metr app. But the things that I read about it on his forum were from some time ago. And there were all sorts of discussions about licensing so I thought (since fottaz’s website says it works with his modules too) he had made his app public and is earning some money through donations by now…

Looks like that’s not the case

Fottaz is looking into it so we’ll see! :ok_hand::grin:

If you bought a module that wasn’t from Roman. It won’t work… No amount of looking into it is gonna change that. As you can’t add the mac address of your module into the software(

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I understand. But that is if your story about MAC addresses is correct. I will not be making any decisions on what is correct for now and wait till fottaz has an explanation.

You can wait for fotaz all you want. He didn’t develop, Roman did.

I own two metre modules, and have tried doing simple renames of extra hm10 i haveBluetooth devices with “AT” serial commands to set the Bluetooth device name to match his “metr-XXX” naming. It won’t do anything even with the same name as another module. The only other option on these HM10s is to pull the Mac address off and use that to lock down connectivity within the application if you dont want people using an app without your module.

If you dont believe me, hook up your hm10 to a FTDI adapter, open the serial console in arduino IDE @ the baud rate of the module, run the AT commands to set the name, AT to set baurdrate (115200) and AT save.

Try all you want, you won’t get anywhere unless you can rewrite the Mac addresses

As well if you look at on google play you can see the version revision history. Roman publishes a new version almost daily. Anytime a new module is sold a new version is released to accommodate additional mac addresses. You really think he updates the software daily with bug fixes? Doubtful.

You won’t be connecting to the Metr app unless you purchased a module from the creator. He states this very clearly in his thread. Use @Ackmaniac firmware/app if you’d like to use your bluetooth module to change/monitor your vesc’s.

"Full disclosure:

I’ve spent a lot of time and energy designing and implementing the apps including the web part. I’ve thought carefully about the business model and how to make the apps future-proof​:moneybag:. I decided to make the apps free and earn money by selling the bluetooth modules. Thats why I’ve built some protection that only allows apps to work with my modules. Other modules most likely won’t work. This also helps me to provide best user experience and ease of use. The modules I sell are no soldering required™ pre-configured© plug and play® solution."

Guys take it easy. I fully understand what you are saying. I study computer science including hardware engineering so I know a few things about AVR/Atmegas and Arduino to say the least I talked to fottaz and want to give him the opportunity to sort things out. That’s all

I have read the full disclosure a few days ago but already had bought the module from fottaz while he stated it should work with Metr. I didn’t know at that time it was Mac address specific

I doubt that just as much

A bigger issue is WHY am I not able to connect to the HM-10 in any way using my Nexus 5X running Android 8.1/8.0?

@Pimousse is having the same problem so it seems to be OS related, but why? And is there a workaround preferably one without the need of root access

Hm10s by default are non discoverable/pairing BLE UART over air.

They aren’t designed to be “paired” with. And shouldn’t show up in androids Bluetooth pairings. Older phones with pre bluetooth v4+ the BLE devices would show up. But BLE devices are not designed to show up in the Bluetooth pairings of android.

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Alright so it seems. Thanks for confirming that I will look into Android 8 vs BLE and report back here. Or do you have any insights into this issue, @Deckoz?

I have created a topic on the Google support forum. Could become very handy I hope!!category-topic/nexus/connecting-to-networks-and-devices/nexus-5x/QxcbWBsnvWc

Indeed this is normal the HM10 low power bluetooth device. Any app designed for low powered bluetooth devices will see it and connect for you.

My Sony Z5 sees is but wouldnt pair, which left me scratching my head for a while. Opened up ACKMANIAC-ESC Monitor and bam, it found and connected to it instantly.

Im using 7.1.1

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I have made some changes to the topic to be more aimed at the problem (Android 8 vs HM-10) since it has become clear that BLE devices aren’t supposed to show up in your phones Bluetooth settings.

Thanks for double-confirming this @danielz!

It seems that Google is working on a fix for bluetooth, but mostly focused on BT headphones issues. Same for Wifi, I have so many trouble with it, consuming a lot more of mobile data (issue also known by Google). Do the 8.1 update correct some of these issues ? My phone sticks to 8.0 and says that I’m up to date…