Boardnamics CNC Motor Mount w/ Idler Tension System $40 ORDER NOW

This is a followup thread for my original post where I got some feedback from others on my mount design. I am at the point now where I am ready to set up shop. For the past few weeks I have been cutting them non-stop in the garage, ordering parts, and refining my process.

Some cinematic shots

Features: Machined 6061 T6511 Aluminum for low weight and cooling properties Fits caliber II trucks only (more in the future) Adjustable idler adjusts belt tension for reduced skipping Cross motor hole design accepts all sizes of motors Stainless steel fasteners for longevity Included 12mm HTD5M 320-325mm belt 45 degrees of angle adjustability. Can be mounted in reverse

This mount was designed for maximum torque transfer while maintaining compatibility for many setups. The unique adjustable idler is a game changer. The use of an idler increases efficiency by requiring less belt tension for the equivalent torque transfer through your belt by engaging more teeth in the pulleys. It’s ability to adjust position allows for a cross slot design for the motor holes. This mount can therefore mount all sizes of motors! In addition, it’s angle adjustability gives a wide range of customization for your build. Strategically placed set screws lock the clamp in place. Loctite/threadlocker for all screws is recommended as always!

Specifications Overall Dimensions: 148mm Long, 64mm Wide, 16mm Overall Thickness Weight: 205g Max Motor Hole Size: 32mm(Square) Ex. SK3 63xx; Minimum, 42xx motors Max Belt Width: 15mm Wide

Gear Ratios Chart

Basically, depending on your wheel size you have a greater or lesser amount of clearance for the idler. Check this chart for your build before buying. Refunds due to you choosing the wrong belt are bad. A lot more ratios are possible with different length belts, PM me first if you do not have any of the listed ratios, it will definitely work with a different belt which I will calculate for you!

What’s Included: Clamping Bracket Arm Piece 4 M4x12mm Cap Screws (Clamp) 4 M4x8mm Button Head Screws (Motor) 2 M6 x 12mm Set Screws 1 M8 Bolt and Locknut 2 608RS Bearings 3 Washers (Idler) HTD5M 12mm wide 320-325mm Long Timing Belt (See compatibility chart) 15mm wide belts coming soon!

Ordering Details Everything you see above is $40 plus shipping. Fill out this form to order yours today! ORDER HERE I will send an invoice to the Paypal email you give. Don’t worry about the fee, it’s on the house!

I am located in San Diego, CA. I ship through USPS to the USA and International. I do combined shipping, so the shipping fee applies for the maximum number of mounts I can ship through that service.

Due to the frustration on the forum caused by delays in some purchases, I will only send the invoice to you once I guarantee I have the mount ready to ship. This means there will never be a time you pay and wait. Your mount should be at your doorstep within a few days after you pay the invoice I send. Your tracking number will be uploaded automatically on Paypal and PMed to you on this forum.

Thanks for checking out my post, I am curious to how everyone will like them :smiley:

If you have any questions regarding compatibility, don’t hesitate to comment or drop me a PM.


Intrest peaked

Nice. Very nice.

you mean piqued?


can we purchase extra belts? like 2 mounts, 3 x 320 and 3 x 325?

Good idea, I just added it on the form. You can now order up to 5 of each belt length, or none at all if you’re shooting for a really creative ratio.

Mm thanks for the quick response. Can you clarify on the form if the “up to 5 belts” are in addition to the ones that come with the $40 complete mount, or total? Also if you could add belt price (if you know it already) to the form.

Oh and lol have you ride tested the prototypes? For how long?

Okay I think I got it how I like. You type the amount of belts you want in what size. There is no way to do it in on the multiple choice format.

The prototypes were tested for their dimensions, tolerance, and endurance of grip. I had one on my mini board for a few weeks of ridding and the clamp never moved.

Keep getting more motors and mounts and never enough, like hot dogs and buns lol

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Looks like its time to order more metal :slight_smile:

Your design, presentation and detailed information looks really good. :+1: Will you be offering 15mm wide belts for sale, or any black or red anodized versions in the future? Or just the raw aluminum (which is still nice). And what’s the center to center distance and largest wheel or wheel pulley you can fit without interfering with the idler? I’m wondering if they’d work with @psychotiller six-shooter wheels that come with either 42t or 60t wheel pulleys. Thanks!

The fixed Center distance is 90mm to make room for an idler. I can make an order for 15mm belts too, but 122 should be enough especially with QN idler engaging more teeth. 42t pulleys should with on my comparability chart. A 325mm belt for sure.

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Idler isnt going to work with the 60t pulley from my experience,

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Yeah, probably won’t. I designed it to satisfy the majority of setups with only 2 belt lengths. I suppose I should order some 15mm belts. I don’t have any 10" 184mm caliber trucks to try it with but by the looks of it, 15mm belts are compatable. The pictures are taken with a 9" shorter hanger not suitable for satellite eboards. The mount is quite thick but I did countersink the clamp screws so it should be good.

I don’t have any resources to anodize them. All of these are handmade, I don’t order them cut from China. I could look into it but from what I have read, you need some beefy equipment to get a very thick anodizing layer that actually lasts.

I would say you’re best bet for anodizing “cheap” would be to find a custom car shop that does their own anodizing and have them do it

If I make a second generation then they would include anodizing. Update: turns out shipping international is easier than I thought :slight_smile:

Ordered a mount. Stoked to try it out

If you ordered a mount the expected wait time for your invoice will be sent is 5d.

Would any of you be interested in 15mm belts instead of 12? I’d imagine with an idler it wouldn’t make much of a difference but the more the merrier!

I would go for 15mm @Lionkev55 would you happen to have an extended caliber truck you wanna sell?

Shouldn’t be hard for me to order 15mm instead of 12. Ideally 9, 12, and 15. I’ll look into it with whom I buy them from

Don’t have any extended caliper trucks, sorry. All I got is 9inch ones :frowning: