Boosted Dual+ VS Stary VS Bamboo GT Hill Comparison

Hey all. Been looking around at other boards still. Some impressive figures claimed. Stary board claim 30% gradient capabilities, Boosted claim 25%, and Evolve claim 25%. New video popped with comparing Boosted Dual+, with Stary and Bamboo GT. Interesting outcome considering claims. Interesting to see one company over-estimating their capabilities, and one under-estimating theirs.


As you would predict… evolve with more voltage on a dual drive wins vs boosted. And stary’s planetary gearing or whatever for their hub motors…still not good enough to compete with belts on torque.

Stary is a single motor 6S. It’s definitely not going to have the performance. The comparison is a no brainer. :slight_smile: I’m actually surprised that the Stary kept up if not surpassed the boosted.

Yeah, I was more interested to see how the Stary went. Pretty disappointed after watching it. Thought it would have at least been closer to the boosted.

I have tested Stary and I would say it compares to 5065 single belt drive on 6S so it did well on that test. Starys problem is the lack of traction (single drive and urathane slipping on the motor). Just dont understand why they claim that it could do 30% incline.

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I wonder if the Boosted 2 will perform slightly better. very impressed with Evolve, would’ve been even better with a DIY board comparison

Was the boosted running out of battery?

They probably mean it can do 30% incline unmanned LoL The problem with evolve is those sidewinder trucks they use. Very unstable at speed. Did anyone else notice how wobbly it was under that guys feet?


unless those lights on the remote blinks like that for errors/faults, then yeah, looks like it was out of battery.

Looks like Sanjay from boosted and Jeff from evolve are discussing whose board can climb hills better. @onloop Enertion should have a raptor included in this hill climb comparison that Jeff and Sanjay are taking about.

LMAO titan’s fight right there ^^

The Raptor would have no issue eating this hill. In fact it should perform better than GT. I would think. One interesting thing to note is the ability for the board to push as far as possible up the hill. To get the best out if it you need to be at least already at speed which they didnt do in the video, but it does show their capabilities. The GT still didnt make it to the very top. Good effort though for such an incline.

Well they decided they are facing off in Florida since Jeff from evolve and Sanjay from boosted are both going there for Surf expo. I’m thinking @longhairedboy should take one of this 12s boards there since he’s from around that area. And since they’re having a hill climbing competition maybe he can throw a 36T or 38T in there. He’ll be with the two big shots of the E-sk8 industry.


Awesome can’t wait. All I got to say is Evolve have never had trouble in backing their claims.

GT would easily flog Stary and BB dual+( no competiotion at all ever!!!)…

Interested to see bb2.

to me, Boosted is for getting to point A to point B, maybe enjoy the view, grab a coffee. Evolve is about getting from point A to point B as fast as possible and effing $hit up why you are at it.

I personally pick BB over Evolve. too old to do anything too crazy these days.

@longhairedboy s boards are custom boards. It would be good to see, but would just embarris them both. He should find out where they are doing it and just rock up beside them to take it on.

Believe @onloop is working on a GT to Raptor vid. That will put those two to rest. @jacobbloy is also getting a BB2, so maybe that could join in. At the end of the day they are all great boards that serve a specific niche.

For all round movement you cant beat the Raptor. Its easy to carry around in PT and range and speed is good and size isnt excessive.

Hehe. I would pay money to see a full comparo with all the best boards. I agree with @dedbny’s statement that they are all great boards in their own right. Let’s not also forget that there is much more to an all round great board than being able to get up a hill slightly faster than another. The trucks, wheels, remote, deck shape and material, software, weight, asthetics and reliability are all very important and contribute to the overall experience and enjoyment.


Let’s eat an apple, an orange and a pear and see which one tastes better.


There is no point in any of this but just to visually show how much better xyz board is at eating hills. Everyone can look at specs and see which one will win…needless to say there are many that don’t understand electronics well enough to see why x board would be faster than z so to them this would be useful.

Sanjay is an engineer from stanford, yet he seems to not accept that the evolve will do better in hill climbing. He wants the test done in “controlled” environments.