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Hello, I was browsing after a 10S battery pack, and stumbled across this site:

and I found this pack:

I wondered if any of you have had any experience with these guys and their batteries before?

That packs seems to be made out of low quality cells (guessing from dimensions) I wouldnt cheap out on a battery, because if your battery is crap, everything else will be as well as it is the most important part

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I see, thank for the advise

@Acido do you have any shops you buy from that are decently cheap?

Actually I’m pretty sure that pack uses the Samsung 30q, I cant remember the thread, but someone on here has used them.

You can PM @hyperIon1 and he can build you a battery… I have two of his batteries and they are great. Plus you can get any size you want.

He’s in Norway. Shipping batterys isn’t fun. Most vendors don’t internationally

So the website BatterySupports is actually a legitimate seller and I have bought 5 or 6 BMS’s from them and all of them are working excellent still. They are the only seller besides Bestec that I trust to keep my batteries balanced.

That being said, I don’t know about their batteries, I have heard good things about their chargers. If like another comment said, they use Samsung cells, I would lean more towards trusting them, but again if the price is too low, I don’t know.

Ah, so many conflicting comment haha

If you can wait ~1 month I will be getting a shipment of 12S2P packs with a 50A BMS (100A burst) powerd by Sony VTC-6 30A cells, LCD battery readout, and one plug charging. They will also include a 3A charger and enclosure for ~$320

These are rated for 60 battery amps, 6.2Ah, and charge from empty in 2 hours. They weigh 3.1lb all up and are 23mm thick.

These are very new batteries too which I am excited about; almost all 2P packs are limited to 30A at the max, and thats usually pushing the batteries/BMS.

Ooh I want some of that good good

That’s so not fully correct though. Vtc6 is not a 30A cell even if the data sheet say so. Check mooch battery test vtc6 and you will get the information about that. Not sure if you wanted to say the cells are new like not used or new like new on the market. They not new on the market just in case… Vtc6 2.68€ per cell from as legit seller

Thats 64€ for cells plus shipping. So charger, enclosure, bms, Material and time are like 250$ ish than.

I got mine from @Dirt_Bag and happy with it. Don’t let the name scare you off, lol.

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It does seem like the packs are legit this thread

Nah, just new in factory built longboard packs. Every state-side or otherwise 12s2p pack i’ve seen has been 30Q and limited to ~25-30A discharge. I think some people have built their own with these cells but am not 100% sure. I am totally aware these have existed in the market for a while, otherwise I definitely wouldn’t have touched them haha

I’ve tested some genuine VTC6 test cells I was sent from the factory with a multimeter and 30A fuse at 27-28A for about 2 minutes and temperature reached 150F. I’m not questioning any testing anyone else did I just know the cells I was sent were close enough to the 30A rated output that I was happy enough to buy some packs.

I am not expecting these to be 30A per cell continuous, even at 30mph I pull ~20A total from my 12s4p 30Q pack and I weigh 160lb; the 30A per cell is just a burst capability for <30 seconds or when climbing hills. The BMS is rated for 50A continuous so they would never reach the 30A per cell draw either way.

Also the price hasn’t been decided yet but considering these are factory built bulletproof packs with a 3A charger, 50A BMS, and LCD screen the price is reasonable imo. For example, diy sells this pack with 30Q and 30A BMS + enclosure for $330; which is basically a downgrade of these packs with a smaller charger. Mine also include a temperature sensor to cutout power if you push the pack too hard. https:///collections/electric-skateboard-battery-pack/products/electric-skateboard-battery-epower-pack-12s2p

30q are 20A cells, so 2p… :tipping_hand_man: Anyway i‘m not questioning the price. Everybody can sell what he want for the price he want. If people ready to buy it than why not.

One thing I would as buyer ask is, who and how it is guaranteed that it’s legit cells, legit nickel and a good save build quality.

Those things are more important as the price in my opinion. Unfortunately there where too much people out there building sketchy packs which in best case just not performed how they should and in worst case burned something down.

Don’t get it wrong, it’s nothing against you and i have no idea what packs you get build or build by your own for others, so with all that i‘m not speaking about yours in specific.

Yea for sure, I understand the concern. I’ve never had 30Q output that continuously but to each their own.

The supplier is Matrix Battery out of China:

Here is their history: theyve been around since 1999 and have held the proper licensure for longer than that.

They manufacture all sorts of batteries, primarily lead acids, as well as custom built 18650 packs. They’ve been in the game for ages and have lots of guarantees and contracts protecting anyone buying a battery from me; in addition they offer one year warranties. I am not worried about quality from a company that makes hundreds of different batteries imo. I’ve seen the manufacturing process and comparable packs they’ve built and it’s top notch.

I understand the worry but in my opinion it’s hard to get pre builts better than these and I wouldn’t want anyone to have a bad experience with their battery either. I had a racing drone pack explode on me a year ago that destroyed my entire room and tens of thousands of dollars of my belongings. It’s one of the reasons I’d rather not buy or make my own packs out of fear that a single manufacturing mistake can be fatal.

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Matrix you say?

Meanwhile the pictures are down but they used pictures from the to sell there packs. According to the vendor they never produced packs for them thou :thinking:

There was one guy ordered from them a while ago some 10s3p 30q packs and sold the ones he didn’t need off for 220$

Quality seems ok. Definitely some things on them I personally would be considered about but others would ride them.

:man_shrugging: one person complaining with zero information about what went wrong with his battery vs one guy showing a well manufactured battery. I’d lean on the side of high quality considering some pack builders dont use protective siding or foam and just heat shrink their packs and call it a day. Also mine will be single layer and not contacting each other.