BRING BACK THE EVENTS CATEGORY - this is SO much more than a builders forum!

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The reason people on this forum think big is precisely because of DIY. DIY is what allows people to think outside the box instead of conforming to a pre-built and less impressive option. You’re never going to be able to sell the option of 100% customisability, because it is simply something that cannot be sold.

I would like to state here and now that this forum is for much more than just building. I can not express enough how much it pissed me off when @onloop stated yesterday that this forum is only for building, because that is so not true. (October 20-22 Socal_Legend Evolve group ride VEGAS - All invited) It may be the esk8 builder forum, but the idea is that it is for the builders to collaborate and work on builds as well as events and other things. It is a community, and I don’t think any amount of insisting that it should only be used for building purposes will succeed in convincing me.

@onloop you can try to move people over to the other “club” as much as you want, but I and most of the other dedicated members of this forum will focus the large portion of our time here, because it is the only one where non-comformity is a good thing, and where you don’t have to look at a pre-built product to be inspired. The builder forum is superior in every way, because here is where we collaborate to consistently push the boundaries of electric skateboarding, where it is simply impossible to direct 100% of attention towards that goal in a company setting.

@Onloop I would even go as far to recommend that you sell this forum since you are out of the DIY game. I’m sure many of the staff and members (including myself) would be happy to pay and keep this thing running on our own.

Please unblock the Events category. We don’t want to have to switch forums to organise events. We don’t want to have to compare production vs. DIY at every event. Either way this forum is superior and deserves to function as its own entity - no dictatorship.



We need a Declaration of Independence. :joy:

“The thing worse than rebellion is the thing that causes rebellion.” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

When the esk8 club has 100x the number of users, people will happily post their events on that forum and ignore this forum… event holders are only interested in gaining maximum exposure to a well defined engaged audience.

Fact: There are more pilots of esk8 than builders of esk8. Therefore the esk8 club will outgrow this forum very quickly and the topics of discussion will be very different as will be the culture.

This builders forum needs to be focused on innovation, technology, creation, comparison, performance data, tech stuff and the self built ethos.

Grouping information into focused logical and searchable blocks and catering to descrete groups is the exact reason this forum was so successful comoared to endless sphere and it’s why diy esk8 evovled so rapidly.

What we must acknowledge is that building and riding are too very different topics. For Electric Skateboards to go mainstream and gain traction globally as a legitimate sport it needs it’s own community and it must develop its own culture.


that’s a good point @onloop but limiting people expressive control isn’t really good either. i know the domain name says builders but why can’t the members here repurpose that for whatever they intend? can’t builders also have a social aspect in their pursuits?

i feel any meetup or event related communication is now just going into the general category so locking the events category really isn’t going to have much of an impact.

either way, we all really appreciate you moderating this site and keeping it a vibrant meeting place for us.

Changing the forums function/use to suit self interest isn’t cool.


two* very different topics.

IDGAF about mainstream. You still failed to acknowledge that this forum is meant to be more than just a builders forum. @Cobber hit it right on the nose, you’re just using this for self interest now. What happened to the old onloop that we all loved? Come back to us!

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Am I the only one that thinks an interesting coincidence that @onloop immediately shuts down an event that is hosted by a competing company (evolve) ?

:sob:once you go into the mass production game u forget those who got u there, I wouldn’t be surprised if he wrote a book about how he’s changed esk8


Not sure how events directly pertaining to comparing our builds and sharing insight into making better, faster boards isn’t part of this community. If anything it drives the builders community to better itself. And it drives the development of better mass produced boards. Metro, Enertion and Evolve all benefited from this communities Tireless efforts in designing/using better parts. Locking the events category here is bullshit and doesn’t provide any benefit to either forum.

Can’t wait to hear all of the chatter and uninformed opinions that are going to rise to the surface at esk8 club…85% of the boards being purchased struggle to bust 15mph. People don’t ride those boards. They stand on them. And they don’t know shit about boardsports (especially skateboarding). So yeah, I do agree it’s going to overtake this forum but it’s just a numbers game. Quantity, not quality will drown out any good info there.


Yeah telling someone with a diy eSk8 that they shouldn’t ride their board here because this is where they built it, Makes as much sense as telling a chef he can’t taste the food in the kitchen, he needs to go out in to the restaurant to do that because the kitchen is only for cooking :confounded:

and you know as a culture: skaters aren’t known to be rebellious

But don’t get me wrong: the club site does market towards a larger demographic, and one day we all might like to hang out there because there are lots of hot chicks with pre-builts…

but till that day I’m not seeing the allure :wink:


Stary group rides sound fun and all, but fuck that.


Too noisy for me

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How about if i want to create a diy event? Do I post it here, or on the other forum? Ahhhh hurts my brain :monkey:


Guys let’s just say it like it is …and cut the crap. esk8t CLUB forum is DEAD …none of us wants to use it …so forcing us to go there only to LURE new casual riders so that @onloop can target them with RAPTOR products in the future is bunch of BS. Besides that there is a REDDIT forum for casual guys and they have their own DISCORD chat. No need to duplicate the audience…unless someone wants to sell bunch of products.

Just think a few weeks ago, many mods and senior members were complaining about how much repetitive crap was filling the feed, people asking the same questions over & over again. Where should I buy, what motor should i buy, what vesc should i buy, my DRV fried, i can’t load the firmware, Vendor XYZ didn’t reply to my email, how to do XYZ stuff…

The esk8builders forum will inherently be filled with this kind of noobish help request topics because people who want to build an esk8 are often very confused about the tech and need help, or they are lazy and expect others to constantly reassure them and guide them so that they build a great board. This is unlikely to change.

So how do you fix it? moderate the hell out of the forum? Delete posts? No, that is not viable and if it was going to happen it would have already started, the mods are busy people and have lives, they can’t be expected to filter the garbage.

So you need to think harder break it down to the core you soon realise the solution is actually very simple.

There are 4 distinct phases for folks wanting to get involved with electric skateboarding Phase 1: DECISION - Buy or Build. If you choose “Build” Go to Phase 2. “Buy” Phase 4 Phase 2: RESEARCH - Weeks & months of reading & asking questions and creating a BOM Phase 3: BUILD - The fun begins & so do the problems, you need support & guidance and eventually showcase your creation. Phase 4: RIDE (Built & Bought Boards) - You are king of the streets, you just want to explore the world, have fun, race people, compare performance, boast about how awesome you are, talk about big ideas & the future of e-skateboarding.

Phase 1 to Phase 3 often don’t care much about Phase 4 topics & Vice Versa.

So Why Two Forums?

Different information needs to be grouped, it’s why libraries have many sections; Fact & Fiction. Sport, Romance, Horror.

Example 1: If you bought a boosted board you don’t really need to read endless threads about vesc settings, but you might be interested in knowing about an esk8 event in your local area.

Example 2: If you are trying to get your belts aligned with your DIY welded mount you probably don’t care much about the new evolve board that is $2000

Example 3: If you have a working “complete” esk8, built or bought, you are probably interested in reading about what other riders are up to, group rides, different events, riding styles, different safety equipment.

Example 4: If you have an Evolve board (and know nothing about how it is built) you might feel intimidated / uncomfortable asking noob questions on esk8builders about how to upgrade the wheels to some nice ABEC11 flywheels. Maybe your post will simply get ignored because it’s just too simple? You don’t want to feel embarrassed for asking a stupid question in the wrong forum.

This is not about DIY vs COMPLETE

It’s about growing strong communities of like minded people.

This is not an attempt to segment the market for some secret commercial agenda, it’s about logically organizing groups within society to make sure we can enjoy our time spent interacting in online communities. Our time is precious! we are all busy people so it’s better if you can quickly find the information that suits you best and find like minded folks who relate to you without wasting time sifting through content that doesn’t interest you.

Having all this info & different personalities & different mindsets piled into one bag is a bit annoying & actually off-putting for many. This problem is real and has already created tension in the past.

You don’t go to a death metal rock concert to listen to gangster rap. You just don’t go at all.

Why will the “CLUB” be bigger?

This is simple, there are more riders than people who build, especially since the complete boards are now lower in price & becoming more popular as the industry matures.

The club won’t replace esk8 builders and it won’t be better or cooler, it’s just different. It’s just a better way for “riders” to find relevant info & discussion & feel like they belong to a solid community.

If it makes you feel better, you could simply consider it one big website with two niche categories…


but why would you want an event that excludes other e-skateboard riders? why should the parts or the build make any difference to the event?

arent we all esk8ers?

put the marketing hyperbole aside loopy… pretend i’m a angel investor give me your elevator pitch why we should invest in this?

For some reason I read your whole reply in a Mr Meeseeks voice… :kissing: