Budget / EU / Commute / Help Wanted

Hello everyone!

Posted my first topic yesterday to ask some help about the parts I’m planning to use for my possible first build. Got some great advice from the community so thanks for that! So I thought I would delete that topic and create a new one with the (hopefully) final parts list so it might help other newbies like me in the future :smiley:

Been interested in building an eskateboard but I have no experience skating so in case I’m not very good at it I don’t want to break the bank on my first build. I wanted to keep this build low budget but not super cheap so it will just break. I have access to a 3d printer (prusa i3) and have experience building drones and a little designing experience in fusion 360.

Could you please help me and decide if all these parts are compatible / ok enough for the build?

Board would be used to go from where I park my car to where I work, ± 4km single or 8km there and back. And for casual drives in the weekend. Doesn’t need to go super fast since I don’t have experience :stuck_out_tongue:

  • VESC: maytech link => 110 eur

  • Trucks: Caliber II 50 link => 65 eur

  • Motor mount: electricboardsolutions link => 30 eur

  • Deck: link => 56 eur

  • Motor: Keda 63 64 link => 42 eur

  • Wheels: flywheel clones 83mm link => 40 eur

  • Wheel pulley: 3d print myself 40T 15mm link. Already printed it, looks nice. => 0 eur

  • Motor pulley: Aluminium 15 mm link => 8 eur

  • Belt: 15mm 53t 270mm link => 8 eur

  • Controller: gt2b, will mod this link => 23 eur

  • Battery: 5 x 2s 5000mah zippy link => 75 eur

  • Ball bearings: trixes link => 8 eur

  • Bms: Bestech bms link => 65 eur

  • Enclosure: design and 3d print myself => 0 eur

  • Riser pads link => 3

  • Bolts link => 4

  • Voltage indicator link => 8

  • Led switch link => 8

  • Laptop charger link => 20

  • Female dc jack link => 8

  • Anti spark, electricboardsolutions link => 20

  • BT module for ackmaniac, buy somewhere => 8

Battery connectors will be replaced with xt150’s. These can be separated from each other to make easy serial connections, can be taken out for maintenance easily and can not short circuit like bullet plugs since they are isolated. VESC will be flashed with ackmaniacs firmware and BT module as suggested by @Acido and @koralle :smiley:

bms and wiring are inspired by this topic link. Below you can find my wiring diagram, the bms that I’m going to use is the bestech d190, which is charge only.


Whole build comes down to about 589 euros with small electrical stuff (wires, connectors, etc.) and should be easily acquired in europe. I know some parts can be cheaper when ordered from china but the idea of this build is also to show european builders where to find parts easily without having to worry about import duties. Since sourcing all the parts can be a tricky job I’ve found :slight_smile:

This seems, at least to me, like a nice budget build which can eventually be upgraded if needed in the future, but one that has all the conveniences (bms, power switch) of a factory build board.

If I’m missing anything or something needs upgrading / isn’t enough please let me know :smiley:

Cheers and have a nice day!

EDIT: updated parts after comments, thanks for all the help and tips :smiley:

EDIT 2: updated parts again to accomodate power switch and bms :slight_smile:

EDIT 3: updated parts list to use charge only bms, lighter on the wallet :smiley: Dropped bullet connector idea since this is just a accidental short circuit waiting to happen.

EDIT 4: added first draft of wiring diagram.

EDIT 5: Added xt150 idea and small text changes

EDIT 6: Update wiring schema + vesc firmware description

EDIT 7: Not going through with build but leaving this here to help others

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Looks good Speed will be around 40kmh and a range around 14km I guess.

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A few things if you’re on a budget through my own research.

You’re already shopping at sickboards so you might as well get your trucks there: https://www.sickboards.nl/en/caliber/19123-caliber-ii-fifty-10-satin-smoke-truck.html - loads of colour combinations available and It’ll save you 20 euros

@dickyho will have his caliber mounts on ebay soon and the price is insanely good https://www.ebay.com/sch/eboard-shop/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from= - You could get your pully’s here too for less.

You can get abec 11 clones for less with a bit of googling. The same with belts but there’s not a huge saving there.

I don’t know those bearings but you can get Bones Redz for around the same price and they are well regarded.

You don’t have an enclosure listed, whats the plan?


Thanks for the response! The caliber trucks from eskating.eu are a set of 2, so 30 each. The ones from sickboards.nl is 32.5 for 1 … Aah didn’t know that, do you have any more info or a link perhaps? Yeah I know but I would like to get them from within the eu to avoid import taxes. I’ll have a look at the bearings :slightly_smiling_face: Completely forgot about the enclosure, thanks for reminding me! Updated the post :smiley:

EDIT: I could also switch the caliber II for paris trucks and then buy the already existing mount from ebay link you sent, would save me 35 euro’s on the mount alone

Calibers from Bluetomato

The 50° blacks are more expensive then the set on eskating.eu… Maybe I’m going to switch to paris v2’s with this mount


  • Don’t print pulleys, theyre usually sh!t.
  • Use motor pulleys from steel, not alu. They wear too quickly
  • Get Gt2b and sparkle mod it! Then you have smth to print :smiley: best remote evrrr
  • try to get used genuine wheels instead of clones
  • for a more professional feel, use a bms instead of a balance charger
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@koralle has a point about the pulleys, steel will do you much better.

With I’d drop the extra $2.50 on the dual idler version of that mount if I was you https://www.ebay.com/itm/CNC-motor-mount-for-50-63-motors-for-DIY-eskate-electric-skateboard/302775190943?hash=item467ecec59f:m:mpcr0hiDiT7ZXSNOmcepvNw

I have a set of paris trucks here and I’m super tempted by that myself.

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Hey @lorenzo

As @koralle said, a BMS would be much more handy and not more expensive :slight_smile:

I sell them here: https://electricboardsolutions.com/collections/bms

I could also help you with the other parts :wink: I think I can make you a better deal than you have now, you can send me a DM if you’re interested :wink:

grtz Frederic


@e.board_solutions, @brenternet, @koralle @bartroosen12 Updated parts list, I think it’s now complete for a budget build. Feedback still welcome :smiley:

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Forgot to mention… Get a vedder anti spark and a nice led switch

Edit: OK maybe if it’s budget, get a loop key instead

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Hey @e.board_solutions, your caliber v2 clamp is only held by one set screw? Is it enough for the vibrations?

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I would buy abec instead of the orangatangs and a Vesc from diyelectricskateboard and buy a bms. Charging lipos with Imax b6 takes forever

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I can build a 18650 pack for a good price. 10s2p pack with 30Q’s =140 euro’s i can also sell you a brick charger. Use the BMS from @e.board_solutions

And you are ready to go with a much better solution than lipo :blush:


will probably add bms later but right now no room for it in budget… Also original abec’s cost to much for current budget

Thanks for the offer but then I would go over budget, this build is meant to be a budget build… Bms might come later but then it will be a bestech bms since those seem to be the most reliable :slight_smile:

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I know. But if i was in you’re place I would wait a month until you have enhough money for the extra options and then build the board. You will like it more in the feature. Talking always you’re battery’s out of you’re enclosure is much work.

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Check amazon they have some cheap ass abec clones I think

15 euros for wheels and bearings. Replace them asap when you can with the real thing in my opinion but it’ll get you rolling.

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Then add on the $23 USD shipping and the possible import charges and your looking at roughly between €40 and €50.