Budget First Board | SK3 280KV | 5000mAH 3S 20C x2 | ESC Substitute

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Hello everyone! I’ve been reading about the electric skateboards for some time now and have chose finally to try build one myself. I have pretty much all the parts gathered now but since this will be my first build (I haven’t even had any skateboard before) there will most likely be something that won’t work.

I’m doing this one on budget 300-375e. The board parts cost about 200e (it’s really the cheapest it gets, there’s no really options without huge shippings. I live in Finland) The electrics are about 165e.

Deck: CREATURE CREEPS RELIC 10’’ SKATEBOARD DECK Wheels: ORANGATANG KEGEL 80A 80MM Bearings: BONES BEARINGS Trucks: Caliber Forty-Four 10" Truck

Motor: Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 5055-280KV Brushless Outrunner Motor Battery: Turnigy 5000mAh 3S 20C Lipo Pack x2 ESC substitute: single motor electric longboard skateboard controller ESC Substitute Charger: IMAX B6 50W 5A Charger/Discharger 1-6 Cells (GENUINE)

Let me know if there’s any parts that you’d change or that isn’t proper for electric skate, there is most likely something wrong or missing. I will appreciate all the help! :slight_smile:

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What charger will you be using with it.

I think IMAX B6, seems quite legit.

I had that charger it doesnt come with a plug so you will have to buy that separately.

You did not include motor mount in your list…

The wheels are not bad, it will just make you hard time making pulley for them…i haven’t seen anyone use them :confused:

Oh, didn’t notice that. Though I have already a spare plug at home so no need to buy a new one.

Didn’t include it because I don’t know if kit meant for 80mm wheels would work with 76mm wheel.

I searched a little and found Cal 7 Thin Core 97mm 78a Flywheels Fits Evolve GT, it contains Cal 7 Bearings and still costs just 30e. The shipping is 20e but I could do that if those work?

I was thinking this motor mount kit with that.

Ok, just forget about these… The motor mount kit you mentioned just sucks, i doubt it would work with calibers and if so it would take you a lot of work with uncertain results :slight_smile: better to get motor mount designed for calibers :slight_smile: you can get used if you want to spend some money :wink:

The wheels you linked are typical flywheels clones…they would work, but they are not a good choice IMO…for 50e you can get much better wheels if you sesarch a little bit :slight_smile: Aim for kegels or genuine abec11 flywheels :wink:

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Yes. Don’t use that motor mount. You have to do a lot of sanding to get a squad bar to fit a circle hole and the only thing thst connect the mount to the truck is 3 screws. The mount comes lose after every ride. Dangerous. Korry sells very good motor mount.

Nope, I couldn’t find any kegels or abec 11 for under 50e even without shipping and taxes exluding some South African sites which didn’t offer overseas transportation. The lowest are these ORANGATANG KEGEL 80A 80MM 70e, which I guess I have to stick with.

Yeah man that motor mount looks awful

That mount will only work if you can weld it on, that’s what I had to do.

Also this is pretty much the exact same board that I built when I was first starting out and it was ok for a little bit but then I just hated it, the brakes were noisy and it was not very powerful or fast.

I have since changed around some parts and I am now rather happy with the board and it is still super cheap. My advice on parts:

Get a Keda 190kv motor from HobbyKing (cheapest motor, I have 3, really happy with them).

you can keep those batteries you have and if you want to upgrade later you can just add more.

get the eBay substitute esc (I have the dual version but just run one motor as it was recycled from my dual board) this esc can take 6s,7s and 10s.

Make your own motor mount, I used just a file, drill and grinder( hacksaw will work too)

I also would not get that charger, I did and it took too long to charge my batteries and did not charge them properly, I would get a small 6s (or whatever voltage you use) bms from eBay and use it to charge only, these are super cheap, and get a brick charger, or make your own charger from a cc/cv power supply.

This might seem like it will be a lot more expensive but trust me it won’t be in the long run, this will give you a moderately powerful budget board. Ps. Look at HobbyKing’s line of esk8 stuff some of its super cheap.

Edit: If you buy HobbyKing trucks you can also get their mount for cheap. Also this is my build thread for my two current boards, they are both budget boards, so I thought it could help.

Yeah I won’t be using that kit, I’ll try to first make it myself. I’ll be buying the pulleys and belt from beltingonline.com (about 25e all total), going to need confirmation about their functionality before the purchase though :smiley:

So I’ll be going only on flat surfaces. I weight about 65kg. What exactly the speed was with you with the SK3 280kv and with Keda 190kv? I don’t really care if the brakes make little noise :stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t even know about those ESC substitutes. If they really work I’ll be taking this one then… maybe?

About the charger I think I anyway will stick with the one I have now…

And thanks

E: Seems like that Keda 190kv is out of stock from EU, I would need to pay about 20e shipping from China… So I’ll have to go now with that SK3 280kv but maybe in the future

Okey. I’m thinking going with 15 tooth T5 motor pulley and 32 tooth T5 wheel pulley. I’m a little confused with the belt thing, how thick should it be?

I was trying to fill this calculator but I’m not sure how can I know the amount of grooves in the belt so can’t get the right length

If someone would want to help me with this, all other needed information should be in the first post. Thanks.

I would go with 15:36 HTD5 pulleys, what’s what is commonly used, the best length depends on the length of your motor mount.

Also be aware that with the Xcar beast esc you need a programming card and remote, so in total it is almost double that of the eBay esc Substitute. It is also a lot louder and less smooth. A lower kV motor around 200kV is recommended.

I still would advice against that motor, 280kv is quite high and will provide minimal torque, although it will give you a decent top speed. It is also on the small side being a 5055 motor, where as most are 6355-6384

The last thing to remember is that you want your board to be upgradable, so pick parts that you can easily swap out 1 at a time

Okey, so this 15 Tooth HTD5 Pulley and this 36 Tooth HTD5 Pulley then. I’ll be doing the motor mount myself so what would be the belt lenght with those? I don’t really have any idea and don’t want it to be too short.

I forgot to delete that xcar Beast from the title, I most probably won’t be using it. I’ll be going only on flat surfaces as I said before so I think I’ll survive with that 280kv motor, I’ll change it then later if needed.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Use bbman belt length calc to work out the belt you neef

I would need the number of grooves of the belt to get the desired center distance first? What do you put here


Use this one


… I’d still need the desired center distance which I don’t know how much it would be since I’ll be making the mount after I have all the parts…