Build...Hello Friends..First build here

Every 18650 is different have a look at the discharge current of most battery builds, each cell is around 20 amps continuous that’s why they use 18650 cells

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ok…what do you guys recommend on LiPo batteries or 18650 that work…can you explain…?

Will this work? 10s2p?? Better… Capacity: 3000mAh Max discharge current: 20A Nominal Voltage: 3.6V 1 cell = 3000mah 3.6v 10 cells serioes = 3000mah 36v 2 parallel = 6000mah @ 36volts 10s2p 36v @ 6000mah 210 watts 1440 watts

got the math but dont understand the numbers…

I’m guessing that’s a 30q or hb2 cell? And yes that will work because it will give you a max theoretical discharge of 40amps which will be good for your setup. When ordering I suggest to order from Nkon, as they have legit cells that are at a good price

I have built battery packs from used laptop cells. I built 10S5P for my electric bicycle. It was decent performance but they drained very fast, but 10S10P was great. 10S5P(5Ah) got me about 15km, and 10S10P(7,7Ah) got like 25km. (assisted pedaling) I only have like 500 cells, so i didn’t get good balance between the “good” cells. (Only about 5% of 500 were worthy). I considered those cells for my e-skate, but that option would have been very bulky and heavy, and i calculated that decent performance pack would be like 10S15P :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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V Force HG2 IMR 18650 3000MAH 20A ( 40A ) 3.7V FT batteries | 4-Pack | authentic LGDBHG21865 lithium…are the batteries…will try to get them cheap…I’m still confused about the discharge of it…so that mean when you hit the pedal the max discharge will be 20amp which is way better than 5200mah?

You are mixing Ah/ AmpHours and A/Amps. The HG2 cells can be discharged at max 20 A/Amps, while they have a capacity of 3Ah/AmpHours.

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between V Force HG2 IMR 18650 3000MAH 20A and Sony VTC5 2600mah 30A…which ones are better…if i have to choose i will choose 20a @ 3ah…but i don’t know how much the motors are discharging though…sony’s will have less 2.6ah … they are about the same price…

In my experience, commuting on flat terrain at 25km/h with small hills has been peaking to 10-35A(looking at my battery usage graphs) while i had lipo-batteries. So either of those are good. I would go with the cheaper one. 2,6A and 3A are not that much difference afterall.

I think this is a good deal:

can you help me out on the below post pls…t.y.

@Instinct0224 Add your location to your profile :wink:

I would recommend to go with these cells:

They`re the most used batteries for esk8 in these days. Legit seller too!

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3000mah 15amp ?? WHY 15amp? and not 20A or 30A disrcharge…is less discharge…motors will be 1100watts in total…

those cells have good rep people say it handles 15amp without heating up, Some people say it does more than 15amps claiming there underrated.

Series connection adds voltage which translates into max speed. Parallel adds capacity and max discharge current. Now do your math.

They’re rated for 15A, but can do 20… It not a single 18650 cell that can do 35A continious without overheating, like the Sony VTC5 claims

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i know that…the issue is they are underrated…

Can i stuff patatoes in 18650 cells and make a 10S2P, would this work out for my first build? Cause i have many patatoes. Please somone say it works, only 1 person saying this would work is all i want so i can blame him afterwards.


Ok, i will be buying this…

Now i need help ordering, might as well ask…just choose none? what are u-solder tags and z solder tags…just order none? i don’t want to fit potatoes/elephants in 18650 10s29…

No tags. If you plan on spot welding yourself