Building A Budget Board, With Room To Upgrade

I am looking to start a build, inspired by al you guys. I’m pretty broke right now, so I would like it to start around $350ish and leave room for a future upgrade. Possibly starting with half battery power and doubling it later or adding a second motor? I want to not skimp out on the base parts that are needed in a higher quality build but im definitely willing to sacrifice some elements.

Deck: I have an old longboard thats 1080mm, with 230 mm wide trucks, using those would save me nearly $100, so thats a start, would the rest of this build work with those specs?

Wheels / Bearings:

Maybe ill splurge on some Orangatangs depending on my budget at the end of this.

ESC / Remote: Need recommendations, or a VESC? Depending on the cost

C6374 Motor:


Batteries: This is my biggest complication,

Something like this, but I would get half the amount now and could I later add more for more power / range? Im not experienced much in batteries definitely open to suggestions, I would like to keep it cheap now and later on upgrade it? I am willing to solder them together if it reduces cost.

Mount / Belts:


Which one do you guys think is better?

Antispark - recommendations?

For case / enclosure Im going to try and find 3d printable enclosures or just use sandwich boxes.

Any help / recommendations is awesome. Im doing my best to learn as much as I can but its a big topic and I love having such a helpful community like this.


hello fellow forum member. welcome to your new addiction :smiley:

a budget of 350 dollars is on the low side. You’re going to end up spending more money anyway.

To give you good advice I need to know in what environment you live in, what you need the board to do etc.

I would get a Vesc, single motor from dicky and drive train from dicky too. batteries probably lipos since they’re cheap. Don’t get an anti spark, it’s waste of money. use anti spark loopkey instead

Most likely you won’t be able to use your longboard truck.


Pacific northwest, wet, which is an issue. Relatively flat, no crazy hills, so I can sacrifice some torque for speed. I am also not above giving a few pushes to start off, especially if i plan on upgrading to another motor later which would give more torque.

Board is for minor transportation / pleasure. Nothing more then a few miles, and I know if I keep it cheap ill be lucky to get that.


I would suggest.

Use the old longboard Get Paris clones from dicky used Vesc from forum members here full drive train + motor from dicky. Wheels from dicky (have not tested them, I just say this cause it’s better to get everything from 1 place) batteries: Probably 10s lipos (wait for hobbyking sale) to be on the safe side. I mean 12 is cool and definitely fun but… I heard it can be unreliable especially with a cheap Vesc.

and I think that was it

make sure to order all the small things on Ali, very cheap but the shipping times are crazy… :cry::joy:

happy building!


dont use that shit mount from amazon, get a @Boardnamics or a @dickyho mount, both are good

and for antispark get a loop key, its the cheapest option at around 5$ and it wont fail

a few miles will cost a decent amount :rofl:


I love my loopkey!! :heart:


ive blown 4 antisparks so far, lots of money, only thing that hasent failed me is my fatboy antispark and my loopkey


yeah but its not exactly cheap, and it sucks on your battery :stuck_out_tongue:

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I have 2 questions I am embarrassed to ask, both show how new I am.

In every build tutorial I’ve watched, they haven’t had a single drive train, is it a separate install with the belt motor? I used to repair RC’s so I should have a better idea about this :confused:

Also you keep saying Dickys, I haven’t been able to find a website called Dicky’s selling skate parts?

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@anon64938381 no i meant the two things that ive used that hasent failed.

@grrsona get a loopkey

um thats not his website lol

^these are his two stores


huh? what do you mean

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I guess basically, I havnt seen a drive train in any other parts list?

oh dont worry bout that, there are many people with single drives


So dont order a drive train?

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huh your just getting more confusing

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yeah I have single drive. It’s really fine. Unless you are a heavy guy or have some extreme hills single will suffice.

I’m going to upgrade to dual tho. cause I want more power and brakes

Basically, I thought a drive train wasnt needed to be ordered on its own, thought it was included in some of the orders above, just asking do I need to order a single drive train by itself? Sorry for confusion ahah

No you assemble it yourself. You pick the parts of the drive train you want

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this includes everything you need except trucks, wheels, esc