Bunch of Stuff from the Past (AUS)

Got a lot of stuff so I want to see if anyone is interested. Will put pics up soon. I’ve got: 1x FOCBOX 2x VESC 4.12 I think 1x 12S Torqueboards ESC no Bec Enertion Motor Mounts 6374 170kv and 190kv Belts, pulleys, etc Enclosure from paychotiller Hummie hubs and matching kegels mounted already Bunch of other stuff

Willing to let stuff go for half retail price at least

Chuck offers on here


Hummie hubs picture and price ? :slight_smile:

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@sebastian89 talk to this guy. Save some green.

@lox897 help this guy get his first build going

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IMG_20181224_134830_HHT IMG_20181224_134902_HHT IMG_20181224_134853_HHT IMG_20181224_134833 IMG_20181224_134917_HHT IMG_20181224_134845_HHT IMG_20181224_134914_HHT IMG_20181224_134909_HHT IMG_20181224_134927_HHT IMG_20181224_134933_HHT

@hoeksame1 pics are above. Chuck me an offer. I think I spent a few hundred on them. I’m thinking around $200 AUD with the trucks and otang kegels but up for debate

$200 for everything?

if so then dibbs

$200 for trucks, orangatang kegels, and hub motors. Up for debate

what are you thinking about for everything else

Would you sell the setup in the first picture with the motor and trucks? If so, how much would you want? Also how much did you want for a vesc?

How much for the focbox?

60 on the vescs? Used right?

How much for motor mounts?

Dimensions of enclosure?

Any chance you have a remote and receiver?

$100 but up for debate

Yep I have the benchwheel and two other mini rc car remotes. $30 each set up for debate

VESCs were never used. Selling for $80 AUD each up for debate

Give me an offer for the mounts. The enclosure will fit two 3s lipos 5000mah in series and an esc and receiver. Probably best for a single motor setup but you might be able to squeeze two in.

Does the benchwheel come with receiver? If so I’ll buy asap

Focbox is $100 but not 100% on price for it as I can’t remember what I bought it for. Counter offers are welcome