Burgunboard | Deck Arbor | BERGMEISTER Wheels | TB218 | Nano Drive | 6374 130kV | Dual ESCape | 12s 8/12Ah | GT2B 3D print | Metr.Pro (v2.0)

Hey e-riderz :smiley:

So, in the continuity of my last build :

I wanted to make an upgrade and finally, there will only be wheels and deck left so :smile:

This is the new summary list of parts :

Ok, now, parts by parts, with a little more details.

The deck :

TB218 and Bergmeister looks like a perfect combo

The Nano drive that perfectly fit the Bergmeister wheels !

(no it’s not working fine enought with only 5mm clearence ^^ ) We have to wait for some mega senor Pepe of 120 mm :smile:

I made an adapter to set the Bergmeister wheel with the FatBoy Nano Gear Drive, 3d printed for the first tests : And a nice full aluminum CNCed proto version of the adapter coming, beginning of the week, if some are interested please let me know, I going to have a nice price for 10 sets : The AL version will look like this :

Ok, back to the setup :

Motor shaft ok, now the keyway :sweat_smile:

Nice !

And, tadaaaaa :

Hand spinning test ok, it’s time to connect it really soon !

Power :

The rest of the electric parts are the same as what I use before on ma Darth Vapor eMTBoard (v6, motor Overion, 12s XAh 15c…), so it should be a fkg awesome setup !!

Next big things needed, the enclosure !.. And some @pixelsilva inspiration :wink:

to be continue :v:


Dude that green carpet looks like grass and makes all of your build pics look hella pro!


:sweat_smile: haha I know, much better than the last blue one ! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :+1: (Ikea less than 30€)


Could you elaborate on this point please? Were the supercarve trucks not stable enough for high speed? Or are you just saying that this gear drive should be superior to the chain drive?

I say it above all to persuade me of my change, but all of a sudden, all of you are riding pretty well! :smile:

For sure, I will say more and even more in a few days :blush: when I have tested them.

(For now, it’s just like I say, mostly how he looks like to me… I would say both: supercarve not stable enough on my setup and gear drive will be quieter and proofed in his cover (even if I don’t think that the nano is superior to the big chain ^^) but we will see. I have made some custom change of bushing on the Supercarve, they’re really great letting me ride on all terrain at a good speed and the turn radius and carve is super cool. What I really like was the mounting support welded. I just hope to get a more stable setup (it should not be hard). More speed and power for sure with a lower ratio and bigger motor and battery.)

Thinking about the deck,

and as you can approximatively see on photos above and below, the shape is beside the Nano drive (and the wheelbite could be huge with the Bgm) :

It is already a little bit custom (just the noses and the shape in the midst) but, most of the custom that I have initially planned or needed to let space for Bgm are saved by @pixelsilva inspiration on my last build.

I had to make some mounting brackets, like that (for both front and rear) :

As I want to keep the shape exactly the same, intact, with the dropped zone that help me to lock my big foot on this wide plus W concave deck, it is perfect with this solution and it will give me a bit more stability.

Prototyping in a piece of wood that hangs there just to get the good lenght :

I will try to DIY some with some material I can get around.

And for the front, I plan to make a short one, like @nuttyjeff on the Charger build to keep my feet the closer to the front wheels.

Next stape, always the enclosure … :v:


Nano-drive gears were not made to drive big wheels, you will probably grind the gear teeth’s… Imagine that the bigger the wheel the bigger leverage you put on the gear teeth

Hey, I see only big urethane wheel ? But they’re the smallest we can get with air !.. 10mm w isn’t enought ?


The difference from FatBoy Mini Urethane:

Nano Mini
Gear width 10mm 14mm
Cover Plastic Aluminium
Hangers Compatible TB218, E-Caliber FatBoy 230/240
Gear Ratios Fixed 1:2.6 1:2.4, 1:2.6, 1:2.8
Motors 6355, 6374 6355, 6374, 6380 (on 240)
Motor Axle 8mm 8mm
Motor Axle Length 15mm 20mm
Recommended Wheels ABEC 107mm, Kegel 100mm (ifish) /110mm ABEC 107mm, Kegel 110

And 14mm will be ok so ?..

Don’t know we never designed or experimented with pneumatic wheels for these drives. These are urethane gear drives with max wheel size estimated 110mm. If something happens its up to you

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Ok thanks !

And the Mini is estimated for whitch one ? IMG_1480

I’m more confidente in your work than you :smile: if it’s just estimated so I will test it for you :wink:
And no worries, I’m prototyping, I will ride it carefully in a controlled environment :+1: So I can tell you if I will probably or not grind the gear teeth’s faster (or not so much).

What is the conventional wear ? For how many km you estimate the gears teeths of this kit ?

I have over 5k miles on one of older gears little wear, these uses better plastic which is suppose to have even less wear :slight_smile: So with normal wear I expect these to last forever… (greased and taken care off) Batteries will not hold that much probably


:laughing: hahaha ok ! Awesome then !!

What width ?? on which setup? with that, your estimate seems to be seen bein down.

But I’m really entrusted with the Nano, I have to give it a try and we will see next WE ! The blank test is already perfect of course :sweat_smile::rofl::shushing_face:

But, does that mean that you do not sell gears only as spare parts for the future @Kug3lis ?

We sell replacements only when there is proof that gears got broken or etc

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I will keep the Arbor deck on this build to use the DH deck for the Kart Track ! Seams better this way :smiley:


Hooooooo nooo :disappointed_relieved:

I really need some Sender reborn deck power here !!! :sweat_smile: (Sorry to anoy you guys maybe you know what to do @Sender @treenutter @mmaner @drangboards :pray:)

What do you think guys, I have finally clean this lady and, she looks like old and wrinkled :

I will try to send all and re-resine with a brain new grip at the same time, is it going to lessen the cracks preview ? Or should I add a thin layer of fiber glass on top of that ? What you will do ?

Put through this, I have received my alloy adapter !! I have redesigned it from scratch with a more simple profile for production work (and economic) than the printed model, it’s CNC from a 7075 bloc :

I had fun time with the thread handmade :smile:

But … it was really worth it !!

Assembled with the gear : Bearing in : Time to put grease in and close with the cover : V-ring placed :

Et voilà les amis !

Bergmeister At wheels screw in :


@Riako The veneer that is cracking is probably a 1/32’ or 1/64" ply - about as deep as a sheet of paper. I’d be surprised if you can sand away those cracks before you hit the next ply.


Riiight !… exactly, it’s like super super thin if I compare to the maple ply !!! Thanks a looot for your advices :wink: :+1:

Ok, so, I will try to send the grip only and, try some gorgeous looking LHB / Sender’s grip-style ! I hope that the resin will lessen or re-color the cracks as before (even just a little bit) :crossed_fingers:

Ok, so during this time I have the Axis but bamboo :smile: to try this setup asap

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dude nice work with the wheel adapter. let us know if the gear holds up!

Edit: also what did you put between the mounting plate and the cover of the gear drive? @Riako

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@Riako you can use a sanding sealer to physically fill the cracks. After a light sanding apply the sealer and then sand it down to a smooth surface. Then you can re-stain it if you want to, or just let the resin you use for the grip to darken it.


Maybe try (Liberon wax sticks) french polishers use it/them to hide/fix small or large cracks/gaps in wood veneers, i used it a couple of times on piano restorations and other projects never on a deck but it should work, plus its easy to use and very little work in terms of effort and mess.


Thank you very much for your help and your advices!

And thanks a lot mate ! For sure I will make reports :wink: I plan to test it on the kart track 1st then, I will make like for the Bergmeister wheels/tires, little control check and photos every 100km.

As 3Dservisas expect that their new plastic solution last forever, but Kug3lis got some reluctance and fear of small wear/teeth grinded… I guess (hope) I’m ok for the next 2500kms :crossed_fingers: :smile:

As I have play with some prototyping (Gummies and Bgm wheels on the Nano), I made a mistake and Loctite the motor gear too early … and I’m too lazy for now, I prefer to make a little bit of modelization than burn the gear and axle. But I will have to do it anyway like I would test it with 15° more. Be really careful Nano Gear Drive Rider when you blank test your setup, be sure about the orientation, cause when you loctite your motor gear, you will maybe not play every week with a rebuild or make another prototype, test another deck… Well exactly what I am doing ^^

I don’t know how, as the gears are well aligned but the motor gear grind a bit sometimes the cover so I made a little 1mm lip for now.

1st I had made a cover that let me keep my axle uncut :sweat_smile: but, ok, it is a bit weird, and I was maybe ashamed to show that I guess :smile: but it could help a lot at 1st. I maybe should start like this (as I have enough space between the wheel and gear cover)…

I like the gear icon on it, but I guess the PVC cover have better soundproof characteristics so I let it for now.

Ho, I don’t even know this exists!! Awesome, thanks a lot mate!! I learn a lot, it’s awesome I watch some video of this, looks like the way to make a perfectly professional look :+1:

I just dont find the exact detail I need to know with it :upside_down_face: You apply layer by layer (I almost only find video this way) or you fill all the crack in one deep pass ?

Yeah, awesome tips too !! This is also super cool when you really want to match the repair as if nothing happens! I see it now, there is nice video on youtube too.

I will check what I could get in my DIY store tomorrow!

Oops, I was a little too fast on this one :no_mouth: Maybe I have sanded it to mush before to take note of all of this … (and I want to sand the logo too) a smooth little second pass tomorrow before sanding-sealer or wax.

I really like the patinated effect, like an old hotrod in its juice :stuck_out_tongue: a second sanding here too tomorow and then I will try to add a yellow juice to maybe get a green patined underdeck finish :grin: