Bustin Yo Hip Double Kick (got rekt)

Yesterday I was riding my board back from lunch. This one:

It was only a 3/4 mile ride, and just about 10 houses away from the job site, I ate shit.

Carving back and forth around 16-18 mph, and the back of the board kicked out a lot.

I honestly was too f’d up to do a proper post crash investigation. I really wanted to find the damm ass rock, so I could pee on it or something. Why would Mother Nature do this to me? Damm ass rock…

Maybe it was a stick or just a little bump in the road, idk…

Anyway…it happened so fast, I didn’t even have time to take a step. I landed on my left hip.

I couldn’t even get up and get out of the road. The mailman showed up and tried to help me get up, but it wasn’t working out so well, so I had him literally drag me out of the road.

Then a neighbor came out and started freaking out and trying to dial 911.

I told her I’m fine… She disagreed and kept going on and on about 911.

I think she got triggered after seeing the mailman drag me over to the gutter.

I kept smiling, and said that I don’t need/want an ambulance, and that my freind was just down the street a little bit, and she finally backed off.

About 15 min later was able to get in my helpers truck (with help.)

He drove my stick shift truck, I drove his automatic to a friends house. No way in hell I could push a clutch in.

Getting from the truck into the house to the couch…I turned grey for a bit, (pale) the pain from moving around is/was bad enough to throw up a little. Engaging my core muscles to puke was no fun at all.

Was able to make it go away…

After a little nap. I went to the med clinic and got a couple X-rays.

I have a fractured hip and pelvis, not displaced or anything, it’s like a compression fracture. Technically it’s both the hip and pelvis. I’ll try and get a pic up, it’s on a CD.

My hip joint is a little loose as I have felt it move slightly a few times, once right after the crash, and also while moving around from here to there etc.

Now I need to figure out the next step. Do I wait it out all weekend and try to get seen Monday, or head to the ER today?

The doctor at the med clinic reccomended I see an orthopedic surgeon.

She said it’s possible they would pin it, or they could decide to just leave it and let it heal on its own.

I’m really reluctant to go to the emergency room. I’ve been without health insurance for over a decade.

Total cost so far is around $225 including X-rays and Rx for norco.

TLDR: I crashed and fractured my pelvis just above the femoral head, skateboards are dangerous

I’ll pop the cd in the computer and try to get a pic posted.


Damn that sucks. Hope you heal up quick.

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I would get seen. I’ve been skating for about 24 years or so now and have only broken bones (foot and clavicle) eboarding in the last two years. It’s a really dangerous sport. I’m 36 years old and I take a lot longer to heal up. It’s important to not wait to get help for these types of things because the waiting can cause more issues. Hope you feel better soon dude! Stay safe out there!!!

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Deffo, go in for an injury like that.

I was a paramedic for years and hip/pelvis is not something to wait on. That is an area where complications can happen, and they can be really fucking serious. Especially at the kind of pain level you described. Hopefully nothing major, but would hate to hear that the delay caused more issues.

Glad your noggin is ok!


Dang dude! Get well soon and remember its not how hard we fall, but how gracefully we get up…


Get well soon man! Having your hip at least seen by an orthopedic surgeon is a good option i think.

Sorry to hear about your crash. Heal up quick

Holy fack that’s a terrible result. Hope your healing goes well.

I keep looking at all the armored shorts, and trying to figure out what I can do for a mixed commute… Armored spandex underwear ain’t gonna be workable.

I asked them if I could look at the X-rays on the light screen or whatever those are called.

Before I left they showed me the images on a clapped out desk monitor.

I didn’t think to ask to see the originals, nor to keep them.

I’m glad I asked my son to take a pic, as the two images they put on the cd are worthless.


Thanks for the support/advice (^_-)

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I broke my Ilium when I was 19. Worst shit ever…

Hope you heal quickly. Hillbilly hip pads are amazing if you get back to it. I won’t ride without them.

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My place of employment has locker rooms with showers in ever building on campus because people bike to work. Large IT company. So wear riding clotths and bring work cloths in a bag, change in the bathroom.

Dude you’re helpful as usual, but with the TSG Pass, a jacket and the board, I’m barely making it though the bus part of the commute. I can’t imagine wearing hip pads on the bus lol. Piss everyone off that sits next to me for sure.

Overpants might work but my hands are already so full.

And I dislike riding with a bag. “Hate” might not be too strong.

When you plant on a hip in a fall, it’s just the initial impact that’s the brutal one, right? (I’ve fallen a few times, but at push skating speeds) Maybe I can belt a g-form over the left hip…

How do you even notice them? They’re not bulky.

I hate wearing bags too… but your talking a few ounces of clothes, basically a change of pants…

I’m not trying to tell you what to wear or do… The thread is about hips. I brought up options to use pads… ie bring a change of pants… or ask why you would carry the pads on the bus vs wear them…


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I’m just going to share my experience of a broken hip…in hopes it will help you years from now… I’m not a doctor…but anyway, my break was similar

Because my hip was broken and I didn’t maintain proper posture(standing, pulling your hips forward, and feet pulled)… I’ll leave this short. But please take the time to read the book “Becoming a Supple Leopard”.

Basically the jist of it. Because my right side was weak, it effected my entire right leg down the chain. My leg became lazy. And my ankle went from a perfect arch like

To flat footed with my ankle rolled inward.

Walking like this shifted my tibia and fibula bones in the calf. Causing Patella/Patellar Tendinitis. Ie Runner/jumpers knee. Basically the knee cap doesn’t track over the knee joint properly when bending because the IT band of the thigh, and the lower knee tendon are so tight that it pulls the kneecap inward at the bottom, and outward at the top tracking crooked. With roll of your ankle, and shifted calf , it wears away the cartilage under the knee, causing it to pop.

Knee where mine sits naturally

Where my knee cap should be and is when I have a brace on while skating

I only am mentioning this in hopes that you don’t have to go what I went through. And learn to correct your posture through healing early on. As I did not know about my posture until almost 6 years later, when my knee and ankle started giving out from years of not “controlling” my muscles and “pulling myself” straight. Healthy humans do it unconsciously. When you are damaged, the muscles loose memory of “true” when it comes to alignment of joints, and you gotta train them, and consciously think about it until it becomes a subconscious act again.

For me this meant that me not pulling my hips forward, rolled my femur outward, my tibia and fibula of the calf rolled inward, causing my ankle to roll inward and flat footed. Throwing everything from my right side hip down out of alignment, a recipe for pain in the years to come because I didn’t correct it.

Hope you heal quick. I was in a hip wrap for several months… you may or may not be. Again, I’m not a doctor or physical therapist. But neither of my doctors or therapist told me about pulling my posture. It’s only been the last 5 years that I’ve been basically pain free because I corrected my lower posture on my own in a whim hoping it helped. And it did. Had I known about this at the time of the break and years after, I wouldn’t have cartilage missing in my ankle and knees.

Take the post for what you want, but I highly suggest reading the book I mentioned above. It could save you years of pain, and aftermath.

May 17th marks 12 years since I cracked my Ilium. I couldn’t pick my leg up past 3 inches for the first two. Just push through the pain, stretch, once the bone is healed,and take it slowly. But do not lay complacent. Hip and shoulder(the ball joints) of the body, will lock up if you don’t move them.

I broke my Ilium mattress surfing down stairs. I wasn’t heavy enough and the nose of the mattress bucked me off 9 stairs up. I landed and did a parachute roll out. But my Ilium met the Fin of a old interior heating radiator as I finished the roll. And cracked my Ilium down the crest to the ball joint. (Your break looks to be right above the ball joint in a similar place).

As @Sender said. Hips are no joke, and can be life altering. I didn’t share this to make anything sound bad or whatever… just wanted to share that it can be over come… and hip injuries come with alterior complications. But the more informed you are about becoming “normal” again the better off you will be… Hope this helps you some.

And I’ll say it one more time… read that book.

Also hope this helps more people understand why I think hip pads are so important. They aren’t short recoveries… Sorry for the edit bombs.


I adding one more post. Hope I’m not derailing you @Idea

For anyone that does get impact shorts. Please do not wear them like this, or they will offer no protection. Pull them up to your real waist(belly button)

Like so

This way the pads properly cover your iliac arch

And the hip’s ball joint

It also properly places the coccyx protection. To cover the back of the iliac (two knobs on the hip that make butt dimples on a girl, right where the coccyx meets the ilium) and entire coccyx. From top to tip of bone by your booty hole.


Another oft unmentioned benefit to wearing a diaper is the ability to relieve yourself on those long rides without even slowing down! :wink::sweat_smile:


Lol whatever floats your boat… Right? As long as the diaper saves you


Damn that’s some serious shit, hope you will heal quickly! It’s dangerous yep, The last time I felt was going down a bridge around 45kmh. Nice weather sun was shinning in my eyes so I couldn’t focus 100% on the road. A tiny wire was on the bike road and yeah it grabbed my back trucks and this was the most scary moment I ever felt. In a second the board stopped I was just flying and grinding over the bikeroad.

I was very lucky my jacket took a part of the impact. But my hip was fucked up, so painfull.

Yeah I ride a lot more safe these days


still hanging in there. 48 hours post crash My legs are still the same length Hip not pulling out anymore Pain reduced a little, as I learn what motions are ok. Coughing brings a different pain. It’s pretty gnar, the torn and bruised tendons/muscles getting tugged on every cough. Thanks for the help I’ll check out that leopard book

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