Buy a cheap rc remote they said

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What happened to the thread it totally broke off the rails. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Yeah I think that’s a pretty good location for the receiver and I don’t think the battery meter would cause interference issues apart from blocking if the antenna is under it. If you want to be ultra sure you can drill a tinny hole and just poke out the silver end of the antenna. Add a dob of hotglue to stop it moving or water getting in.

Yeah the fail safe is a function of the GT2b receiver. Basically you have the board and remote on with throttle set to neutral position, then you press the little button on the receiver for a few seconds. The LED should flash and then the fail safe is set at neutral. If you ever loose signal the receiver will send neutral throttle position to the vescs. Just note if you adjust the PPM end points in BLDC TOOL you will need to re-set the fail safe. Or if you adjust the trim pots on the remote the neutral of the fail safe will be off.

You can then test the fail safe by holding full throttle and turning the remote off. The board should go to neutral throttle position.

hahah right. no worries. ya i was actually thinking about doing that with the rx antenna, eveything else looked good, ppm wires all nice and tight. i redid my rx antenna kind of. i had it taped up with the brass pin thing thats on the end of it. i took that out and just left the silver part by itself in a safe position. didnt really think the battery meter would cause issues, i mean it is right under it with 8s voltage feeding it but no crazy amps going through it. im going to stick the antenna wire through my box and see if that helps. then if it happens again, make sure to look at my rx to see if the lights are flashing i think? that means loss of signal?

Yeah it will flash with signal loss, but I have found that it will reconnect in a second or two and the flashing will stop, so your unlikely to be able to see that while riding.

ya, thats what i mean. it happens so quick, i wish it would just do it for a minute straight so i could actually pin point what is happening! good ol intermittent issues…lol. thanks for the help bro -zack

Looks around, checks LHB’s ID, Is’nt 7 years old… :weary: lots of illiterate diatribe… :confused: Are you drinking dude? :laughing:

Sorry @lunasicc

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all good. i dont even know whats happening anymore hahah

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I think have a play around with calibrating your GT2b trigger positions & fail safe as @lrdesigns suggested to start with. Then report back. One set of things at a time bro :wink:

I’ve been running a couple if baby buffalo mod gt2bs… only problem I’ve had was failure of battery to charge due to my soldiering… apart from that solid

Stock GT2B I probably have ridden 2-3k miles with no issues at all (in the past). Probably a basic fail safe, running on low battery were my only issues and the huge form factor. Other then that they’re pretty rock solid… IMO

I’ve never gotten a failsafe on my GT2B, but I HAVE had some interesting issues where the failsafe position that I set… Uh… changes. Sometimes it goes to a bit of brake, sometimes a bit of throttle. My PPM range is pretty large, so it’s not a clock-accuracy problem or jitter, but I think I may have had the fail safe button pressed by something in my enclosure. I adjusted some stuff, and I don’t think it’s gotten reset since.

Reguardless, I keep a long wire on my loopkey and have it where I can reach and yank it if necessary. I never trust my board 100%. XD

My RX is over the VESC capacitor bank, and the antenna is zip-tied to the power lines just behind that. Haven’t known it to have any interference issues.

make sure the connection from receiver to ESC is very solid. I had several of the same problem with my remote recently but only on rough roads with lots of rattling. the problem every time was solved by fiddling with the cable from receiver to my vesc. I now have tape there holding the connection in place and have had no problems. i am looking into a permanent heavy duty solution.

I am 7 years old. That’s why i look so young.

I had the scariest wipeout happen because my GT2B-madmunkey went full throttle out of nowhere whilst I was riding. The problem turned out to be the throttle potentiometer which appeared to be working fine when measured with a multimeter, but was apparently damaged from re-soldering causing the controller to go full throttle under certain conditions. I replaced the throttle pot with the steering pot which made the controller reliable again for about a month now.

The thing with these mods is that they dont tell you that you dont need to (and absolutely should not imo) remove the little pcbs from the throttle pot. The pcb allows you to resolder without damaging the pot with heat. Also, I found the stock wires used to connect the pots to be very poor quality, I replaced with much beefier wires.

If you want a compact remote I advice buying the mini, which is 23$ on ebay, cheaper than the GT2B, and compact as-is.

I thought that the pot for the stearing was not the same as for the throttle (different values) but you had not problems in re-calibrating ?

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True. I didnt reconfigure the vesc, I only turned the trim knob to make sure its neutral if you dont touch the throttle. The throttle now only goes to about 70% which is plenty for my build, brake range of motion is much larger in the madmunkey mod, so I almost have 100% brakes without re-calibrating. In fact, with the original throttle pot, the extra braking range of motion in the mad munkey makes the PWM signal go out of bounds causing your vescs to reboot which is pretty concerning…

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@lrdesigns @Cobber Alright guys. Little update. I went to midtown today to ride, about 5 minutes in, low and behold radio was cutting out. Except ALOT worse this time, sometimes it would hold failsafe for 3-7 seconds at a time. Radio lights stayed exactly the same as if nothing was wrong. Blinking light on rx and esc’s indicating signal loss. After messing with it for a bit I noticed the range of the remote was extremely bad. Before this I pulled the antenna out of the box and just left it unexposed to make sure it wasn’t interfering with anything. Apparently that didn’t help at all. No later today when I try diagnosing it, nothing now. No cut outs… so seeing how my radio had solid lights, would that indicate bad receiver possibly? I don’t want to have to do this mod again if the radio is fine Here’s a video of what it was doing

That sux. Very short range makes me think it could be a broken antenna. While it might look fine on the outside it might still be broken where it attaches to the pcb. Open the receiver up and check where the antenna is soldered to the pcb. Also check same spot on the transmitter.

Edit: I had my receiver antenna break off at the pcb, I still rode it for a couple days before I figured it out, the range was only a few feet.