Buy a cheap rc remote they said

I can’t speak for others, but my two GT2B (modded into badwolf) are dead solid, never had a single dropout. Guessing you broke something in the process of modding, as I have the exact same ESC on one of my boards and it’s done 700km without any issues.

Receiver looks good. Radio looks ok too other than that second little solder blob. The main solder point is good. The one after that looks weak, is that a ground for the outter shielding? I think it might just be for extra strength? I tried messing with that connection while powered up. No drop out😤

@overint that’s what I thought to but it’s such a simple mod. I didn’t really think I messed anything up. It did solid for the first 50 miles or so. Then just started having issues. I also noticed disconnecting the throttle pot from rx has no effect on it. Doesn’t activate the failsafe. Idk. I’m about to just get a new radio and start from scratch. Pretty annoying issue…

Yes it is and is important. The active part of the antenna goes through the middle and the grey colored part is the shield, then at the end should be an un-shielded part (silver wire with clear wrap) which is the actual active antenna part. Should be roughly 30mm long. It didn’t get accidentally trimmed? Other than that I am running out of ideas. The active silver part should be same length on TX and RX

On the receiver photo that looks good, the transmitter its hard to see but the ground looks a bit broken.