Buying Torqueboards wide trucks with free shipping

Hey guys so I really want to get a set of the Torqueboards wide trucks (linked below) but the shipping for one piece way too expensive to Europe. So my plan is to gather a least 5 people to get over the 300USD mark to get free shipping. So far: martinsp 1 set @I82 1 set @bigben 2 sets @monkey32 1 set
@stormboard1 1 set @Ishayc 1 set @Trans-amers 1 set @ARetardedPillow 1 set (confirm please) @Youssless 1 set @tueboard 1 set

collections/longboard-trucks/products/torqueboards-218mm-trucks The way I think it could work out is that one of us orders the trucks so we all would send money (PayPal for safety) to that person and that person would order it and then shipping in Europe is cheap (under 10€). If you have any better idea I am open to hearing it! :slight_smile:

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just curious, how much does it cost for TB to ship to Europe ?

40USD which is like 2 thirds of the price of the trucks :smiley: so in theory we can save 30USD/25€ on shipping each, considering that the shipping inside europe is 10USD/8.4€

I’m in for a set

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Actually I may be heading stateside for Thanksgiving …

Weird, I’ve asked this question to Dexter yesterday. I’m going to order 5-10 sets. I need at least 2 sets personally. I’m UK.

Sounds awesome guys! so that theoretically means we have 5 sets!

@bigben So you are in for 2 sets?

HI Martin, Where are you? I was happy to order 5 sets so they get delivered to the UK! Then if I need to I can send on a few others… Or stockpile like I seem to like doing!

I am located in Slovakia. So we could even maybe get a discount along with the free shipping. Maybe :smiley: hopefully, that would mean we could order 8 sets if I am not mistaken. Not sure what stockpile is :smiley:

Stockpile ,to build a reserve of parts that you may never use but feel better about yourself knowing that the parts are there!:laughing:


I am in Spain and I will apreciate a sensible shipping rate and not a killer international flat rate. Being this accomplished, i don’t care if my trucks come from Slovakia or UK :wink: Are you guys in hurry? The paypal payment seems great to me, pretty much like the aussies group buy was done. Confidence inspiring.

Best regards :wink:

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Oh I see :smiley:

So as a recap so we are all clear. You @bigben would order 5 pieces, then there is me in for 1, @monkey32 for 1 and @I82 in for 1 set. That makes it 8 sets total. I just asked if we could get a discount so we will see when they get back to me…

I dont have problems sending it out from me. I will look up the prices.

Ok so Alex from their customer support said we could actually get a discount for these bad boys which sounds super cool. I will ask for more details about % and such. will keep you updated

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Ok so I was just redirected to email communication by Alex.

I asked if there is any chance they could send the package marked as a gifht or say that it has no value so that we could avoid paying tax and import fees. Because that would mean 20%+ on tax and some import fees may apply to :confused: that would suck.

I would like 1 set if it is still possible :slight_smile:

It is possible still. Seems like bigben might drop out if he has not already so with you we might be back to 4 sets :confused:

The thing that worries me is the tax and sh*t. I am really hoping that they reply positively to the email :smiley:

Again…I can get sent to my US address and I can bring back in carry on/ checked bag…with %discount and not import taxes.

Time would be the thing…end of Nov.

Don’t know about the others but I am not in a hurry. End of Nov sounds okay :slight_smile: