C section - 1.0, carbon integrated enclosure 40 inch deck, 218 tb trucks, 97 abec wheels, 6374 SK8 motors, reverse mounts, dual vesc x

Just a quick one showing my first build;

finished product but i just need to do the grippy properly. Ideas?

I bought an all terrain e sk8 thinking it would be what i wanted and guess what it wasn’t.
The deck was cool though so I thought i’d modify it a bit and then things just got out of hand.

I originally wanted a go anywhere type board but it kind of evolved.:wink:

Starting point with all the old nonsense out and ready for the new. Purchased some 218 trucks from torque boards as they are kind of the only place you can get 218 trucks as far as i know.( feel free to enlighten me people). Then got some 6374 motors from hk of all places but hey they are good so far, SK8, 194 kv and run cool as. I first cut out the deck so it was drop through for that low and less distance to fall type feeling and then got carried away.

enertion provided the dual vescs and the battery is a 10s 3p lg 18650 with bms and is the only saving grace of the original unit.

Wiring is yet to be finalised as i’m waiting for a power switch…dont you think that in this day and age that vesc’s should be switched. Just saying…

So here it is;

vescs $475 Motors $240 mechanicals - wheels/trucks etc - $400 Deck/battery/bms - $500

So $1605 bucks aus. wow pricey but not really when you compare the specs
18k range tested 55kmh on 10s tested with my 110 kg fat arse on it torque enough to pull me up anything round here and i live in Australia’s version of san fran

Hey guys everyone out there that is looking at this thankyou because i’m really grateful to all the people on this forum that helped whether they knew it or not and noobies if you want me to answer any questions then just ask. Don’t take any notice of the “you’ve already answered this person three times” rubbish… just comment because your questions just might help someone else out there and pm just helps you no one else.


You made it so good that you wanted to take a ride!

man i’ve been riding this thing non stop. It is awesome. the only problem i have is no battery indicator so my range test involved an uber. :slight_smile:


I come to the company every day. It is 20km round trip. A picture just taken.


Whats the board in the background? looks cool as

It is my eSk8.

But I lost my mind to your carbon deck;


Man that’s a nice repurposing, the battery could be bigger buts that’s it, sweet enjoy

The drop through was inspired & brave, reinforce those drop holes with plates huh?


Where did you buy your carbon deck? Please let me know the link.

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holy shit! 6 wheel drive?! that is superb my friend. superb. aint this hobby the best?

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Oh yeah theres room for a 12s 3p easily but 12s 4p will need a deeper enclosure. let you know about the deck.


This kind of thing https://www.sickboards.nl/en/accessories/6376-never-summer-drop-through-plates.html


thanks man. was wondering about strength. that looks like a good system, I’ll check it out.

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Yeah especially if carbon you appear to have the diy genome if you have a jigsaw and some plate you could totally diy it

The base plates are not standard, they are 80 mm square and pull evenly across the diagonal should be ok but doesnt hurt to reinforce. The carbon is 5mm then 8mm foam then 5mm carbon it is very high in tensile strength. Not the lightest carbon deck but probably the strongest.

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True carbon is extremely strong but prone to stress cracking around mounting points. Given the drop deck mounting that would exert a lot of force around the area around the bolt nuts.

Even penny washers there would save a lot of crying down the road

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Nice!!! I built my first DIY because I started modding that same china board lol Was going to shave down the inner tab to fit a longer pack as well but ended up using the battery for a completely different build. I had raised the escs to give me the full compartment to fit a 10S5P, but made it modular so I could re-fit with focboxes when they came in. Those got taken over by the DIY build too though

When you cut out the dropthrough did you have to change the truck hole pattern? I forget exactly but I thought this deck had a square hole pattern vs normal trucks. You did a really good job building this looks great man :slight_smile:


Thanks for the heads up, I do have washers on the bolts but i think a plate will be a better bet especially as I’m heavy and the thing moves!

Griptape a bit more substantial now.
I’ve just been riding it for a solid hour with no discernible voltage sag and the motors were just warm even with all the hill climbing around here but i did notice that the brakes can be a bit twitchy. They bite quickly and then fade off. Is there something i can do in the programming? I would prefer them to be the other way round as I’m sure I’ll get caught out sooner or later


What size belts and hearing are you using?

Dammn !,…im suprised you got those long SK8 6374 on there !