California loses another rider

Sad to say it has happened again. Can we all agree that the time is ripe to wear a helmet every time you stand on a board?


This is truly saddening. I think we need to actually have a law that enforces wearing a helmet at all times.

As this sport becomes more popular more accidents are going to happen and there is only one way to lessen the severity of these accidents, protective gear. Everyone please be safe and wear proper gear



That’s heartbreaking, I’m really sad to read these kind of news. I can’t ride my board without helmet anymore, but it might be a good idea to buy a full face

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Prayers go out to the family and friends.

Do we know which user he was?


My god… these are just horrible. :cry: Now the entire family suffers for such a simple mistake!

It’s not worth it! Wear that helmet. Ride within your limits. Watch out while riding!


Absolutely, I have both full face and just regular, if I am going on a short casual ride I take the regular helmet if the ride is more than 5 miles. I go full face, these things are too dangerous and unpredictable to go without a helmet. Maybe I should always start wearing my pads as well. They have already saved me serious road rashes at least twice.


Sad :pensive: another one bites the dust. It’s never good old or young.

I only wear a helmet on long rides or if I intend to go faster than 10 mph. I do a very short ride daily just to have a board in the office and to cycle batteries during the week. I park at the far end of the office lot and ride like 1/4 mile to the office. I go maybe 5mph at most but never wear a helmet because I consider it a safe ride. I definitely need to change that habit.


Terrible, terrible news!

Thoughts and prayers go out to his family and may he rest in peace.

Horrible news. I feel so bad for his family.

Even routine rides need a helmet. No exceptions.


So sad. I can’t imagine what his wife and kids must be going through. My heart goes out to them. It’s sobering to be reminded of how fragile we are and how quickly and easily we can disappear from this earth. I can’t even step on my push boards anymore without throwing on my half helmet because of accidents like this. Most importantly, I’m trying to lead by example, so my kids know the importance of being safe every time, cause all it takes is one wrong fall.

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i just posted yesterday a thread about wearing helmets w/ a youtube video from @RunPlayBack and it got straight deleted. This should be important enought to post it every week or two… or make a sticky, but well

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I wear the helmet because I picture myself above telling my own self… “YOU F"KING IDIOT LOOK AT YOU NOW” not only + if you like city riding… it doesn’t even need to be your own fault. Might as well wear protective gear and give the driver the right of way… because 100% they probably don’t know your there… that 3 secs of waiting… isn’t worth your life.

@Mobutusan It’s horrible… everyone would be so devastated. I honestly can’t believe people take these risks. It’s a mistake you can’t come back from.

Wear the helmet so you can ride another day!


Word. Even all geared up, there is still risk. More so in the city, I’m sure. At least with a helmet, you give yourself a chance. That’s what frustrates and saddens me about stories like this that turn what could have been a minor tumble into an irreversible tragedy. I too imagine having to look down on myself, but only able to see my devastated wife and kids. Can’t let that happen. Helmets 4 Life. :facepunch:


My condolences to the family

This is tragic.

The rule is easy. No helmet, no eskate.


This is horrible news. My heart aches just thinking about it. As everyone has already noted; helmets all the time no matter what.


While Braille releases another eskate video, with no one wearing helmets…


Not to mention a certain someone demoing Raptor 2’s to complete noobs and kids with no helmets…

This is sad condolences to his family I hope his example can encourage people to wear helmets every time and no not for a little while until you forget and get comfortable again especially with the weather getting warmer. I have been saved by helmets more than once from serious injury sometimes when you fall your head can act like the tip of a whip and just smash the ground and there’s nothing you can do about it it’s just momentum.


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