California loses another rider

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Props for having the balls to apologize dude, but none needed, I understand the uphill battle of adult education.

We need to continue to remind, even ourselves, to never grow complacent.

I place my remote in my helmet when not riding, in this way, I never use one without the other. I ride skateboards all the time without a helmet, and ate shit in the snake run the other day, snaked by a scooter kid no less…such is life…but eskates will kill you, they are proven to kill anyone and everyone, no matter how good you think you are, no matter how seasoned or experienced, these things will bite your ass and kill you when you let your guard down…to ride one without a helmet considering the circumstances is downright stupid now…we need to all realize this, and pass it on to our neighbors and every beginner before we lose more people, it’s just a fact of life now… Spread awareness before you lose your friends…simple as that…

Randy could have been any of us out testing something in the front yard…do you wear your helmet each time you do that? I will admit I have left it off in the past, made videos of me not wearing one, and now I will speak up each time I see someone else doing it…everyone needs to speak up if you see anyone riding an eskate without a helmet, it needs to be ingrained in our culture, an essential piece of gear, and someone needs to begin holding companies like Evolve accountable for making unstable crappy double kingpin designs which keep hurting people…

My favorite way to put it is like this: “Don’t just wear your helmet, but always use what’s inside it too” indicating your helmet should always be on, to remind you to think with what’s inside it to prevent accidents and always remain aware of safety.

If you push the limits, and push your luck, you’re gonna have a bad time, you risk dying, it’s not a joke anymore…it’s not an argument…you are fucking stupid if you do not wear your helmet…and everyone needs to point and laugh at you…the time has come…if we wish to save lives, literally, we need to be serious about it and honest…this has nothing to do with how rad you look blasting down the street without one, that world is no more…now you look like an idiot…and a poor example…

If you see a video with some famous person riding and not wearing a helmet, call him out on it…if someone wants to ride your eskate, put your helmet on their head or don’t let them ride it…I just let a kid ride mine the other day and looking back it was a poor idea…we are playing with fire here…these things have more power than a gokart and the electronics still fail every which way to Sunday and we have 1st time skateboarders asking for the cheapest ones…what do we think is going to happen? I saw it the day I entered the community and I’ve said the same thing since…

I have a blood stain outside my place from a buddy who dislocated both shoulders at the same time, speed wobbles (or whatever happened) don’t give the rider a chance to tell us what happened, because most of the time the riders are dead…how about we try and stop this pattern? I am just sick of losing good people from an already small community…we can prevent it and we should…we simply shouldn’t be hearing these stories anymore and we seem to be hearing them more often…we are doing a poor job of awareness, I have slacked off myself, and I’m sorry…


(post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 24 hours unless flagged)

(post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 24 hours unless flagged)


(post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 24 hours unless flagged)

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@Acidfie He’s a guy in our group sadly I missed that night ride but we often ride South Beach in Miami at night it’s quite nice.

He sent out the Gotway for repair just waiting for that and he has a boosted. About a third of the group are boosted riders the rest of us have 20+ mile range.


hope he is getting better. he even stated: " I had on my helmet and full body armor witch save me from road rash or severe head injury, so please whear protections"


Well most of my bad accidents have been from going slow with nothing but a helmet. Usually a wheel gets stuck on something when I’m not paying attention and I get all kinds of scraped up.


I rode into the office this morning like I usually do. Felt weird strapping on a helmet, but with it, I went much faster than my usual 5mph, it was fun.

I’m sure we are all guilty of not wearing a helmet on slow rides and testing out builds because many of us are experienced, I see myself as the safe rider (chicken) who doesn’t put himself at a speed that will kill him.

Personally I’ll change my ways, my daughter is 3, my wife has clinical depression and my handicapped windowed mother depends on me. The way I see it is, if I die, my mom is homeless, my wife kills herself and my daughter ends up with the state.


Dude you better not step out of the house without a helmet on with so many people depending on you. Maybe even pad up.


I was hard to watch that video with Jason handing the remote over to all those noobs. That one part with the women saying “No, I don’t want a helmet”, you can tell by her tone that she thinks she’s too cool to wear one.

Person mentioned is at 5:19


Manufacturers are going to get sued at some point because of a complete lack of safety education surrounding their products. Esk8 purchase should just come with a helmet, mandatory. @longhairedboy’s Danger Manual is a great start - the other manufacturers need to get the message and cover their asses quick.

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You are worried about helmets? I was going crazy about the barefoot Aussie thing… damn…


i skate barefoot all the time. You’re actually far more likely to see me in a helmet than in shoes.

If i could get a deal going with TSG i would totally include a helmet.


If manufacturers are going to be blamed for what people do with their product. Nobody should make anything anymore.

I hate the overdone UK safety regulations myself. But if there is one thing they done right it’s the safety boards they use with the following:

Look at the person who is responsible for your safety today:

And then there’s just a mirror.



Is it barefoot or is it barehooves ? not sure. skatan might know…

Anyways. feel free to do so :slight_smile:

I guess seatbelts, airbags and crumplezones are just, you know, for fun.

Be my guest to wear a seatbelt, implement airbags and crumplezone on your eboard. Or what point are you trying to make ?

Edit: To make myself a little clearer. It’s the regulations that are in place that provided those safety measures, not the manufacturers. And even though, your car has a seatbelt. That doesn’t mean you use it. People get ticketed everyday for this. If it was really that important, your car wouldn’t start without a seatbelt in place. In the end, it’s you, the user who has to take responsibility.

Whilst my thoughts go out to the family & friends, I can’t help but think this was unfortunately in part, self-inflicted.

In at least one of the photos linked by the OP, the poor guy is shown in cycling gear WITH a helmet…

…given that he must have considered cycling sufficiently risky to warrant wearing a helmet, why on earth would he not wear one when on an esk8.

Again, I can only sympathise with his family, but please all of you reading this who think you are invincible, reconsider your actions. Wearing a helmet may not look ‘cool’, but your family, friends, employer, doctor, first responder will thank you in the event you do take a tumble.

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Pretty sure this was was not an intentional mistake of helmet are uncool, but more of a “I’m just cruising at a safe slow speed” but the board went flying out from under him and he landed head first. I’m guess he had the old evolve remote with that dangerous trigger