Can someone setup a group buy for the new Samsung INR21700-30T cell please!

I’ve been researching different batteries in the new different sizes and came across the Samsung 30-T

Using this in a battery pack would exponentially increase a packs power, and its only slightly larger than the 18650’s. I found a seller in China that has a 200 minimum order to get them, a few of the sites say it’s @ $6/pce, but I found one that’s $3/pce (hopefully that’s not too good too be true) so that would be a incredible deal, really with either price with how much power each of these cells holds…

$3 impossible, I can make it 6S if for 200pcs. for less than 100pcs need 7us. 20pcs 7.5us

but I don’t know how to setup a group buy. and shipping battery expensive, I only can do economy shipping for below 2KG parcels now.

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Another battery too consider, that is, if we’re unable to get the Samsung 30-T is the Sanyo NCR20700B.

This battery seems like it would be easier to acquire. Much better than a 18650, but the Samsung 30T is much better then this so I would try my hardest to find a vendor for the Samsung, and if that doesn’t work, then try these.

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You have a source for these cells? Yeah I came across a site that had it at $3 but I thought that was probably a typo, but at $6 a piece that’s still quite good so I’d be down for that. We just need to find someone who can setup a group buy…

yes, I am in china,ShenZhen, of cause have source here. just I normally not sell batteries, high risk and profit very thin. I can set up a group buy, but better some one buy some to test first, because I don’t do that myself…

by the way,20700 cells normally is arround 3000mah-3500, 21700 arround 3500-4000mah. but for the price, 18650 is much better.

It is a little low in that area, but it has 35A continuous discharge. This is a much better battery than an 18650. Compared to the Samsung 30Q, this battery running at 10A is running at the same power as the 30Q… I forget exactly what it is I read, but essentially, this battery is considerably much better than 18650’s, specifically the Samsung 30Q which is considered one of the very best cells we use for our battery packs.

Yes. you are right, will perform much better than 18650. Sanyo 20700 is better than Samsug here.

The Sanyo only has 15A continuous, compared to Samsung’s 35A continuous. I would still say the Samsung is the best of all. Regardless, hopefully we can get something going as the day goes by… I really want to start building my battery pack, hopefully with the Samsung 30T…

why not look for ebay first

No such thing as an eBay listing for Samsung 30T. If you can verify you have access to authentic 30T cells, I’m sure quite a few people would be interested in buying the cells… including me.

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yes, I do can. but source in china is not easy. too many forge here. I am not in the battery business. So not sure which factory is better than the other. you know too many batteries here, and all those looks same thing having differ price and quality. I am seller very busy, no time to test things…, I did buy a lot of things from differ factory to test before, but no time for that now.

Well the link I provided is for a company in China… or maybe Korea and they sell them with a MOQ of 200 @ $6.

Is there a specific reliable warehouse/battery reseller that would sell 30T cells? I mean there has to be a source, no?

I know EnerCIG and EnerDAN did provide batteries for Mooch and Lygte but can’t say more. It looks like it is aimed more at manufacturers.

I know a handful of people who’d jump on it too.

no contact informations on the link…

so, if I set up a group buy, what shall I do? do you guys buy from taobao, maybe I could make a taobao list? don’t want to make list on ebay, fee too high.

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Well that’s the thing, I would love to cram these inside the Banshee (my product). It would be a pretty badass to have a 13lbs CF cruiser board capable of the same power as a 10S4P 30Q DIY.


This would be the first group buy that I’d be a part of so I’m not sure how the payments are done… Maybe PM someone who has setup GB’s before?

You need to be a regular to handle a group buy. Why not ask one of them?

I have contacted many suppliers on alibaba about the 30T. I only was able to find one seller that claimed to have it. However, I asked if they authentic. She responded with why do you need authentic? lol

So that was the end of that. It doesn’t seem like the cell has actually been released yet. Many are waiting (including me) for this cell. But finding a legit source has been impossible.

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Beware of China…Samsung or Sanyo are not chinese, right? Think. What in the name of God such prestigious companies like these have to do with obscure battery providers with dubious claims such as those? Huuum?