Can’t pair gt2b

So I have a gt2b and this is the procedure I go through for pairing: Plug ppm cable into vcc on receiver Plug bunding plug into bind channel Power vesc Hold bond button on remote and turn on and the receiver is solid red. Power off vesc then remote. Remove bind plug and then power up vesc and then remote and the receiver is back to blinking red and the remote still blinks green.

Please help

Is this a stock or modified GT2b?

Modified 10 charc

In your list of steps you are missing ‘plug PPM cable into channel 2 on receiver’ before the ‘power up vesc’ step.

I’m supposed to plug into vcc or channel 2 on receiver.

And do I plug into channel 2 after I shut everything off and it’s already binded or instead of first plugging it into vcc

Will try tonight and post if works

didnt work

doesnt bind when i turn it on again and the green light on the transmitter is still flashing. it never turns a solid green

and after the first pair when i turn the vesc back on without the binding plug the receiver blinks red slowly

would it have something to do with the fact that the stering wheel isnt connected. when i disconnect the throttle the green light stays solid green the whole time.

As it is a modified GT2B, check if the antenna is not unsoldered from the main PCB (can happen if you don’t protect the antenna early enough in the mod process, very fragile…). There are pictures of what you have to look for in this thread :

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ok i will check and post back

Wow you are a life saver the antenna did pop off. Will fix and post back


I don’t understand where to put the “core” of the antenna.

Glad to read that !


Good @Nemesis?

The stiff wire covered in clear plastic pointing upwards on the left is your core wire, the one the right is the mesh shield. coax