Can we get a dark theme?

Since my adopted thread was hijacked from me…

Can we get a dark theme added to the forum?

White is too bright while I read in bed, it burns my eyes from prolonged exposure.


A dark them would be awesome.

Gotta get the nightlight settings dude. It really helps. :wink:

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Just looked it up, on my phone it’s the blue light filter. Didn’t know it had a schedule timer so I’ve turned it on. Should make it better until the dark theme gets setup.

If you really want you could setup in your android host file to go through a dark theme proxy…

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That could be a short term option. But better is the admins could setup the dark theme and everyone can enjoy it on every device and I get to be nominated as the bringer of darkness and get my regular flair changed to be like the cool guys.


I’m on board with this.

I’m also finding it to have an extremely satisfying ring Moros - The Bringer of Darkness

@onloop dark theme broski…dark theme.


Like this?

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This is how it could look.

Plus a Skatan theme to butter up LHB


I didn’t even see your link and went off searching if this could be done.

Here is the gist, @onloop can allow the user to select a normal and a dark theme. I am definitely for this!

Jason if you have a spare moment, I think a lot of us would appreciate it if you could add the dark theme, full guide is linked below.


Pleeeeeeeease :sob:

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I want this!!

If you are viewing the site in Chrome just add a dark theme extension that affects all pages. You can turn them off or on on a site by site basis. I think the one I used most recently was “Dark Reader”

Would be nice if there was a Forum setting for it though


I would be down to write the CSS for this if needed :slight_smile:

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Good luck in getting extra features, The general chat is still broken after months.

The admins don’t seem to care that its broken and don’t seem to be making any efforts to fix it :frowning_face:


yea for real… @moderators are y’all ever gonna fix the chat?

Man for every damn application out there:

‘Dark’ theme = Greyish sometimes black UI ‘Light’ theme = fucking blindingly white screen who’s sole purpose is to gouge out your eyes at night and in the daytime


If you’re using chrome you can do what I did and download an extension that lets you override the CSS for any website and customise the colours yourself.

I’ve changed mine to a nice dark greyish theme.

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what’s the name of the extension

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Hmmm I can’t remember and I’m not at home at the moment :confused:

I’ll find out when I’m home and let y’all know :wink:

Stylebot maybe?