Can't get sensored motor to work

Hello community.

After lots of reading on this forum, I recently build my first esk8 board. I use a hobbyking 6364 245KV sensored motor in combination with a flipsky 4.12 VESC (and battery etc.).The problem is the motor. When I use the motor UNsensored it is running fine. But when I choose sensored in the VESC tool settings, the hall sensors don’t get recognized. In BLDC I get the error: “Unknown hall error: 255” and when I use FOC mode I get: “Bad Detection Results Received”. I searched similar topics but couldn’t find a solution. Things I tried:

-Different combinations of phase wires -Increasing duty cycle value

Is there anyone who has or had the same problem and knows a solution to this problem or has some insights? I would really appreciate it.

You need to be sure , that +5v and GND is in the right place, sometimes you need to re-arrange the order of the wires in the jst

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Is the sensor cable damaged?

Okay, but how do I know the layout of the hall sensors from the motor? And the layout of the flipsky vesc?

No, cable is not damaged

the flipsky 4.12 should be a clone of the original VESC hardware, if it’s not labeled on the vesc then look up the pinout for vesc 4.12, it should be the same as all of the others. The hall sensor +5v should be red and the GND should be black, if the cables are switched in the connector then move them to the right place

I checked. The 5v is indeed red and GND black. They are in the right place.

Did you remove the belt before performing detection? afaik you shouldn’t have any load on the motor when doing motor or sensor detection.

Other than this, I can’t think of why it would fail except for a faulty sensor/cable

I removed the belt. I only left the small 16 teeth pulley on. Don’t think that could be the problem but I can always try to take it off and give it a go.

is it an sk3 or sk8

Only the sk8 is sensored. The wire colors may be different because different factory may have different wire


That is the pin out on the vesc

ignore me i was half asleep

It is a sk8. This one:

Does somebody know of they have a different wiring scheme? Or has other ideas. Much appreciated.

Hall%20sensor%20wires 12

I made a photo. The wire colors are right. Possible that they switch them?

I would say not. Does the motor detection work but not the sensor detection? Are you running bldc or foc. If bldc try doing foc that is what I had to do for my racerstar motors.

I had contact with hobbyking and they confirmed that the wires are in the right order. I have tried BLCD and FOC. BLDC gives hall error: 255. The first 5 sec of the detection in FOC mode is working, the motor spins a little, however, after those 5 sec it stops working and I get also an error in FOC mode.

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What is the error. Go to the terminal and type fault and see if anything comes up

When I type in fault, nothing comes up. No errors.

it´s a stupid question but just to be 100% sure. You pluged the sensors in the Nr1 port, not Nr4, right? do you have a other esc laying around to check if it´s issue with the motor or the esc? If no, maybe a friend can help you out?

Thank you for your reaction. I plugged it in the right port. Unfortenately I don’t have another esc or another motor laying around to check. This is my problem in FOC mode while detecting:

Vesc shuts down and error on the bottom right side saying: bad detection result received