Cant Tess This | Mono 6374 | 10s3p | 90mm

This is my 3rd build. Another lightweight single motor topmount kicktail cruiser. I sourced most the parts from forum members. I love the Loaded cantellated tesseract and randomly found a good deal on ebay. Trucks and mount: Hobbyking Bushings: Riptide wfb boardside, aps roadside Wheels: 90mm Popoca by Ollin Bearings: Zealous Enclosure: fottaz at Battery: 10s3p Samsung 30Q from jlabs at Controller: Focbox by Enertion Remote: Nano-X by Enertion Gears: 12mm 16/36T kegel core gears from torqueboards at Motor: 6374 200kv sensorless from SolidSurfer Thanks everyone!

New deck

Fresh carbon vinyl wrap

First time using wood inserts. It’s kinda tough taking a drill to such a nice deck. I used a dab of gorilla glue when inserting. They seem strong, we’ll see.

Been looking forward to testing these wheels, gotta good reputation. Will report back.

Enclosure from @fottaz is well made.

Picked up a Focbox and Nano-x on cyber Monday. I have zero experience with a Vesc. I have used the 12s 120a esc on previous builds with no complaints. I was slightly intimidated by the Vesc, but it wasn’t hard at all.

I’m using a panel mount bullet connector on the enclosure. Here’s a thread on the product:

I used Sugru to secure the connector from inside the enclosure. First time using Sugru, it’s a really cool product. I made a toothbrush holder with the excess.


With white zealous it would have been perfect, the board is georgous the green bearing is the killing detail IMO Great job the board is sleek af

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Looks amazing. What was your original esc, the 12s 120a (make/model)?

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It’s the 12s esc that sells. I think it’s also branded as sleeping lion. I’ve seen it mostly used on mountain board builds. The vesc was new when I started my first build and the 12s esc was available. I didn’t have any complaints with it, so I used it again on my second build. Really looking forward to testing the vesc this time.

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Love this - really clean, great build :slight_smile:

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Very nice build!

I would recommend covering these better to avoid arcing and shorting phase wires.



This is almost the same build I am doing at the moment! Love the Tessy as well :slight_smile: What risers do you use? And why do you need a extra layer of carbon?

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I want to see your toothbrush holder…lol! sleek looking build!


Just vinyl = looks


Good looking build. Give the pooch a scratch for me and tell him he’s a good boy :grinning:


What risers do you use?

I still have wheelbites with 1/2" risers while using 44° Caliber and 90mm Flywheels.


I’m only using 1/8" shock risers, no bite yet. May bump it up to 1/4" if needed. The carbon vinyl is purely for aesthetics.

Thanks! I’ll definitely add some protection to those.


Wow!! Even at standstill? I don’t want to test for wheelbites while driving…

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I like it man, I like that 5.5mm port too!!! So clean :wink:

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Nice build! About the inserts you put them from below, never saw that. Doesn’t get loose when you unscrew the enclosure?

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He gorilla glued them in.

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this is more impressive than the build

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lol I hope not. The build took like 100x longer :smile: