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Carbon fiber lower deck

So I was looking at carbon decks and how I like the look of them but not the price. So I started to think and look at ways to cover the lower portion of my wood deck with carbon fiber. But my question is if I was to glue some fibre weave to the deck then epoxy over the top would it work or would I find that with the flex it would break of and crack. Will find the video of how I seen someone doing some thing similar.

This is the process I would follow. Would it work ?

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if you hand lay one layer of fabric at a time on to the board and use a squeegee to spread the epoxy and force it to saturate the fabric, you won’t need glue. The epoxy will bond with the wood like a boss as long as you sand the contaminants off of it first.

i have a roll of carbon and some really nice resin and i’ve been waiting for the time to try something like this. I’d like to fab a deck/box combo with a wooden deck as both frame and filler with the carbon covering the bottom of the deck and providing a floor for the compartment, then use a weatherproof top-mount lid. Somehow.

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Well I was going to glue first and then cut the carbon so it was a nice finish other wise cutting it first can get fibres everywhere and cutting after epoxy won’t have a nice finish. But was more concerned about it not being flexible and cracking or coming off the board. Sanding the board with sand paper before the glue then lay the fiber then epoxy.

best way to do it would probably to lay the fabric on the board, epoxy it directly to the board, then file it off the edge of the board, followed by brushing on a thin layer of resin across the filed area to bring the gloss back. Use some of those small cheap and disposable model paint or water color brushes since you’ll only be able to use them once.

i’m sure you’ll figure out a way that works best for you though. Can’t wait to see some pics!

Was looking at this as has everything I need and the right size of carbon layer as well.

I’ll be looking forward to your process :wink:
I looked up some info last month but didn’t get far

For example: The type of fiber-cloth was my first concern… I thought that unidirectional should have the best strength/weight ratio for laminating a board, but I’m still unsure about this.

First I’m going to try my idea on a battery compartment as I already have enough carbon to do this with. But with the deck I will be looking to only do may be one or two layers.

I just bought a carbon fiber kit from ebay to make a battery enclosure. I wounder if i could make a motor mount with cf as well…

You can but need a lot of layers and something to lay on top of but making sure it will come off after. Most people use special paint and a releasing spray on the paint so it doesn’t stick. Then for what I want it needs to stick so you don’t use the releasing agent. I’m making my battery compartment out of thin plastic first then laying carbon on top.


You’ll be better serve by doing the bottom of your deck first and latter trying with the battery enclosure, i say this because the flatness of the deck compare with the angles / edges of the battery enclosure. It will serve you as practice.

Like @longhairedboy said before pour the epoxy onto the CF directly on the deck for best results and use a brush to spread the resin and plastic wedge to remove the excess resin. A heat gun will help a lot with the bubbles in case they form.

To apply the resin Work from the middle of the deck towards the edges for a easier Application, stop applying resin 3 cm short of the edge and cut the overhanging CF 3 cm away from the edge and then proceed to saturate the CF all the way to the edge and 1-2 cm beyond.The cutting is because since you are not going to use a vacuum kit, a long overhanging piece of CF can cause the saturated part to bend a little creating an air pocket and that’s no good at all.

This is one of my boards with CF application without vacuum bagging.


Is there a certain type of resin or epoxy you need to buy? I’m definitely going to do this, just want to make sure I get everything right. Your deck looks great by the way. In your first picture, there’s a sheet of something on the board, the white/clear thing, do you need that and the black CF sheet or just the CF sheet should be fine?

Edit: I’ll just buy the kit that’s listed about, looks good, and there’s a video about it.

At around 1:18 he puts something on the mould, I wouldn’t need to put that on the board right?

Will 1 layer do?

Everything you need is in that kit above. The material on the deck is fiberglass, it was for the top of the deck to protect the graphics.

For this all you need is the CF and resin. It will help if you stain your deck black for better finish and sand it for better adhesion.

The thing at 1:18 you do not need it is spray on adhesive.

Oh okay, sweet. The kit above is 39 inches by 11 inches, just enough to fit onto my board, but not by much since my board dimensions are literally 1 inch less than that, would it be better to get a larger piece?

Do at least 2 layers and make sure to cut the excess fiber at the edges around 2 hour after the application of the resin, if let harden more it will be to hard to cut and the finish will not be good. do this with a sharp utility knife cutting ( razor better ) from the top of the CF layer towards the bottom for a clean cut.

Get a larger piece.

Okay, thanks for the tips, few more things, do I put on the second layer after I apply the resin on top of the first layer? Or wait? And when both layers are good and dry, I’ve cut the excess, can I leave it like that or do I need to sand it?

Do everything like for one layer and when you remove the excess resin and are satisfied with the finish put the next layer on top and do the whole process again.

Then 2 hr latter cut excess fiber overhanging from deck.

You will want to have just the minimum amount of resin necessary on the fiber to saturate it. Excess resin no good.

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Someone with top and bottom carbon layer, could you please use your carbon parts as electric conductor instead of wires please. Just wanna see that! 4science!

No no no
That’s just so dangerous.