Carbon fiber or wood? What's your opinion?

Hey esk8builders, soon I will be finally getting or making my board, but since there are sooo many options I need your opinion! I’m in between a carbon fiber deck or a traditional wooden deck. What are the pros and the cons? Which would you take?

Wood, less chances of shorts it’s more easily replaceable as it’s 10x cheaper. And it’s modifiable!


My preference goes to wood too.

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It’s cheaper but not a lot more. What about ride feel?

Any special reason?

wood with carbon


I have never ridden a carbon fiber board personally but my “vote” would go to wood as well. This is because wood gives you the feeling of a more natural board as well as a bit more comfortable IMO because wood can flex. Just my 2 cents.

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yeah ! I second that; that’s the perfect mix.

The only things that go in favor of carbon fiber are the look and the strength, but the second one doesn’t matter much, since wood is already strong enough to hold our weight. Carbon fiber is useful if you make something like @whitepony’s builds, where wood gets weaker because of channels and holes for batteries and electronics, and you can reinforce it with carbon. It’s way more expensive though, a full carbon fiber board usually costs at least 300 bucks, while with 100 you can get a great wooden one. If I had 2 boards, I would have one made of wood and the other one of carbon, but the first one would be wood for sure. It also absorbs vibrations way better than full cf boards, except for the custom made ones like @MasterCho’s, that allow some flex

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For that would you have to DIY it?

I don’t think there any decks available to purchase with CF and wood!

Not yet, the new raptor 2 is going to be cf and wood. Or you could DIY one, there’s many here who tried and succeeded

bustin sportster pro and I’ve made a couple


I’ll look around. I’m definitely not gonna diy it

I read somewhere on a heli forum that carbon fiber is known to affect RF signals and can cause issues with your remote to receiver connection. I think Enertion had that issue with their first Raptor that was all carbon and they had to replace the carbon top with a fiberglass top.

For me I pick wood. More pop

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how about the vibration control? Wood or carbon fiber? Recently i had found a carbon deck, feel like to try out.

seem like evolve gt carbon type. deck only 200usd. any comment?

Wood is cheaper, more durable, more flex, better vibration dampening and easy to cut and drill.

I prefer wood, that being said… I like carbon for being sexy, lighter, can have complex shapes with thin walls and for the mountain boards that have solid carbon layered up, this would be quite durable and water proof, wood will degrade with extensive exposure to moisture.

My hobby budget does not allow for carbon though. :sob:


Wood rides/feels way better than CF. Carbon picks up every vibration and bump and resonates everything right to your feet and ears. The only pro with CF is it’s strength to weight ratio.

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O…IC… seem like wooden deck vibration control well than carbon deck. its make me dont go for carbon deck first instead of upgrade current board.