Carvon v.2.5 Hub Motors + All Terrain Wheels 100mm?

Guys I was just wondering how many of us that have Carvon v2 or v.2.5 would be interested in putting 100mm MBS All terrain wheels on ?

Ever since @Titoxd10001 let me ride his board with MBS I can’t sleep at night thinking how f*cking awesome these wheels are and how cool would it be to have them on my Carvon’s.

I was just thinking that maybe if there is enough of us we could organise something like “group buy service fee” and convince Jerry to put them on our hubs.

Maybe @RunPlayBack could help us mediate with Jerry here :slight_smile:

I ride mostly in the city and when I compare these wheels to what I have with my Carvons this is night and day. It’s like riding on a magic carpet. They are phenomenal !

I want these wheels but I can’t find them online, always out of bloomin stock. Probably because @Titoxd10001 ordered them all, now he’s posting pics of lots of them :unamused:

Ther IN STOCK on Amazon:

Getting these wheels is one thing…the other is to talk Jerry into adjusting them to fit his hubs.

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How do these handle rough/cracked asphalt? I’ve read that 97mm 75a Flywheels offer even a smoother ride :slight_smile:

How ?? Simply amazing …I’ve never had so enjoyable ride before…it’s like riding on wheels with extra cushioning. 90mm Flywheels are nice …I rode them a few times…never tried the 97mm …but to be honest ?? I am riding in the city traffic a lot. These MBS wheels in my opinion are a lot better due to the squared pattern on the urethane…and probably also because the contact patch is not even on the whole width of the urethane.

Can’t buy them, says they won’t ship to me. Perhaps it’s for the best, my spendings gotten out of control with skateboards again recently.


I haven’t ridden either so can’t really say. I’m definitely looking for something with more cushioning than my 83mm 75a Flywheels… the asphalt between home and my office is terrible. Do you reckon the smaller contact patch also helps with the ride quality? Any idea how these compare to pneumatics?

How’s the road noise on these? Any noticeable difference vs normal flywheels?

And this what’s most surprising these are super super super silent. @Titoxd10001 my say something more as he is using his MBS everyday…but noise level is so low in comparison to flywheels. Again this is night and day in my opinion.

I ride these MBS on belt driven build, would purchase and put them on my Carvon v2.5s if someone cored them out to fit for me. But I can tell you, it won’t be Jerry @ carvon doing that, he has way more critical things to be doing instead right now. Anyway, they will pop right onto my dual v3’s coming in a few weeks. You should focus on getting the carvon v3’s somehow lol.


I know Jerry is busy AF…but he has all the machines and drills ready to run. Or maybe there is some else here who could help making these wheels fit our v.2.5 hubs ??? :confused: V3’s are awesome…thing is I am using SINGLE HUB v.2.5 and I have absolutely no need for going dual as his single is enough for me to ride around the city and even go uphills better than I expected. …damn and those MBS are so freaking awesome.

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plenty of people on the forum who could core those wheels out to fit carvon hub motors, just need to get their attention with a better thread heading…ie not a group buy lol

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MBS wheels are pretty cool. They’re​ so much better than flywheel clones. They ride similar to genuine 97mm abecs, I cant tell much difference in real world riding. And they look badass. @NAF dual drive is always better than single lol

good idea, but i’d be a bit worried about the drop in torque with a single v2/2.5. I think all singles came on 90mm, vs the 100mm mbs.

they should bolt right on to a set of v3s.

Yeah, gotta say. For the money, would spend it on going dual over going MBS if had to choose. V3 allows both.

@caustin I am wondering if V3 could possibly work in Single drive just as good as v2.5

lol honestly if there is anything less likely than Carvon selling MBS cored out tires, it would be selling a single drive v3.

if dual is not the right path for you, just try and find someone on the forum to core out the MBS for you. Shouldn’t be that hard if you find the right person with tools & skillz!

Yup the MBS All Terrains are cool wheels but the 97mm ABEC’s are no slouch either which I’m riding on the V3. I believe Jerry is partnering up with ABEC (the wheels literally fit like a glove on the V3 direct drive) so the chances of getting custom MBS for a few one offs seem slim. However, the hub diameter of the MBS is close but not exactly the same as ABEC. With a little dremeling, it might be possible to make it fit on the current iteration of the V3’s. Not sure I’d trust myself doing something like that though and probably wouldn’t recommend it.

Where can I find the V3s or V2.5s? I don’t see them available anywhere.

v3’s were only on kickstarter.

diy carvons are extinct unless you find someone will to sell theirs…doubtful…

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