Carvon v2 and 2.5 owners

I’m not sure how many of us owners there are but I thought it would be nice to have a thread to talk about maintenance maybe? I can’t seem to get my bearings fitted on properly for example, also when the urethane needs replacement who do we go to, or do we make some ourselves?


Yupp…if anyone opened up their carvons just let us know. I am interested too. I didnt have reason yet to open mine but just incase.

The bearings in CarvON V2 will last for a good amount of time if treated well. You can apply sewing oil even without disassembling. Apply more oil, rotate it nicely, wipe out dirt that comes out and excess of oil and you are good to go!

I successfully changed the bearings (both 6805 and 608). To change 6805 you need to remove stator from the axle, for this you want to use a jaw puller (see post below)

I decided to try rubber sealed bearings 6805-2RS because they usually get less dirt inside. On the other hand they are not the best rolling. I wonder if anyone brave wants to try ceramic bearings :wink:

After changing my V2 run smooth and quiet :heart_eyes:


Ohhh I wanna be parting this thread I’m an owner lol

This should be a helpful thread

Awesome well I’ll post up some photos of my hub in a few minutes and show u where I’m personally at

So I can’t seem to get the plate with the bearing to properly fit so one side of the plate extrudes


You need to get the rotor magnets free of the stator. it looks like the magnets are just sticking to one side .

I stuck a spacer in between the bearing that’s what the problem was​:joy::joy::joy: the magnet part was true too tho

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Unsure what happened, but one is shorted.


I don’t have a spacer in mine

I kinda had to do this because so far this is the best experience I’ve had with any company, jerry from carvon was awesome and helped me to get these hubs running great again I definitely owe him and as soon as he lets me know how I’ll have to make right on that. Now that I think about it I owe quite a few members on this forum who’ve helped me out I’m gonna have to really figure out something I can do to give back


How did you remove the can?

I pulled them off but they just stuck to the other side any ideas? @psychotiller @evoheyax

@psychotiller did u have a pair of carvon?

remove the four screws that go into the plastic fan through the can and sleeve. Remove the sleeve, then pul the can off. It’s that simple, shouldn’t be too hard, but it takes a bit of force to get the can off. Be careful to not scratch the stator/magents as little as possible while pulling it off.

Stator is still sticking to one side of the magnets when re attached

That’s normal. You want to get the little and big bearing into place, and then you need to try to hold it centered (don’t let it stick to one side) and push towards the truck… The little bearing is tricky. But it can be done.

Alright that seems to have worked I still need to geT a new spacer tho

when the motor shorted, did you get chucked off? Mine run hot, so I’m worried I’ll have to deal with a winding short at some point.