Cheap 6X2 145mm wheels offroad setup for sale

I was made this for quite sometime,till now have time to put this on sale on ebay. I tested myself and also sold some to members here, this kit works good. by the way, supporting deal with paypal, that can save 10% ebay fee.


advertise this product by the way.


That’s an amazing deal. Can one replace the airless tires with the 6x2 pneumatic tires?

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I think I do…will do that later…

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Damn good value. You should sell wheel pulleys separate, there is plenty of demand

That will be a game changer. It will put pneumatics on a lot more hands.

BTW, looking at the design of the mounts, why do you remove so much material? Just for looks? Wouldn’t it make the mount stronger to just leave as much material without increasing overall size.

I don’t understand. How’s that going to help? People still have to buy the pulley right?

The wheel pulley on this kit was designed for this wheel. for other wheels might not fit.

bad habit, my idea for product designing…the less material to achieve the purpose is better。

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Instead of buying vex pulleys and printing an adaptor, just buy the metal pulley and retention ring. For those who already have the cheap ass nummies. That of course only if the hub is the same

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Fantastic price. Almost too good to be true.

I’d buy it if I hadn’t bought 6 shooters already and money left overs.

Sorry about that, to make you feel better, I will consider raise price…


Can verify these are quality! I’ve had them on my build for about two months now, haven’t had any issues with them. The rubber is pretty dense, so no significant impact on range while being big enough to go over any crack or bump. It’s a nice compromise between urethane and pneumatics. My board got ran over the other day too, trucks got bent (there was a car on it) but the wheels are fine.

Thanks Chris, and thanks for the advise of the 60T pulley too.

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Tell the truth @dickyho, are you really selling your adorable little furry friend’s walking lead? image


Wow, that shows they’re pretty strong if the wheels survived :slight_smile: Wish i had access to these when i did my build

Are the belts and pulleys HTD5M?

Yes 10 Char

This is a great deal but wouldn’t you get wheel bite with the more narrow trucks? most ATS wheels are on longer trucks. I think your deck would need to be carefully selected to work with these.

I’m trying to save money and this is not helping haha :joy:

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Great budget AT setup. Really great price