Cheap-a$$ 3D printer

Any recommendations for a Cheap ass 3D printer? I dont want to spend more than like 300 bucks lol Not terribly concerned with print quality and accuracy. Does anyone have any experience with cheap printers?

found this

Peachy printer was supposedly a $99 3d printer

Don’t buy cheap printers… it’s just like buying cheap e board parts, you will regret it later. And waste all of your money. If u get that one on kickstarter it may take a year to arrive, I am still waiting on mine from 7 months ago… I recommend great customer support! I bought the kit and shipping was ~80usd… it’s a quality printer. And the support is worth more than u could imagine… let me know if u have any more questions (sorry if the link didn’t work, I’m on mobile)

i see the price is at 600 USD. is that just the basic model? will i need to spend an additional few hundred dollars to even make it useable?

No all in kit with detailed instructions. And if u have any questions u can live chat them… make sure to get the 1.75mm version

The prints are great and I am currently printing an envlclosure for my electronics… the kit even comes with a huge roll of filament

Edit: the prints are great! I have a friend who has an $899 printer that only prints pla and mine is way way way better… if u get it, when assembeling make sure EVERYTHING is square. It will save u time later

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My local 3Dhub has (amongst others) this one

They tell me it works really well.

May be a good printer, a few things… it has no heated bed, so u can’t print with ABS plastic, which is essential for 3d printing eso8 parts (anything u will use outside)… 2… don’t expect the prints to look like the pictures, that is after at least 2hours by hand to do that… 3. The price is a little to low, 3d printing technology Isint there yet to be that cheap 4… beware of the assembly instruction, they may not be that good, and if it’s ur first printer that may not work well… If u decide to get it let me know how it is!

I got a flashforge and backed a Tiko for like $179… can’t wait to get it…

@chaka - saw your post in the mad monkey gt2b enclosure thread. Looking at that printer (TEVO Tarantula I3). Had a couple questions on it and figured you might respond here to help others out looking for a cheap 3d printer?

Can it print Nylon? Any of the wood filaments?

How is it going - any issue setting up? Software to run, or other problems?


I should have it on Monday. It takes about 8 days before it ships from the distributor in HK but it only takes a few days for delivery from there. I’ll definitely let you know how it goes when it arrives.

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Thx! I have been on the fence for a while. Thanks for your link!! I pulled the trigger after seeing several really great reviews… I’m going to go watch the setup videos next and check out their FB group.

Next i’m really curious what software to use… I got the “upgraded” all metal “pro” extruder and hope it will work with Nylon well.

For the $ - it does way more (claimed) types of plastic/filament. Higher strength ones like Nylon are really what i’m hoping for - enclosures and other misc parts - cannot wait!!!

I have a Qidi, which is a Flash Forge clone. Works really well for ~$700, has heated bed and 2 extruders, and they have outstanding support. Leo

That guy in that video I posted is what sold me. He explained my situation perfectly. If it works well I may build a couple of them.

You can upgrade these units infinity since they are built on slotted aluminum extrusion. New hot end, better extruder etc… I think my next unit will be a little more structurally robust so I can use a hotend/direct extruder, that seems to be the “best” setup right now. This little slimbot needs to use the bowden style extruder due to weight limitations on the z-axis.

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I was going to get the Qidi as well. The deciding factor for me was the additional materials the Tarantula will do (Qidi does ABS/PLA, Tarantula says it will do PLA, ABS,Flexible PLA, HIPS,WOOD,PVA, Nylon).

I splurged on the larger print model (200x280x200mm) and dual extruders (hopefully both are the all metal “pro” for flex PLA).

Stoked! Thanks @Chaka!!

I went on the cheap, no extras. I wanted to do a little more research on possible upgrades first. Let me know how it works.

I have been ordering v-slot extrusion accessories from smw3d, if you need any extra hardware they should have what you need.

Sounds good. For the Qidi if I want to print exotic materials all you need is a nozzle that can handle greater temp. However, I think the biggest upside to your choice is the larger print area. I’m hitting the limits of mine… good luck!



The tarantula is up and running! Its busy printing a few parts for itself at the moment. A cooling shroud, rigid z-axis motor mount and a few other items. It took about 6 hours to assemble and another 3 hours setting up a clean install of ubuntu, Slic3r and printrun. I am pretty busy this coming week but if you run int a wall let me know and I may be able to save you some time :wink:


If you can spare another $100, the Printrbot Play is absolutely the best 3d printer for beginners. I have one and it is very reliable. Good quality pribts too.

Super cool! Mine is supposed to arrive Wed/Thu but doubt i’ll be able to assemble it until i get back from a weekend trip.

Would love to hear how it goes and any issues? I got the large dual, so i’ve been trying to read up a bunch and see what the process is.

Can’t wait to print up some ABS and Nylon! Just saw another cool filament - polymaker PC (polycarbonate). So many cool options! Between enclosures and wheel gears i think i’m going to be busy!

Will ping you for sure if i get stuck. The hardware seems pretty straightforward - i’m most hesitant about which firmware, how to configure it for dual and large bed, and software to run it all…

@Chaka - what’s the latest with your T1 (Tevo Tarantula)?

I’ve got mine about half complete, and just taking a break for some extra parts to arrive Friday (also my day off) and finish it. I figure it will be about 8 hours build time going slow and trying to get it 100% right.

Getting the frame perfectly square is a PITA right now. i need to loosen - adjust - tighten it again after trying to move it and it moved a bit out of whack. I’ve ordered some additional support "L"s to reinforce it, but need some more t nuts as well! They send a few extra, but not quite enough.

I have bits and parts to enclose the power supply and give it a standard 3 prong C13 plug w/ on/off switch using this:

Also waiting on the assortment of crimp connectors so i can connect all 3 voltage outputs. Heard some scary stories from folks burning single contacts on their power supply as it tries to provide the full amperage through just one small connector so i’ll be connecting all 3 to distribute the load. Plus some upgraded heavier wire to carry it. Only takes a few minutes to address some shortcomings of their kit.

I’m hoping to try some of the carbon PLA and the stronger materials besides ABS/PLA most can do.

What’s your plans next Chaka?