CHEAP/affordable Custom Made 18650 battery packs for SALE, NEW CELLS! (can choose kind of cells, kind of wiring, how many cells, which setup/measurements)

If people are even going to start threatening with tax evasion bullshit xd i thought this was a DIY forum… with some fun DIYers on here, maybe someone i could make happy… im going on with my hobby, and will just help friends out with their e-bicycles, drones and eboards. Thought i could help some people out, cause i noticed lots off people are struggling to get a battery pack for their board, or dont wanne buy a space-cell, and i just build’em for fun. And the motor mounts are just replicas, of the ones you can find all over the internet, but cnc’ed and spraypainted… and from a tottally diffrent, stronger alluminum we had laying around. not that chinese recycled stuff xd

I will upload a pic of my 4th finished eboard when its complete… She’s a monster. Be prepared to be shocked XD

But no more battery packs, sorry to the few people who already send me a message for an order/offer, but it seems helping people out ain’t LEGIT. Aint gonne get myself into shit with torqueboards, jason, ollin, enertion.

Guys succes with your builds, sad to see, never thought people would react like this, on for my 420. Adios.

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Thanks for trying man!..sometime people are douche waffles, especially in “public” forums where it’s easy to hide behind keyboards.

Well, i have to agree to the other people here in the thread. It is a nice offer from him! It is no problem that he wants some money for the production time. The only problem the people are complaining is that something seems fishy:

  • He sells “self made” mounts which you can buy on ebay in larger scales
  • He does not use pictures of his products just some google pictures (maybe He did not make pictures but He could have made at least one from his current Packs He is using)

We just CNC em, same specs as those chinese guys, i use there measurements/example… we only CNC em in high grade alu…

and yeah guys, just to lazy to take pics, stoners sorry xd, dont even have a smartphone… BUT my buddy who is here does :slight_smile:

this one is going onto his board(black one), just finished it yesterday, like you can see, only the BMS has to be put onto it, and the other one is going into a “external flatpack” in a epoxy cover, to clip on my board if i need some extra miles.

photos of my boards will follow but not in this topic.


Now we’re talking! I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve might have been a bit harsh in this thread, but this is the internet and there are a lot of shady businesses/people around every corner and I think it’s good to be a bit skeptical to things before starting to throw hard earned money in every direction.

The level of trust between members of this forum is higher than other forums I’ve been on, but to earn this trust you have to be open and transparent about what you’re doing, because there is a lot of bright people around here that will see trough bullshit right away.

Keep doing what you’re doing and if you’re honest and professional good things will happen.


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Isn’t the long pack out of a Yuneec Ego?

Looks quite similar

Without any doubt it is, also without any doubt here are some sharp people!! Love it!!

I think this guy is done! :joy: He has now been busted twice! I think that @rwxr is totally right. You have to be a bit skepticle on the internet. The fact that the guy was so quick to get offended and go into “defense mode” might also be because of the fact that he is hiding something. I would definetly not pay this guy anything. I am sorry to be a bit harsh BUT you can’t be too sure on the internet.

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I’m interested, can you PM ME. Thanks

Do you still make packs?

Can someone make 12s10p lithium ion pack should be 26Ah, I need 150 units over the next few months.

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Where are you from, you should try and find someone local

Just let him build his packs and don’t be such a dick, I really hate it when people say they can get things cheaper. Very nice if you can get stuff cheaper so build your own packs like I do, he’s just offering it to people who don’t have the knowledge and stuff at home.

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