Chief Omen Drop Deck Dual Build (1st E build)

Hey everyone my name is Keegan,

I spent a good 2-3 months doing research before pulling the trigger on parts to build my set up. My goal was to go all out with this build and try to learn as much as possible in the process of building it.

I did want to give a special shout out to @sl33py (Rob) with some battery spot welding complications that I had toward the end of the build! I would not have an operating board without his help! So again, Thanks Rob!

I want to share as many pictures as I can to give an overall build progress to it. Here we go


Chief Omen board (milled for battery bay and on top for wiring) Caliber 2 trucks Kegel Wheels Evolve pulleys Dual 6355 motors Dual VESCs Enertion Spacecell 10s3p (originally, but rebuilt because it failed) GT2B Sparkle Mod 3D Printed truck risers with wiring inside Thermal plastic custom enclosure wrapped in 3M carbon vinyl

Going to start adding photos now.


gathering parts!


Test fitting components


Sled milling the deck for the electronic components


I cant figure out why my photos are uploading sideways if they are a vertically taken photo. Does anyone know why this is happening ?

I’ve had the same problem with some of my photos. Hope you don’t mind but I took the liberty of fixing your photos for you.


I’ll be following this build. Have the exact same board.

I work for a tech company here in seattle ( and our website was doing the exact same thing. I’ll talk with my engineers and see what their fix was. But it’s behaving the exact way ours did. (Only vertically taken photos from an iPhone displayed sideways)

If I upload the rest will you help me correct the orientation on them please? :slight_smile:

sure, I just saved them to my desktop, flipped them and put them back. The size was off though so I had to adjust it in the HTML code.


Take the picture Open it in photos Edit Rotate 90 degrees Save Edit Rotate 90 degrees back Save upload

I’m guessing that the metadata header on the picture is being set wrong. Doing the above steps resets the tags and orients the pictures properly.

Iirc its got something to do with the way Apple handles pictures and the way the camera app works.

All Finished and Cleaned up! The goal here was not to have the batteries completely below the deck line, but about half way, to reduce the overal size of the battery enclosure cover.


I have this same issue half the time when uploading from Android. I use Google Photos and they’re right side up on every app on my phone, but turn out upside down on here.

Sparkle mod! ** notice I left the channel 3 button in there, I want to eventually put it to use with a button on the backside of the remote for headlights! **


Test Fitting the freshly printed risers!


Dremel tool wasn’t as clean as I would have liked, but but the shape of the board made it hard to sled this section. It got the job done, and I used a wood chisel to clean it all out before laying wires and epoxy.


Laying the wires and epoxy to finish out the wiring FINALLY… with the shape of the board i had to section off the different angles of the wire channel and lean the board to the appropriate angle for the epoxy not to run.


This pack had some bad spot welds and this tiny little insulation stick that broke off and caused a small short, reached out to the community where I got some help from Rob (sl33py) on here! THANKS ROB!!! He spent a couple nights helping me battery rebuild.


I used a thermal plastic similar to kydex that I picked up at a local plastics shop. ended up making a small mold with some wood and masking tape. from here I placed the hot plastic on board and placed the entire thing inside a clothing vacuum bag where I was able to suck the air out and form the plastic to the shape of the mold. I then wrapped the whole thing in 3m carbon fiber vinyl for looks.

Sorry out of focus but heres the clothing vacuum bag

Drilled and placed the wood screw inserts.