Chipping on the 107`s cleared up for once and for all

Hey guys so I am planning on buying 107s this week but I still cant figure this out. The 107`s are talked a lot about on this forum about chipping chunking. But my question is DO they really chip / chunk that often? How fast do they chip and chunk 200miles or 1000miles? How much do the roads impact that? What is common riding style where it happens i guess carving? And how common is this chipping. Asking this because we have got the TB 110 peeking around the corner. And i am just looking for reliable but smooth rides with nice urethane.

Hoping to clear this op once and for all and for all the Big wheel buyers.

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Mine (107) only has about 200 miles on them. No chipping so far. But then again. I ride mostly smooth roads.


Ah oke and you trust that they will hold up? How is the ride compared to for instance the kegels 80mm that i have?

Chunking doesn’t really make them unusable at all. But this is estimated 2000 - 2500 miles 20180718_000241%20(copy)


Ohh damm didnt expect that. Do you suggest these 107s or the new TB110s considering the wait or offcourse the BOAs are also an option? My other question since you have made so many miles on them. How is riding on cobblestone? I live in quite a old town with super duper new roads on the sides but the city centre is like getting a complete body massage on those big stones. Is riding on cobblestones wobbly but comfy or just still unpleasant.

go big or STAY home. With the 107s, I HATE that type of terrain, over long distances, my eyes doesn’t even seem to be able to focus after a while

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Cracks cannot be avoided with big thanes. You can avoid chunks breaking off you regularly superglue over the cracks that form.

@Deckoz has some really good advice on how to do this. I’ve been using his technique on my 97mm clones for about 500 miles and they still look perfectly smooth.

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Teach me master :slight_smile:

So what is your advice. I am sorry can’t really conclude something about your post. I am not a native speaker. What i can form from it is that i should go Pneumatics?

Cobblestone is really bad for skateboard wheels. Perhaps the worst of anything.

Check out his post here

I examine my wheels every 2-3 weeks and look for small hairline cracks. Add a dab of superglue to the crack and call it good! So far I have not had any chucks fall out of my wheels.

Ah oke thanks for the feedback and inside guys will take that within consideration! But is the ride more comforatble with 107s. Because Jay Bostons says he swears by 107s on his evolve for instance compared to the 80mms.

the vibration from something like cobblestone may also add additional wear to other parts of your esk8. I would go for pneumatics if I had to ride that kind of terrain often.

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Ohh damm thats a good one didnt even concider that :smiley: Guess it wont be the 107s then :thinking:

I feel like the really bad examples of the evolve 107s were due to some error during the mixing of the formula for a specific batch(or something of this sort, I can’t see why there would be so much variation)

I’ve had mine for 100 miles so far, and they’re doing great, my only issue being the drive wheel (my belt tensioners blew up and chipped a tiiiiny bit off)

The roads I ride on are so shitty that even some people upstate(where I go to school) even know about them :joy:

Hahaha Sounds like my roads in the o so great city centre gotta love the Netherlands. So you say go for em? Have you ridden 80mm`s? Whats the diffirence ride qual? Not worried about acceleration.

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I mean, i think it’s silly to spend money on wheels that you might like, might not(unless they’re cheap, or you plan on using them in the future)

I think that you could be cost efficient (/effective) and buy some pneumies simply for the sake of not having to buy all the extra components to do a conversion afterward

Yeah true think I will just play it safe then. Was looking at some alixpress ones but also considering the Evolves the trampa`s or ones are too expensive for my liking.

Well I used to ride 75mm on my non electric lb, and going down hills was exhilarating to say the least. Lol.

I believe I’ve seen a fact on here that says the 107mm has double the urathane of the 90mm, so just imagine the ride quality difference between them!

Evolves what? Boards?

I know I can’t force you not to purchase a product but do your research on them, they took a hit in favorability when they started to throw riders off, potentially**** causing death.

Just be safe :relieved: