Choosing a cheap battery

I think Flipsky is the perfect example for this. Their dual 4.20 is probably the cheapest you can get for a dual build. However human makes mistakes, and their design has a flaw causing cutouts, thus getting hate on that. Luckily we have some talented people who spent time to find the flaw and fixed it.

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The budget is not necessary a problem…

I read that the budget for batteries is 100 dollars. we used to buy lipos for that price. I would not trust such cheap packs in my house myself.

I believe some people just want to warn him to spend more. if he starts to like esk8’ing (which I do expect). I am almost certain that in 2 months he will complain about the capacity or sag of his battery.

Also I see that @speedystage772 has is account only for one day. I can only suggest to check out some extra wiki’s and build topic before asking questions. Then he don’t need to ask easy questions about “so could I plug those wires directly into that BMS”

I know the step inside this hobby can be difficult if you don’t have much experience with electronics and soldering etc. It is a steep learning curve. The most of the work is actually reading and retraining your self. once you are well done with this, building the board is easy.

And btw: cheap boards are no problem on this forum. Many users are running a board off 500-600 euro. I know cheap is for some other guys 200 euro. But for that price it is very difficult to build a board.

If you do research I am for 100% sure you can nowadays build a good first board for around 400 euro’s. If I see the amount off parts you can now buy and the cheap price off some part. I know 2 years back almost everything was much more expensive

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Yeah I get we used to buy lipos for that price, but time has proven that these batteries work, did you see the thread that has 200+ replies and a lot of happy forum members saying that these batteries are good. I’m just trying to say that these things work, they’re cheap, and it has proven itself to be reliable.

And if he really does complain about the sag and capacity of his battery in 2 months that’s his issue, he can resolve it if he spends more money but for the price I think this is the best solution. I still complain everyday about not getting enough torque from my board and I run a dual 6374 on 75 bat/ 120 motor per motor.

I know me and you wouldn’t buy these packs personally since we have better solutions and a bigger budget but to a beginner this is good enough. There’s nothing out there that can beat these things in consideration to wh, amps, weight, simplicity, to dollar ratio.

And yes I completely agree that @speedystage772 needs to read a whole lot more on this forum before assembling his first board

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lipo work fine, but they last about as long as a really stinky fart. :rofl:


Isnt it because the “high” discharge rating so people tend to use it with high discharge? I think lithium batteries are similar in some way. The higher in current you charge/discharge, the faster dendrites will grow. So my guess is if you use Lipo with a bit more gentle current, then it could possibly last longer.

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hey guys just letting you know that the board is basically done with the charge port connector on the way. Due to slow shipping the board has taken months. However, I was able to build the board for 270 AUD which is 186 US dollars which considering it has an 8.8 ah battery and dual drive is a great price. Thanks for all your help in the process

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Just going to bump this thread with this

Really nice battery for a budget build, only a 35A Cont. BMS but that is enough for 1 motor with the higher burst amps it can do.

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Hi mate, I’m building pretty much the same thing and was wondering how you ended up charging these two batteries in parallel. Thanks for helping

Not as much as you will regret an expensive one from you


+1 for lipo’s. Cheap, thin profile, easy to build, great range. In my opinion

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