CLOSED 10s4p (SAMSUNG 25R) 190€

Today I have got a deal with a chinese company that assembles battery packs: they will assembly and ship to my house (customs included) 10s4p battery packs for 190€ each (if i buy 10 of them).

WHAT’S INCLUDED? 40 authentic (see FAQs below for more info) SAMSUNG 25R already spot welded together according to this scheme: 10s4p. More precisely the pack will output 36v 10amp/h. Cells are assembled with spacers to prevent heating and to give a structure.

WHAT KIND OF SPOT WELDING? I picked the most expensive and tricky material for our packs: copper. It is technically impossible to achieve a spot weld with copper at home because it is the same material of welding electrodes (which will melt along with the strip). Copper compared to nichel/aluminum/zinc has the less resistance so it drains current with less heat produced. Each cell will be spot welded in 4 points each side.

POSSIBLE ADD-ONS 1)BMS :23eur 2)ON-OFF switch (already tested; will be soldered by me on the BMS)= 2€ 3)LCD with battery percentage= 5€ 4)Heat shrink and awg8 cables: free if you add the BMS 5)(only italian buyers): pay in cash to the mailman: 3€ 6)paypal fee (see FAQs)

SHIPPING TO EUROPE: Only choice: UPS= 15€ to europe (25€ to some countries: Czech republic, Greece, Poland, Slovak Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania)

Probable FAQs How do you know we are buying original cells? 1)I ordered from this company 30 cells to test out and they fullfil samsung original specs (dimensions, weight, discharge rate, peculiar manufacturing details)–2)in the deal with the company there is the fact that if I find out 1 cell is counterfait the whole order will be refunded and I keep the goods.

Why don’t you order the final product including cables and BMS already soldered, wouldn’t it be cheaper? Yes it would be cheaper. But this way (with the naked product)I can check the quality of each weld, and each BMS.

Why don’t you just offer the whole pack without stupid add-ons? I don’t want people to pay for something they don’t want/need.

What if I don’t want to give paypal the fee? 1) You pay in friend mode 2)you send me a bank transfer

THIS FIRST BATCH WILL ONLY BE MADE OF 10 PACKS. Priority is given to people who reserve their pack here on the thread.


Whats the production time?

Are they doing custom batteries as well or just 10 similar batteries?

I’m interested in one

Lets say that I will receive the batteries 1 week after the payment to the company. 2 days from me to you. For the BMS time is longer (about 1 more week )

They make whatever pack you want with whichever type of cell. This thread is only for 10s4p.

What will the dimensions be with the spacers between the cells?

And I assume we won’t get a charger with the bms am I right? :smiley:

I can work it out as one add-on. It might be around 5-6euros for a 2A charger.

I want a split 10s4p that’s why I was asking

Can they do 12s?

I am in for 2 packs fully loaded…bms ect…to Spain.

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Also if you could find out the dimensions of packs that would be great.

Of course you can but you will have to do this at home. I am sorry but I can only give 1 scheme to the factory. Customization means more costs.

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How did you measure The cells in detail?

The pack will not look like this (I did soldering on this, and it is custom made to fit on my deck) but it is made with cells and bms from the same factory.

Measurements were taken with multimiter, scale and caliper.

The pack without the BMS will have these dimensions : 39.8x13.5 cm (dimensions of a single cell :18.3x64.8mm plus spacers)

This is how it will look like after professional spot welding (picture from enertion. They used nichel connections instead of copper, but structure is the same)

Cool thing about this BMS is that cell balance situation is shown by leds Plus some pictures of the battery lcd

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So its similar to a spacell pro?

So this is basically a space cell for half the price

I dont know how many amps space cell’BMS can drain. I know for sure that the cells and the scheme are identical (10s4p samsung 25r). The connections on my pack (in the case they use nichel) are slightly more expensive (few cents). Lcd does the same function. I will use awg 8 silicon cables (dont know about space cell).

The space cell should have a 40A fuse

Would the entire pack be finished in heat shrink like the enertion or aps space cells? What connectors will be included.?