CLOSED 10s4p (SAMSUNG 25R) 190€

PRICES UPDATE BATTERY PACK (10s4p samsung 25r spot welded with copper) =190eur BMS 49amp continuous (+heat shrink +xt90 +cables)= 23eur switch= 2eur lcd with percentage= 5eur

I am working in a deal for a fast charger (4amp), price will be 25-35 eur.


So for now we are (please confirm): @jujet @monkey32 x2 @zeg @tueboard @Notso @raadio13 @E-Boarding @Papperlapp

IL WILL WAIT TILL TUESDAY FOR 3 EUROPEANS TO GET IN. On wednesday US guys will fill the missing seats. I would like to make the order before friday in order to receive the batteries asap.

Confirming 2x with everything including charger

confirm one for me with the charger please to spain, thank you!

Sorry, I have to back out… It is a great deal but my next build will be a city cruiser, so there will be no space for such a big battery.

But if there is chance to get a BMS seperately i’d be in for one.

Sure you ll pay 23 but wont get heat shrink ,xt90 and cables. Those parts are supplied by the battery factory, not the bms one. @Lukas

I would be up for 2 “BMS only” if possible. If ordering only BMS is of any king of a problem, forget it.

Ok you are in. Since I dont want this to drift to a bms groub buy, you are also the last one for the bms-only. @akira

Thank you :slight_smile: is shipping the same?

changed my mind sry

Thanks fedestanco !

If you have lefT over for the US, I’m interested.Thanks

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I take one pack Battery+BMS+switch+LCD

to Germany

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Confirming one pack with all add ons, thanks

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Hi guys, since some of you believe 49amp continuous wont be enough for their board (although is much more than most battery packs on the market) I contacted the bms seller to receive a quote for a 77amp continuous BMS Please vote the most suitable option for your projects.

  • Stick to 49amp continuous
  • Upgrade to 77amp continuous (+6eur)

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I want a full battery as well, but only if it’s divided into two parts, like in my sketch.

Basically, it’s a regular 10s4p pack, but with a long wire at B7 like in my picture

@jujet Will be the next time then :wink:

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Next time…why?

It is not possible to make your requirements happen, I am sorry.

I have a deal on fast chargers BATTERY PACK (10s4p samsung 25r spot welded with copper) =190eur BMS 77amp continuous (+heat shrink +xt90 +cables)= 29eur switch= 2eur lcd with percentage= 5eur fast charger (42v4a) with eu plug: 26eur