CLOSED (and broken) I had 90mm 75a Abec11 flywheels. Group-Buy. Genuine.15%of MSRP Discount. Taking orders $78 shipped USPS + 2.64 PP fee. USA 48. International $105 Shipped USPS+3.50 PP fee

I have tracked down some 90mm 75a Abec flywheels. Would anyone be interested in buying them with me? Brand new original abec11’s.

There are a 8 sets as of last edit to this post

$78 bucks total shipped anywhere in USA 48 if paypal as a gift(friends fam) OR $80.65 with paypal coverage(Goods and services) Shipped USA International buyers, one option is via USPS international. I know its $35 to Australia.

Please put your forum username in the payment notes and I will create a running log of peeps in the first post of this thread. First paid First served. I will go drive to pick them up next week then ship em out.

Send payment to me on paypal by using this link. (This is the payment link. Pay here.)

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I would be depending on the price and when they would arrive.

Me too.

Price and ETA?

Sorry but there is one

But aren’t yours clones?

Yeah those are definitely not abec 11 wheels.

My understanding was that @JLabs was selling clone wheels. I found real Abec 11’s. Full disclosure they are apparently “discolored” but they said it isn’t noticeable. I will have pics tomorrow.

Are they used? Are they cheaper since they are not in perfect condition?

Oh my bad sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

They are new. I’m trying to get a better discount but so far it is small. The flywheels are so desirable right now they can’t keep em in stock. They said a new batch is 5 weeks out if you want to wait for perfection but I would consider placing an order with someone before they are in stock. Anyways they told me 10 percent off and they msrp at 82…so I can get them at 74ish. Plus they are ready now. I have to pay for shipping to me (interstate) and then to you CA to ?. I will confirm the price tomorrow when I get the pictures. Might give me some bargaining power if they are noticeably discolored.

Sounds cool. Might be up for a set.

My 90mm 75A Flywheels are almost at decade old at this point, with thousands of (pushed) miles on them! If you rotate them properly, these wheels will practically last forever

I might be interested in another set, depending on the price and condition

They didnt email me any photos yet. And it is finals week for me. I’ll give em a ring next week because I dont want to buy any until I see how discolored they are.

I would be interested also.

Any updates?

There is an update. Getting a price tomorrow. They sent the email of the picture to the wrong email. I worked it out with them today. The “discoloring” looks uniform and I can’t tell a difference. Maybe a little lighter and yellower? But they look fine so I asked for a price. They said they would need to check with someone and I’ll get the price tomorrow. I also asked when their next batch of flywheels would be ready. They told me they should begin shipping them out at the end of January. Here is a pic of the “discolored” ones. Can you see a difference?

And here is an example new flywheels.

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No looks awesome.

90mm 75a’s are unicorns at this point. If you can get, I’m in. Let me know.

I’m definitely in. Need some for my new build. Let me know.

I’m also in for a set.