CNC machine what ya got?

Ah yeah that… you had me seriously concerned for a sec.

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I am getting 220V 30A in my garage.

Yeah. I also might now cause I stalked your garage to get an early look at the B-Box.:wink:

lol but you’re in cali :rofl:

And your in Antarctica?

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There’s one here! First thing I did was Google San Diego

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Puma 400 lm. Not mine tho…

Which one are you going to? I am in Northern SD so maybe we could go to the same one? :smiley:

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I’m running a Old Kira VTC30 with Fanuc control in my home shop. Getting a brand new one was out of my budget but solid built old cnc machines still have very good precision. Not as fast as the newer mills with huge lookahead buffers and insane speeds but it’s quick enough for what I do as long as it’s not fancy 3D surface work. What are you going to mill?

Short clip of mine removing som alu. Just a test without coolant.


I will let you know! Might be a lil’ while, Im spending all my time/money on carbon fiber lately

Last I checked they’re working on an integrated dust vac for it. But it’s one of many reasons why I’m keeping my eye on it instead of jumping out and putting money down on one : too many ifs and not enough evidence it can perform up to par. That and I’ve seen too many kickstarter projects crash and burn to feel comfortable putting my money into one.

All in all though, it’s still an interesting concept.

Nice machine! I want to be able to mill what ever I want. So the tormach is kinda what I am leaning towards. But I’ll probably only ever do aluminum.

I‘ve got this one:

No cnc unfortunate, but building one out from old lathe dovetail guides, as you can see on the pics. Still a lot work to do… I would get the tormach if i had the money for it:)

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Should hit NoWind up bimmer…

Spends half his time running a CNC for someone else, half his time for him.

I know his machine in his garage cost him 20k

Just get a job somewhere where you work with cncs the company will let you use it in its free time for sure lol Then you can mill stuff all night :smiley:

Could look at getting a Little machine shop mini Hitorque mill and converting it. Would be about 3k for mill, conversion kit, cnc electronics, and some miscellaneous stuff you would need.

We have state of the Art Cnc’s but there is absolutely no chance I will ever use them.

20180319_085242 These are examples I pulled from the public affairs. As pictures are not permitted.

Damn dude thats some high end shit!

Haha the second one is probably bigger than my whole garage:D what e-skate related parts could we make on these? Maybe jet engine drives?

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Carbon honeycomb decks? Or maybe kevlar/nomex honeycomb decks with carbon prepreg.