Collision with car

Had a pretty bad collision with a car. Lady from on coming lane made a left on green, and I didn’t have time to stop.

We traded names and phone numbers and went our separate ways. I usually take the burden of action upon myself when it comes to safety because you can’t count on anyone else to provide for your safety. In the end it’s my dumbass on a motorized skateboard. However, not sure what I could have done differently to avoid this wreck.


Just happened to me yesterday dude! A brand new Chevy Yukon coming out of the lot plowed right into me head on and I had absolutely no time to stop. The dude didn’t think a skateboard could be going 30mph. Luckily I wear a helmet and gloves which is what took the most punishment. The new trucks looks worse than me. Glad you’re alright!!!


Yeah I’m riding a boosted board. Was going under 18mph. Had time to slam on breaks so collision was less than that. Been building a board here hoping to get better brakes. Grateful for my helmet.

Looks like you… Made a dent.

Good to hear you’re mostly okay, judging by the size of that crater left on the SUV. Must have been some impact.

It’s not always you that’s responsible. Sometimes it can just be other people not paying attention, which causes the accident. That’s why safety gear is so important. You can be as good as you need to be, but somebody else, who’s actions you can’t control might be the responsible one.


and now people thats why we need to be careful.

this will be a path of trial and tribulation until people understand what we are driving.

still, get well soon!

Aaaaaand, always wear helmets

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@Acklavidian I’m glad you’re safe! I bet you scared the shit out of her when you shattered that window!

@SeanHacker He saw you and still pulled out? Dick move. Hope that scrape is the extent of your injuries!

We are going to see these types of interactions more often, and more often than not we (eskaters) are going to be drawing the short straw, regardless of who is at fault. We need to figure out how to ride defensively in a way that is appropriate for our gear. As a community, do we begin to come up with a list of good, high-viz gear so that drivers actually see us on the road?


I have been cleaned up a bunch of times (motorcycle, bicycle…)… every single time another road user has been turning across my right of way and did not judge my speed… I’ve had people spinning wheels to launch them selves in to me!

they, every one else on the road is an idiot! plain and simple. Iive life and ride accordingly :open_mouth:


I’m just glad I wasn’t riding my bike as it would have put my face out front and she would have bashed my face in.

That car is shit, it looks like a fucking truck smashed it an not just a man

I avoided a crash into a car few days ago…its not so nice…

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Ouch, i got hit by a car and damaged his headlight but nowhere near this bad hope youre ok!

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Maybe a few more smashed cars like that and people will realize we are out there…they stop for bikers…they can watch for us and stop for us too…in the back of their minds they still think we are pushing and then BLAMMO! I have had cars pull out in front of me and take left turns right into me…it’s a constant battle…

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Glad everyone who had a car vs skate accident is fine.

So exactly what happens financially in these situations since we only have CAR insurance. If the other drive is FOUND at fault, his/her insurance pays for the damages and medical bills for you. But what happens if they determine it’s the skater’s fault? I’m assuming it’s just out of pocket paying for damages done on the car?

This is why I intend to ride around with a camera strapped to my helmet and body filming both front and rear side.


IMO OP has it right. Can’t depend on anyone to not hit us. We have to save our own skin. This is not likely to change. We all must ride as if everyone out there is actively trying to kill us.

I did notice though that I have way fewer almost-died moments since @psychotiller sold me his purple TSG Pass.


This kinda incidents is what will eventually ruin this, when laws are brought in, very soon were gonna be forced to have some kind of insurance and even possibly take a driving test or awareness test before even stepping foot on a Eboard

Someone should just make an ongoing injury thread. I guess the “Why I Wear a Helmet” one is sort of that already.

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I don’t know how the law is in different parts of the world, but where I am (Australia) the car driver is always at fault. pedestrians always have right of way and regardless of how stupid the pedestrian is, or if they caused the accident, the car driver is always at fault. and by law a skateboarder is considered a pedestrian.


why is that? were you wearing something with less visibility? or where you constantly hitting your head?

Glad you’re not bent out of shape like that car, as a community it’s time to start adopting the safety practices experienced motorbike riders use in terms of danger avoidance. Sometimes you can do nothing about it but there is a mindset that can interpret driver awareness or lack of.

Safety gear is imperative and while slowing down in general can be a useful tool you need to know what others can do to you with your trajectory and start running the numbers on the worst case scenario as a reflex, you cannot expect car drivers to observe correctly

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Glad you are ok man that sucks. I was also hit by a car, and it’s a scary thing.

Make sure you contact that persons insurance company and get what you deserve.

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