Commuted | Landyachtz Canyon Arrow | Single 6374 SK3 192kV | VESC | 12S | 80mm Kegels

Starting a thread to keep track of my build. I got it running last week and have been figuring out what works and what doesn’t. Still working on making pods for batteries and ESC. This will primarily be transportation to and from work ~3 miles.

Heatsinked VESC from Ollin:

What one picture? This is going to be painful.


I guess that is a first post limitation and I happened to be creating a build thread for my first post. Here is the rest.

Motor detection on 12v PSU.

Nyco Kama Receiver coated in silicone:

First bench run on 12S:

Ready for first test run:

Not a lot of belt clearance:

It works:

So there is still work to do. I started working on battery and ESC enclosures which will take a week or so to finish. I also have a 15mm drive setup on the way and a different motor mount to test out. Just put red locite on tour motor mount bolts to start. My mount has come loose 3 times now, but I think I finally got everything torqued now. I replaced the set screws on the psychotiller mount with hex bots to get more torque and thread engagement.

I have about 22 miles on it now. My longest trip was 10.5 miles and the battery was at 44.5v when finished so it has more range. My top speed on flat is ~25mph and overall on a small decline I hit 30.1mph. I am in the process of figuring out what bushings I like as well.

I will post progress I as swap the drive and build the battery/ESC enclosures.


whats the power supply you got there in the second pic?

envious of that VESC… lol

It’s a server supply that was converted to use for charging. 900w - 75A 12V. I got it on ebay.

I’m still waiting for the original ones I ordered from Enertion in February. Will have to come up with some more projects when those arrive.

½" risers would help a lot with the deck clearance for the motor and wheels, and the extra height is not really noticeable when riding. I’m using ½" risers with 90mm wheels and it feels fine and gives me lots of carving room. The trucks in this pic are Caliber II with 44deg base plate.

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Yeah I need to think about that. I was running the psychotiller mount and it is nice and short so had decent clearance. I have had too many problems with it coming loose ,so I put on a diyelectricskateboard mount last night and it is over 10mm longer and clearance is an issue as well as none of the belts I have fit.

Your mount bolts are coming loose? Did you put lock tight in them?

Yeah. Even red with no luck. Sidewalks and rough asphalt still have managed to make them come loose multiple times. I got the mount on the hangar tight, it’s the bots that hold the motor arm on that keep coming loose. I am thinking about drilling the threaded holes out and putting nuts on the back so I can get more clamping force. I tightened them up very tight, but was worried about stripping the threads.

Bolts with lock nuts sounds like s good idea.

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I have heard people use those with a degree of success

Are you giving the threadlocker enough time to cure? Make sure you let it sit for a while to ensure that the threadlocker can dry and bond properly

I have an idea. Actually McCloud came up with this. Just drill a single hole through both pieces and put a bolt through.

Yeah. I thought about that last night. I am gonna get some longer bolts and go straight through the mount instead of threading into it. I will also put a bolt straight through the mount so it can’t rotate. I will post some pics tonight after I get finished.

One thing I really like about your mount is it fits tight into the space available. I just got a diyelectricskateboard mount and it is ~12mm longer, which means it takes up more space and different belt sizes. I think I might just order every mount I can find and review them all.

Thanks! That was also why I hated alien. Too long. Post some pics! Let me know if you ever need anything.

Wait, why do poeple dislike Alien?

Hate is actually a fairly harsh word…Sorry. I just didn’t like how far in front of the truck the motor sat. Brackets were way too long. Which is why I started making shorter mounts. Shorter also enabled me to make them slim.

I too had issues with physcotillers mount. The main issue was with the hangar clamp and set screws. Replace the set screws with hex heads and red loctite. Let cure for 24 hours. Better but still comes loose after a good ride or two. Issue here is variations in calibers hangar size from the factory and a single sided clamp. Anyway… mine came loose at least 10 times eventually causing stress cracks in the mount. I contacted the guy a bought it from and he said he would send out a shim to fix the loose fit. Not gonna help at this point. Solution was to weld everything in place. Best move I’ve made. No more worries from the mount.

Not sure who the “guy” you contacted was but…I just picked up the shims yesterday. I’m glad you got it worked out, but at the same time you say you have stress cracks. Aren’t you worried about those? I’m psychotiller by the way. Nice to meet you.