Complete Drive System for sale (formerly Motor Mount with Dual Idlers and Custom Made CNC Motor Mounts)

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Installation instruction:

After many trials and errors, designing pulley/belt cover, experimenting and testing Acetal Delrin for wheel pulleys, locating reliable suppliers for belts and steel motor pulleys I finally am able to bring together a complete drive system for your trucks and motors.
Kit is $110 + $14 US shipping, $32 International shipping, includes the following:

  • C-clamp x 1
  • Universal motor arm x 1
  • Dual idlers with 4 bearings
  • Acetal Delrin pulley/belt cover
  • Steel motor pulley 8mm bore x 1, choice of 14, 15, or 16t
  • 13 or 16mm wide POM drive pulleys x 1 (30 – 42t) other sizes are available to fit ABEC, Kegel, MBS, or Abec clones)
  • 12 or 15mm wide HTD5m belts x 1
  • All stainless mounting hardware





3 sizes available to fit: short --> 80-90mm wheels mid --> upto 100mm wheels long --> upto 107mm wheels IMG_2703

Dual SKS Turnigy 6374s on TB 218mm Note: Turnigy 6374 motor is not “true” 6374, diameter of can is 59mm, length measures 86.3mm. A true 6374 motor would measure 63x74mm.

Mounts on 6"x2" pneumatic tires 6x2bottom2

Evolve motor mounts can be installed under the deck or reverse :point_down:

Reversed mount :point_down:

Forward under the deck :point_down:


Are you gonna make any to work on trampa trucks(infinity,vértigo or ultimate)? For full mountain boards with 8” wheels

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I will be releasing a new mountain board mount in a few days. Previews :point_down:





Does the motor pulley have a 3mm keyway? Will the long version fit 110mm wheels?

Hi Brian, Yes, motor pulleys have a 3mm keyway slot. Long version would not fit my pulley/belt cover.




Is the belt cover robust enough to set the esk8 on when it’s leaned up against a wall?

I need 4 but only the Mounts belt and Motor pulley for 6x2 tires.

I think you have the best kit and prices here on forum :wink:


I don’t think the cover will actually touch the ground, in the picture it looks like there is an extra couple mm of the mount


That is correct. The cover is recessed ~2mm of the mount



What pulleys’ ratio are you planning on running?

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I’d be interested in two Mounts, belts, and pulley covers for 6x2 tires on caliber trucks.

I wasn’t even considering a satellite setup, but this is such a high quality amazing looking mount system that I’m reconsidering… Do these allow 6384’s (not Turnigy, but an actual 6384 dimension motor) on the TB and Evolve trucks? Is there a set for any Trampa trucks?

If the can length of 6384 motor has the dimension of 84mm, dual side-by-side will fit on TB 218. Turnigy 6374 motors have a can length of 86.3mm and I have shown :point_up: to fit on TB 218. Please note: 6384s do not fit on Evolve GT truck but true 6374s do.



complete hybrid drive system for TB 218mm $530 kit includes:

•dual idlers motor mounts x 2 •6"x2" pneumatic tires with inner tubes x 4 •acetal delrin hubs x 4 •60t wheel pulleys 16mm wide x 2 (other sizes available) •14, 15, or 16t steel motor pulleys x 2 •430 x 15mm HTD5m belts x 2 •pulley covers x 2 •all bearings and stainless mounting hardware included


10mm bores motor pulley available?

Sorry, only 8mm bore with 3mm keyway

what is the lenght of each mount from centre axle point?

Short, mid, and long are 88, 96, and 99mm respectively.

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Man do these drive systems look sick or what! I painted mine black to match the hardware on everything else. What else can i say about idlers? I could go on and on. Thanks Marc!