Complete ESK8 - Made by Builders - Looking for US builders

This is the thread now for the discussion of the $750 board that is being planned to be built by the community.

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  • Sealed Motors with Sensors
  • Sealed Motors without Sensors
  • Unsealed Motors with Sensors
  • Unsealed Motors without Sensors

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Deck Style

  • Longboard 36-40
  • Cruiser 29-35

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  • Yes
  • No

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Please comment gearing below and any other polls that should be added



Electronics integrated in the deck vs enclosures, carbon vs aluminum mount (carbon sells better marketing wise, and while it doesn’t dissipate you’re sure it won’t break) Standard gearing I would say 15/36 got 10s on 83mm flywheels clones Could you transfer the conversation on the other thread to this one?

By the way, that’s not a market to underestimate. Evolve had a great success selling off road kits. That’s not a mountainboard, but hybrids/pneumatics are something that many people could need (just thinking of cobblestone pavements here in Italy)

I think the idea of a kit approved by members of the forum is fantastic, but what price and point exactly are we trying to make? The problem if we try to go for affordability is that there are already so many companies that make really cheap dual drive kits, so I think it would be hard to market something like this for a decent price

I’m pretty good with carbon and fibreglass if yall need me. I helped build this.


@SirDiff Yes, but mountainboards Im seeing now more as ‘niche’ market… IT might take some time for all people to catch on, that they offer less vibration on worse roads :smiley:

They also require more custom made parts. A lot of trucks from the low end market I would say are not covered lol :smiley:

You usually either buy Trampa or MBS trucks. Then if you got different ones (like from scrub) you just weld up something or make a diy clamp for motor.

And you need to check how much trampa trucks cost :smiley: in order to start planning total cost :smiley:

So yeh, I think for cost reasons mountainboard is a bit out of the question now.

They also cost more to make, bigger motors, heavier - bigger batteries for the same range as longboards have.

Aren’t we talking about a complete board, not kit? Complete board would be nicer but more work. Or you do a group buy with just two items, a single complete kit, and a dual complete kit.

Well… we still need to keep the ‘DIY’ spirit into this one, I think, to ‘keep it alive’, it needs to be at least partly still ‘diy’’ and offer later customizability and repair possibility as diy made boards…

Nice! Thanks for stepping in!

From which region are you?

Looks like you could make some high quality stuff!

No, there are not many companies that do that. Excluding Chinese, this market starts from 500 € for bad kickstarter boards that are probably half rebranded stuff. Then there’s the high range, 1100€ for singles, 1500 for duals. That’s what it is. Evolve noticed it, and developed the one. Now, what should, or could, we do? First of all, I think nobody can invest that much money. That’s why LHB couldn’t do it by himself. I think it should be organised like a little closed group buy. Let’s say I can put the money for one build in Italy, another one can get 2 in Germany and so on. Only trusted people, (not saying I’m one of those, but not newbies that have been on the forum for two weeks), we get a MOQ and pretty low prices. Only quality stuff but not the best of the best. Calibers instead of ronins (possibly genuine ones, maybe getting a deal with manufacturer), good motors but not necessarily sealed maytech’s that go for 110€ even from China, buying cells from nkon in bulk and getting them spotwelded as wanted here in europe. I wouldn’t go cheap with electronics, we would need a vesc producer and maybe we could go with the new smart bms that’s starting to get interest (@fedestanco was thinking about a group buy production)
In the end (personal experience) we can get a good 10s3p 25r battery with bms, 6374 sensored 190kv, carbon mount (that’s like 25 euros and never breaks), clone flywheels and calibers. I got this for about 500 euros, but I wasn’t buying from the manufacturer, lost like 40e on battery alone, 20 on BMS, 30 on motor. A board for 750 can be built cause I have one that costed me 200 less. That’s all we need to know.


Im in Chicago.

Cnc/Mill/Lathe/MigWelding :smiley:

If we market it, and this whole community is behind it, we can easily show off our skills from all of the different builds people have made and brought together into one board.


I really like your thinking style!

With what you described, we could easly offer 'High quality Performance board!

The thing you mentioned with @fedestanco sounds just brilliant!

I think such board could be easly sold for close to 1000 eur too maybe…

Yeah just open a new thread and we’ll discuss well tomorrow, it’s past midnight here and tomorrow I gotta get up at 7 am and go to school :slight_smile: Goodnight, I’ll think about it while dreaming :wink:

@lox897 @Okami Thanks to both of you for the feedback. @lox897, yes it is a complete board but there is still several parts to consider, and main expenses come from the drivetrain and battery. @Okami I like where you’re going with this… the DIY spirit is definitely something we could use to market considering that’s what this forum is all about. Maybe we could use @longhairedboy’s domain as the website, and make it a custom kit thing. Like they get to go through and select parts (decks, drive type, battery, etc.) and we send it to them as a kit with some explanation and tools and a link to this forum so that they can build it? Also, if we decide to try this I think the parts should come from venders on the forum. We can get things from different people, for example:

Batteries: @barajabali and @longhairedboy

Decks: @longhairedboy and @treenutter

Motors: @JLabs and @longhairedboy

VESCs: @zmoney @oriol360 @onloop

Etc. Thoughts?


I think an all aluminium mount is better for heat dissipation. I know a carbon manufacturer as well though. I can start getting quotations if needed. Just tell me estimated quantity.

I wouldn’t get VESCs made by Maytech or any other ESK8 manufacturers. The best is probably getting them made in Taiwan, I know a good place.


yeh that’s is what we are trying (or at least plan) to do:

To attract and develop some sort of ‘work groups’ which focus just on maybe one task at hand… then somehow come together (or ship parts over) and the next group continues on…

This is, if we really plan to develop this as One board made by many

Probably opening an topic is the best course now… as it totally depends on what kind of people are gonna be interested into jumping into this and how many from a relatively close region between each other…


“one board made by many”, that’s how the thread should be called


One Board, Made by Many… Simply: OB MbM


MMB (MbMB) - Made by Many - eBoard

Is this gonna be the new name, lol? :smiley:

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I could offer spot welding batteries in EU but I´m currently doing my master degree and am not going anywhere with my time :smiley:

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